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  • Tokyo MX
  • 2013-10-08T16:50:00Z
  • 24 mins
  • 4 hours, 10 mins (10 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Anime
A teenage boy suffers through a curse that forces him to select one of two or three actions, many of which are weird or perverse. One day, after making a choice that causes a mysterious beautiful girl to fall onto him, he enlists her to complete a series of missions to lift the curse - but if he can do all of them correctly, otherwise he will be stuck with the curse for the rest of his life.

11 episodes

1x01 (1) That Choice Put My Life in Motion

  • Series Premiere

    2013-10-08T16:50:00Z — 25 mins

The protagonist, Amakusa Kanade, is a high schooler that lives in Mito City in Ibaraki prefecture. He is cursed with something he dubbed "Absolute Choice" and despite being handsome, he is forced to do actions that would classify him as a weirdo. In class, his classmates, Yukihira Furano and Yuouji Ouka mess around with him and his life is quite the opposite of a love comedy and rather sad. One day, Kanade is forced to make another absurd choice. After making his decision, something falls down from the sky...

Because of the last choice Kanade made, a mysterious girl named Chocolat came falling from the sky. It appears that Chocolat has something to do with the curse of Absolute Choice that anguishes Kanade, so he lets her live with him in his house. It's then that Kanade recieves a mission on his phone: to make his classmate, Yukihira Furano laugh. Considering the fact that she's cold, shows no emotion, and has a sharp tongue, this isn't an easy matter.

Kanade manages to clear the difficult mission of making Yukihira Furano laugh. Next, he is given the mission to have to spot Yawakaze Konagi's panties being worn. Despite Kanade's reservations, he tries to go through with the mission, but it gets hard to get near her because of her security guards.

Chocolat follows Kanade to school, calling herself the studies assistance pet. Because of her cuteness and clingy nature, Kanade's classmates surround her and becomes super popular. Meanwhile, a decent Absolute Choice turns up. Somehow both of the choices seem to be good choices.

Kanade is forced into appearing in the biggest event, the battle of the welcoming party. The battle will be between Popularity Five and Reject Five. Kanade, Furano, and Ouka will be appearing as the Reject Five.

Kanade is given the difficult mission of having all of the girls participating in the battle say that they like or love him. He manages to get Yuragi and Ouka to say it rather easily, but the remaining four girls, Furano, Seira, Konagi, and Ayame prove to be much more difficult.

The day of the battle has finally arrived. The student council president, Kokubyakuin Seira, appears to know something about the Absolute Choice and about Chocolat. Meanwhile, she promices to say that she likes Kanade if Kanade wins against her in battle.

The battle has come to an end and Kanade has cleared the mission, jusst to have another Absolute Choice come up. It tells him that he has to either hug Chocolat, Furano, or Ouka.

As a reward for winning the tournament, the Reject Five get tickets to go to Aqua Galaxy, an indoor pool and themepark. Everyone except for Furano, who doesn't want to wear a bathing suit because of her small chest, head to Aqua Galaxy and Kanade is hit with another mission.

Kanade and Ouka go into a haunted house for the mission to make Ouka cry, however because of her fear, she reverts into a little child. Kanade throws out the mission and decides to help the scared Ouka out of the haunted house.