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Mysteries at the Hotel

Season 2 2015

  • 2015-05-21T09:00:00-04:00 on Travel Channel
  • 60 mins
  • 10 hours, 0 mins
  • Crime, Documentary, Mystery

With 2 million hotel rooms occupied each night in America, it’s no wonder that some of the most mysterious and strange events have occurred in hotels.

10 episodes

2x01 Scandalous Televangelist, Dream Speech, British Invasion

  • Season Premiere

    2015-05-21T09:00:00-04:00 — 60 mins

Mysteries at the Hotel checks into the Sheraton Sand Key Hotel in Florida, where 20-year-old secretary Jessica Hahn is seduced by renowned televangelist Jim Bakker during the decadent 1980s. In late 1800s Chicago, master swindler H.H. Holmes entices World's Fair visitors to stay at his aptly named "World Fair Hotel". However, Holmes does not intend to let his guests check out. He captures, murders and eliminates his victims' bodies for year before he's arrested and confesses to the gruesome crimes. At the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington D.C. in 1963, civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his advisors discuss what will become one of the most important speeches in American history

Mysteries at the Hotel explores the FBI takedown of a notorious gang, a tech giant's rowdy corporate retreat, a wild west bank robbery foiled by townsfolk, America's most infamous traitor, and a deadly illness blamed on vampires.

Hotel Secrets & Legends exposes a conspiracy to eliminate Lincoln's administration, a power lunch that prevented WWIII, a surgeon-turned- predator, a great white shark attack and a man who stole $200 million from the president.

Travel back in time to witness a political showdown at Beekman Arms Hotel; see how a concealed weapon at Hotel Washington ended up in The White House; and discover New Mexico's La Fonda hotel where nuclear secrets were exchanged.

Mysteries at the Hotel invites viewers to a hotel bar where unsuspecting patrons were forced into slave labor; the hotel hideout of escaped Wild West outlaws; the murder of a civil war general; and the exploration of an odd cave system.

On this episode, we uncover an FBI raid of a famous inventor's New York hotel room, find out the inspiration behind one of America's greatest horror novels, and a guestroom involved in the plot to assassinate an American President is revealed.

2x07 Sports Scandal, Explorer Murder, Slave Escape

  • 2015-06-12T09:00:00-04:00 — 60 mins

Mysteries at the Hotel uncovers America's greatest sports scandal, a double-crossed iconic outlaw, a slave couple's daring escape, an American explorer's unsolved murder, and the secret hunting trip that saved the US economy.

Mysteries at the Hotel invites viewers inside the hotel restaurant where a political showdown ended in America's most infamous duel and the southwestern hotel where one guest sold our nation's nuclear secrets to the enemy.

Mysteries at the Hotel exposes a showdown for gold in Deadwood, a luxurious hotel suite, a booze-fueled rebellion in Pennsylvania, the escapades of 3 business titans, and the court case that cost a famous lawyer his life.

2x10 Space Race, City Ghosts , Everglade Survival

  • 2015-06-26T09:00:00-04:00 — 60 mins

Mysteries at the Hotel checks into the NASA launch that nearly triggered a war, we reveal the birth of an Idaho ghost town, a harrowing Florida road trip, a Revolutionary War game of cat and mouse, and a President's potentially fatal duel.