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NCIS: Season 13

13x15 React

  • After First Monday was cancelled, Sheffield became a recurring character on JAG.
  • NCIS backdoor pilots are JAG 8/20 and 8/21.
  • NCIS LA pilots are NCIS 6/22 and 6/23.
  • The NCIS episode "Endgame" continued on the events that had taken place in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Killshot".
  • Abby guests on NCIS LA 1x09
  • Kensi from NCIS: Los Angeles also guests in Hawaii Five-O 2/6, they mention this in NCIS LA 3/6
  • A.J. Chegwidden is making guest appearance in NCIS 10x24
  • NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-O cossover: HFO 2/21, NLA 3/21
  • NCIS: New Orleans pilots are NCIS 11/18 and 11/19
  • Hetty also guests in Scorpion 1/6
  • NCIS: Red pilots were NCIS LA: 4/18 and 4/19 but the concept was not taken up.
  • Sister City: Part 1 is the 12th episode of NCIS Season 13 and the second part, "Sister City, Part II" as part of NCIS: New Orleans Season 2.
  • The story plot loosely connected between MacGyver 1x15 and Hawaii Five-0 7x17
  • In MacGyver episode “Flashlight” (1x18), Mac and the team team up with Chin and Kono from the Five-0 task force. They mention this in Hawaii Five-0 7x19.
  • NCIS 14x15 and NCIS New Orleans 03x14 are a two part crossover, Pandora's Box .
  • A.J. Chegwidden pops up again several times in NCIS LA Season 8 (8x15, 8x21, 8x22)
  • Bud Robert Jr. from JAG guests in NCIS 14x1

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