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One Piece: Season 13

Impel Down & Marineford Arc 2008 - 2010

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  • 2008-12-21T00:30:00Z on Fuji TV
  • 25 mins
  • 1 day, 14 hours, 28 mins (100 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Action, Adventure, Anime
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100 episodes

The Straw Hats take a vacation at Spa Island, but while there, encounter Foxy and his crew, who are pursuing two small girls: Lina and her older sister Sayo. The Straw Hats manage to defeat the Foxy Pirates, and learn that they had been pursuing Lina and Sayo for the girls' notebook, which shows their father's research on how to create a special gem, the solution for which can be found on the island. Lina considers her father a liar, but Sayo believes him. Suddenly, Sayo is abducted, and the owner of the island, Doran, says that if they want her back, they must complete the research and find the gem.

After Lina reveals that she has searched all over the ship, Luffy decides to destroy the ship in order to find Sayo. The Straw Hats manage to fight off Doran's men, but Doran unveils a large cannon and aims it at Sayo. Sayo tells Lina that their father truly cared for them and believed that his research would bear fruit, and left in order to protect them from his pursuers. The Straw Hats manage to rescue Sayo and destroy Spa Island, and notice that the X on Lina's father's map pointed to an X-shaped underwater volcano opening beneath the island. Several days later, Sayo and Lina complete the gem and send it to the Straw Hats, but as candy rain falls on the Sunny, Luffy accidentally loses it.

After reading an account of the various adventures that the Straw Hats have had, Brook resolves to be as much use as he can to prove his worth, but his well-intentioned efforts only manage to annoy or get in the way of the others. Brook then reveals his insecurites to Robin, saying that he'll leave the crew if he proves to be only a burden. Robin tells him that she used to feel similarly, until the Straw Hats came to save her at Enies Lobby, and she had finally found her place. Encouraged, Brook later reflects on how he has found his place after decades of being alone, and resolves to do his best so that he can have stories to tell of his own.

After traversing the treacherous Serpent Currents, the Straw Hats finally arrive at the Red Line, signifying that they've sailed halfway around the world and that their voyage is half over. While the crew reflects and takes a well-deserved rest, a sea monster attacks. Luffy easily dispatches it, forcing it to spit up a talking starfish and a genuine Mermaid onto the Sunny's deck.

The Mermaid and starfish, named Keimi and Paggag, respectively, thank the Straw Hats for helping them, and Keimi offers to give them some Takoyaki (fried octopus), after she meets up with her friend Hacchin as thanks. However, a call from him reveals that he has been kidnapped by the Fishman Macro Gang as bait for her. Luffy decides to rescue him for the Takoyaki, and the crew sets sail for their hideout. En route, they're briefly attacked by the Flying Fish Riders, a gang of ruffians aiding the Macro Gang, who are commanded by a masked man named Duval.

Duval bears a grudge against one of the Straw Hats, but it is not known which one. When the Straw Hats reach the hideout, they discover that Hacchin is none other than the octopus Fishman Hatchan, formerly of Arlong's crew. Although reluctant to save him with this new knowledge, Keimi convinces the crew to go through with it. However, everything was a trap set by Duval, and the Straw Hats are ambushed by the Flying Fish Riders.

While the battle between the Straw Hats and the Flying Fish Riders rages on, Zoro frees Hatchan from his cage, and the Fishman in turn saves him from an attack, revealing that he feels bad about their battle at Arlong Park. Meanwhile, Luffy crashes into Duval's hut and catches a glimpse of his unmasked face before being chased back outside. Once outside, Duval reveals that Sanji is the Straw Hat he wants to kill. After Luffy knocks his helmet off, the reason for his hatred is laid bare: Marines and bounty hunters have been relentlessly pursuing him because he looks exactly like the poorly-drawn visage on Sanji's wanted poster!

