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Omulețul lui Gopo 1957

  • Ended
  • PRO TV
  • 1957-11-10T00:00:00Z
  • 10 mins
  • 30 mins
  • Adventure, Animation, Children

Birth of the legend

The film "Short History" (1957) begins with the presentation of the universe, the sun began to have some loops through the curlers who were planets. At one time, the sun has sneezed. At that time, all the planets were caught by the sun like curlers were thrown into the cosmos. Blue planet earth was damp with many meridians, who serve as the nose.

On Earth, there were animals. As a result of vibrations produced by a dinosaur, which is a monkey in a tree fell from a tree, breaking his tail. When he arose from the earth, it was seen that the shape of a little man. As they gave a ladder and climbing steps with the turn in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, medieval knight, a man with top hat and goes up to countenance that man has today.

This humanoid head elongated, with a serious expression and naive, with arms and legs thin and belly rounded, who won both spectators and world creators of animation, predicted the conquest of outer space and the first steps of man on the moon, launching -it into space with a rocket five years before Yuri Gagarin and becoming the first "man" who traveled in space. He moved into the underwater world also evoked the audacious idea that there might be life on other planets. All this has made taking when his chest when his ear, a flower.

Originally the first film had to bear the name "Bob sun". The main character was a man amphibious sailing and land, and water, and air.

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