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On Benefits

Season 1 2016 - 2017

  • 2016-03-17T05:30:00+05:30 on Channel 5 (UK)
  • 1 mins
  • 50 mins
  • United Kingdom
  • Reality

Documentary looking at some large families whose sole source of income is benefits.

50 episodes

1x01 Episode 1

  • Series Premiere

    2016-03-17T05:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

1x03 Episode 3

  • 2016-03-31T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

1x11 Episode 11

  • 2016-05-26T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series. Four single parents struggle to provide for their children while living on benefits. Craig has just moved into a brand new council flat, but can he cope with his newfound responsibilities? Lauren dreams of a career in the army, where she would get childcare help. Joanne is struggling to heat the home she shares with her eight-year-old.

1x12 Benefits Special: 18 Kids and Claiming

  • 2016-06-02T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series looking at people trying to get by on benefits, including Maria who has five children with five different dads, and Kate in Weymouth who gets almost £30,000 a year in benefits for her and her seven kids.

1x13 Bargain Barbie and Desperate Dole Claimants

  • 2016-06-09T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series. Sammy has to spend her reduced benefits wisely to cater for her family. Simone is hoping to forge a career as a model. Brian is struggling to live on just £46 a week after ill health. Ex-con Anthony's benefits have been slashed twice in the last year.

1x14 Episode 14

  • 2016-06-16T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series. Featuring the stories of four island-living people on benefits who feel cut off from society.

1x15 Episode 15

  • 2016-06-23T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary about people living on benefits. Newlyweds Rob and Roxanne have been sent an eviction notice for rent arrears. Anne-Marie and Shaun need to qualify for disability benefits to add to their household budget. Shelley downsized to avoid the bedroom tax, but is not happy with the outcome.

1x16 Episode 16

  • 2016-06-30T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary about people living on benefits. Chantelle spends her day hanging out with her friends as they try to make their benefits stretch. Jayne is working and claims less ú10 in benefits. Lee from Tredegar bemoans the lack of industry and opportunity in the Valleys. Nigel had a successful business but lost everything. He now has a place to call home, but has very little else to his name.

1x17 Episode 17

  • 2016-07-07T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Lisa spent seven years in prison for smuggling cocaine, and has been unemployed and on benefits ever since. James is dyslexic and surviving on only £13k a year. Jai quit his job to move to the Scottish highlands, but has found something that doesn't cost any of his benefit money.

1x18 Bargain Brides

  • 2016-07-14T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary about people living on benefits. Yvonne and David are planning their dream wedding despite only earning in a year the same amount as the cost of the average UK wedding.

1x19 Episode 19

  • 2016-07-21T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary about people living on benefits. Rob has been on the dole for 20 years, until a freak accident offers him some compensation cash. Michelle and Thomas moved to Leeds, pushing for their children to have a better future than themselves. Kyle and Leisha live in Whitby, but the money they receive is only enough to feed them for five days out of the week. Alex blew thousands on record decks, but says that Yorkshire's lack of opportunity is holding him back from becoming a DJ.

1x20 Episode 20

  • 2016-07-28T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on benefits. In Whitby, a family of four's problems include Tourette's, an autistic child and possibly another on the way. In Doncaster, a lady with cerebral palsy is an ardent campaigner for animal rights despite needing round-the-clock care. In Barnsley, an arthritic hoarder struggles to survive on benefits despite making her own washing powder, cat litter and growing her own tobacco.

1x21 Episode 21

  • 2016-08-04T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

The 'Lotto Gran' who claimed to win the National Lottery.

1x22 Desperately Seeking Stardom

  • 2016-08-11T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on benefits. Debra hopes that a part in a movie will be her ticket off benefits. Anthony is afraid that his epilepsy puts off potential employers. Anne Marie cannot afford day trips for her granddaughter on £350 a week. Steven uses his benefits to feed others less fortunate than himself.

1x23 Costa Del Dole

  • 2016-08-18T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on benefits. Gary moved to Jaywick to be with his partner Geoff, but it has left him unemployed for the first time since he was 16. After being made homeless, Caroline moved in with Heather, but their flat is now overcrowded. Gordon became a full-time carer for his mother in 2009, but he has not received any benefits money for months.

1x24 Living the High Life

  • 2016-08-25T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Episode revisiting some of the people previously featured including the 'Millionaire Shoplifter', a former Big Brother contestant with stars in her eyes and Blossom in Brighton, whose weight was having a serious effect on her health.

1x25 Single and Skint

  • 2016-09-01T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on benefits. 56-year-old Donna is about to try her hand at online dating after her desire for work got in the way of romance, 39-year-old Carl heads to a comic convention to find love, and despite receiving £9,000 a year in benefits 25-year-old single mum Jade refuses to date a guy without a job.