After the surprising reveal, Duval tells his story of living a peaceful life as a mafioso until Marines and bounty hunters came after him for Sanji's bounty, mistaking him for the Straw Hat, casing him to flee and wear a helmet to hide his face. The Flying Fish Riders attempt to drown Sanji by dragging him underwater, but the cook is saved by the intervention of Keimi. Duval then tries to sink the Thousand Sunny by having his men drop a giant anchor on it, but Franky reveals the Chicken Voyage reverse function to dodge it, and then the Gaon Cannon to wipe out most of the Riders. Enraged, Duval orders his pet bison Motobaro to gore Luffy, but Luffy stops the beast by unknowingly using haki, the beast goes wild and then faints, much to everyone's surprise. Sick of everything, Sanji takes things into his own hands, and sends Duval flying into his hut with a faceful of kicks.

With the Flying Fish Riders taken care of, the Straw Hats rest as Hatchan treats them to the promised Takoyaki. Duval shows up again, not for revenge, but to thank Sanji since his kicks altered Duval's face to become handsome and suave, or so he thinks. To make up for the trouble he's caused, he leaves his Den Den Mushi number with the Straw Hats in case they may need his assistance before departing with the newly christened Rosy Life Riders. The Sunny sets sail for the Sabaody Archipelago, the stepping stone to Fishman Island. Hatchan explains that one needs to have their ship coated with a bubble resin in order to travel underwater, and once they reach Sabaody, he promises to find them a ship coater that he trusts. He also warns them that the world nobility will be on the island, and no matter what happens, not to touch them, even if they witness a murder.

The crew splits up in order to explore the archipelago. Hatchan, Keimi, and Paggag lead Luffy, Chopper, and Brook to find the mechanic Hatchan spoke of. In town, they witness a disturbance caused by a man claiming to be an escaped slave yelling for help in getting an iron collar off. To the Straw Hats' horror, the collar explodes, severly injuring the man. Two people wearing gaudy clothing and bubble helmets, Saint Roswald and his daughter Saint Shalulia arrive and callously shoots his body twice before leaving him for the Marines to pick up. Paggag later explains that they were part of the Celestial Dragons, descendants of the founders of the World Government, and that they have the power to summon one of the three Admirals if they so please.

After fighting their way through bounty hunters, Luffy's group arrives at a bar owned by a woman named Shakuyaku, an old friend of Hatchan's. The mechanic, Rayleigh, is not there, so Shakky suggests that they go searching for him at the Sabaody Amusement Park, but not before warning them to be careful, as right now there are nine other pirates on the Archipelago with bounties over 100,000,000 Beli. In addition to Luffy and Zoro, they are: Capone Gang Bege, Jewelry Bonney, Basil Hawkins, Eustass Kid, Scratchmen Apoo, Dies Drake, Urouge, Killer, and Trafalgar Law. Together, the group is known as the Eleven Supernovas.

While walking through the groves, Zoro encounters another Celestial Dragon, Saint Charlos, harassing a group of townspeople. A fight almost breaks out, but Jewelry Bonney intervenes and tricks Charlos into thinking he killed him, after which she angrily berates him for picking a fight and almost getting an Admiral sent to the archipelago. Meanwhile, Luffy's group get caught up at the Sabaody Amusement Park, and Keimi ends up getting kidnapped by a group of slavers. When the Straw Hats still on board the Sunny learn of this, Sanji decides to call the Flying Fish Riders.

Duval and his crew arrive on the archipelago and start gathering the Straw Hats up to bring them to the Human Auction House, where the kidnappers have brought Keimi. Robin tells Nami why the Fishmen and Merpeople are not welcome on the island as in the past they had been discriminated against and classified as just fish. At the auction house itself await Saint Roswald and Saint Shalulia, as well as Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, and their crews. Backstage are Keimi and the other human merchandise, including the coating mechanic, Silvers Rayleigh, former first mate of Gold Roger himself.

The human auction finally begins, and it is only then that the Straw Hats discovered that their mermaid friend is being sold off at Grove 1. After rendezvousing there (save for Zoro, Luffy, Brook, and Robin), their initial plan to extract Keimi is thwarted upon learning that the World Government and the Celestial Dragons are involved in the slave trade, so Nami decides that they'll buy Keimi back in the auction itself. Meanwhile, the rest of the archipelago receives news that the World Government is going to execute the captured Portgas D. Ace, a move that could provoke a war with Whitebeard.

The auction continues, but Saint Charloss arrives and ruins the Straw Hats' plan to buy Keimi back by placing an exorbiant bid on her. The proceedings are then interupted when Luffy and his Flying Fish crash into the auction house, but he is restrained from rushing the stage by Hatchan, who accidentally reveals his Fishman nature in the process. While the nobility recoils in disgust, Charloss shoots him, gloating about obtaining a Fishman slave. Luffy snaps and punches the man in the face.

In the aftermath of Luffy's punch, a fight breaks out in the auction hall between the staff, the Celestial Dragons' bodyguards, and the Straw Hats, aided by the arrivals of Usopp, Brook, and Robin. A freed Rayleigh then emerges from backstage, and ends the conflict by using a mysterious power to render the Straw Hats' enemies unconscious.

News of the attack on the World Nobles reaches the pirates in the town, as well as the Marine Headquarters, where Kizaru decides to go to the island in order to deal with the situation. Donquixote Doflamingo, who owns the auction house, tells Disco that the Seven Warlords will be called to war against the Whitebeard Pirates. Rayleigh introduces himself to the Straw Hats, frees Camie from her collar, and notes that he is the coating engineer that they have been looking for. Luffy, Kid and Law go out to fight the Marines, who are no match for their Devil Fruit abilities.

Luffy, Law and Kid's crews join the fight, defeat the rest of the marines outside the auction house, promising to meet and fight in the New World. Luffy's crew escapes with the help of the Rosy Life Riders. A mysterious figure that appears to be Kuma intercepts Kid and Law, then begins attacking them with lasers.

Upon arriving back at Shakky's Bar, Rayleigh reveals to the Straw Hats that he was first mate to the legendary Gold Roger and the truth to his crew's dismissal. Thus they leave soon after with a bit of Rayleigh's Vivrecard for each of them, and he tells them to come back in three days when their ship will be ready. Meanwhile, Admiral Kizaru arrives at the Archipelago.

Admiral Kizaru appears in the Archipelago and demonstrates his mysterious light abilities before taking on the Supernova Basil Hawkins, while Urouge and Drake fight a Pacifista. Kidd and Law continue their bout with another Pacifista while the Straw Hat Pirates come face to face with a third one. A shady figure with a giant broadaxe is seen at the end, waiting for a call.

The Straw Hat Pirates fight against one of the Pacifistas, and while it does not have Kuma's Devil Fruit powers, it is still able to withstand their strongest attacks while firing devastating lasers at the crew. Elsewhere on the archipelago, Kizaru easily defeats Hawkins, Urouge, Drake and Apoo before Sentomaru contacts him. The situation for the Straw Hats grows even more desperate as Zoro suffers pain from his wounds.

The Straw Hats combine their strongest attacks to defeat the Pacifista, but are exhausted after the battle. Sentomaru arrives with another Pacifista, and Luffy attempts to escape, dividing the Straw Hats into three groups. Unfortunately, Sentomaru intercepts his group, the Pacifista cuts off Sanji's group, and Kizaru attacks Zoro's group, knocking Zoro down and preparing to finish him off.

Usopp and Brook's attempts to attack Kizaru fail, but Rayleigh arrives, managing to block Kizaru's attack and hold him off. Luffy orders his crew to retreat, declaring the enemies impossible for them to defeat at this time, but Sentomaru and the other Pacifista bar their escape and even Chopper's Monster Point form is unable to turn the situation to their advantage. The real Kuma arrives and uses his Devil Fruit powers to make Zoro disappear.

Sentomaru lets out that Kuma's powers send people flying through the air for days, and that Luffy should give up on ever seeing Zoro again. Kuma's motivations become questionable when he vanishes the Pacifista, gives Rayleigh some secret information, and refuses to explain himself to Kizaru. He then goes after each of the Straw Hats, vanishing them one-by-one before Luffy's helpless eyes. Brook falls trying to protect Usopp and Sanji, Usopp falls as he tries to get away, Sanji falls when he attacks in retaliation, Franky falls when he tries to get past Kuma, Nami falls as she pleads to Luffy for help, Chopper falls as he continues his mindless rampage, and Robin falls as she tries to flee. Luffy breaks down sobbing at the realization that he's alone and he failed his crew, as Kuma tells him that they will never meet again before vanishing him too. The Straw Hat Pirates have been completely annihilated.