1x26 The Bargain Queen

  • 2016-09-08T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on benefits. Sixty-year-old Avril is one of the long-term unemployed. Her nickname is the Bargain Queen because she spends much of her time at boot sales. Steve has just returned from Turkey and, at 56, is facing unemployment for the first time in his life. Transgender Jess finds job-seeking difficult while she is undergoing transitional medical treatment. Single parent and carer Tony is about to move in with his girlfriend and her son. Their benefits have been frozen pending reassessment.

1x27 Breadline Brummies

  • 2016-09-15T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on benefits. Meet a single mum who needs income support to help feed her children, a young man hoping to find a job to pay off his debts, a former ASBO kid trying to put his criminal past behind him and a woman deemed fit for work, contrary to her doctor's opinion.

1x28 Cash-Strapped Couples

  • 2016-09-22T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on welfare. Andy and Diane married three years ago when they were both working, however living on a severely reduced income has put a strain on their relationship. Suzanne and Derek are looking to move rather than pay bedroom tax on their four-bedroom home. Carl and Angie's benefits allowance is affected by his disability allowance and her wages from a part-time job. Stephan and Linda are deep in debt but spend ú12 a week feeding the homeless.

1x29 Breadline Brits

  • 2016-09-29T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

People who have served in the armed forces and now sign on.

1x30 And a Baby on the Way

  • 2016-10-06T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Amy is a 20-year-old mum trying to get by on benefits.

1x31 Compensation King

  • 2016-10-13T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Rob has been on the dole for 20 years.

1x32 Wannabe Famous and Claiming

  • 2016-10-20T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary revisiting people living on welfare.

1x35 Baked Bean King

  • 2016-11-10T05:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Documentary series about people living on welfare.

1x36 Jaywick: Christmas on Benefits

  • 2016-12-15T05:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

A festive visit to England's most deprived village. Single mum Kim struggles to make her children's special day on a shoestring, while Boo hosts a free dinner for the local lost souls.

1x37 Heat or to Eat? That is the Question

  • 2017-02-12T05:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

A father of six must choose between feeding his family and heating.

1x39 Britains's Most Married Man

  • 2017-04-06T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

a 67 year-old man hopes his new Filipino wife will make him less of a burden om te state, and a Lowestoft carer who looks after his wife thinks a new home will bring them happiness.

1x40 Depressed, Stressed and Repossessed

  • 2017-04-13T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Stories of people struggling on benefits, including a former drag queen who lost his Spanish bar following a licensing dispute and is now claiming benefits for depression.

1x41 On the Breadline

  • 2017-04-20T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Welfare recipients from the Merseyside area. A man cannot find a job as his beliefs prevent him working on a Sunday, while a single mother has become an expert bargain hunter.

1x43 Could Work, Should Work

  • 2017-05-04T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

A former salesman who released an album, hoping music will be his rout off benefits. An Ex-soldier trying to turn his interest in photography into a career as a photojournalist.

1x44 Episode 44

  • 2017-05-11T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Single mum Vanessa dreams of being a model, so she tries to scrape together £195 to apply for a nationwide beauty contest. Single mum Tasha was signed off work for mental health, but the system has denied her long-term sickness benefits. Divorced mum Hannah has big dreams of becoming an artist, but with three children under six, it will be a struggle to find the time and confidence.

1x45 Britain's Benefits Blackspots

  • 2017-06-08T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Following a 34-year-old man who has been in and out of trouble with the police since leaving school, and a cab driver who has not worked since having an angina attack two years ago.

1x46 Living Hand to Mouth

  • 2017-06-15T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Following people struggling to live on state welfare in Wales, including a mother of five funding her children's singing lessons and piano teacher with a very rare heart condition.

1x47 It's a Hard Knock Life

  • 2017-06-22T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

A man who dreams of getting off benefits and into show business, a former publican who's type two diabetes is hindering her search for work, and a woman who wants to make it as a model.

1x48 In Sickness and in Wealth

  • 2017-06-29T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Blackpool martial arts enthusiast dismissed for breaking a colleague's nose, a Liverpool couple keen to get married on benefits, and an autistic man in need of a mobility scooter.

1x49 Generation Poverty Gap

  • 2017-07-06T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Claimants from across the generations, including a 32-year-old former fisherman, his 20-year-old partner and a 57-year-old former welder struggling to find work.

1x50 Money's Too Tight to Mention

  • 2017-07-13T04:30:00+05:30 — 1 min

Catching up with a few familiar faces to find out how their lives have changed. Doncaster man Carl has been living on benefits since a motorcycle accident left him with multiple injuries. Now he has become the drummer in a band for musicians with disabilities. Karen and Paul lost their launderette business and are now rebuilding their home - the only problem is, they believe the house is haunted - and things are looking up for newlyweds Andy and Diane. Last in the series.