In Grand Jipang a race is about to be held where a team carries a portable shrine to the finish line. The prize isthe chance to see a legendary treasure that is said to grant wishes. The deziens of the Kazeguruma restaurant sign up, entrusting the craftsman Franky with the construction of their shrine. Usopp also fishes a talking, amnesiac skeleton named Brook from a river. However, the ghostly Thriller Company is working to sabotage the other race teams, and Brook leaves his new friends when he recovers his memories as a former member of the Company. Also this filler introduces a filler only character Omao, who works with Onami at her restaurant.

Brook goes off to try to defeat the Thriller Company himself, but ends up their captive, but Luffy and Zoro rescue him. The next day is the day of the race, with the Kazagaruma restaurant competing against the Thriller Company. After an intense and destructive race, Kazagaruma emerges victorious, and get to see the legendary treasure: a golden pair of women's underwear.

After flying through the air for several days, Luffy finds himself in the middle of a jungle. He tries to use Rayleigh's Vivrecard to find his way back to Sabaody, but only tires himself out. He then kills a boar and eats it, and also eats a mushroom that turns out ot be parasitic and poisons him. His body is then discovered by a young woman named Marguerite and her friends, and mistaking him for a child from their village, they bring him back to treat him, and learn, much to their surprise, that he is a man. Luffy is in the middle of the Calm Belt, on the island of Amazon Lily, home to the all-female Kuja Amazon tribe.

Luffy wakes up inside a cage, surrounded by the curious Amazons. Marguerite gives him a new pair of cloths to wear, but then the other Amazons decide to finish him off, as they detest men. They attack Luffy with cannon-strength archery, but he grabs Marguerite and manages to escape into the jungle, where he gets his Vivre Card back from her. Although initially distrustful, Marguerite's curiosity gets the better of her and learns that he's a pirate. She reveals that Amazon Lily's empress, Boa Hancock, is in command of an all-female pirate crew, which, unbeknownst to the two, is on its way back to the island.

Luffy attempts to make a raft to leave the island, but utterly fails and has to be saved from drowning by Marguerite. She determines that she's getting too attached to him, and resorts to attacking him with her super-powered archery, which she reveals is the result of Ambition, the same power that Rayleigh used to knock out everyone at Sabaody. Luffy is then driven off by the arrival of the other Amazons. Offshore, the ship of Boa Hancock and her two younger sisters is met by a Marine battleship helmed by Vice-Admiral Momonga, who is there to take Hancock, the final Shichibukai to Mariejois in preperation for the battle with Whitebeard. Hancock uses the Swoon Swoon Fruit (Mero Mero no Mi) to petrify the lovestruck Marines, and tells Momonga that she refuses the order.

While stumbling around Amazon Lily, Luffy decides to find the head of the kuja pirates and looks for the highest building,he crashes into the bath where the snake princess was bathing and sees her back.

Luffy plans to find the "Important Person" to help him ride a ship and give him a free guide at the sea. But suddenly, Luffy falls at Hancock's bath which surprises Luffy to find whats behind Hancock's back and telling her that he saw it before and misunderstanding Hancock's Love abilities as Foxy's Noro Noro Beam. When Luffy is soon captured, he was sent to an arena to be executed. Telling the truth, Margueritte and her friends was turned into stone by Hancock.

When Luffy beats Bacura, the panther executioner, Luffy goes to fight Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia. Boa Sandersonia plays the statue of Margueritte to cause Luffy pain. Luffy then unleashes a very rare and strong haki which surprises everyone and the haki Hancock also has.

Luffy activates Gear Second and is currently taking the lead. When Boa Marigold unleashes a fire technique which Luffy dodges and burns Sandersonia's clothes, Luffy appears to be their lifesaver and said that their backs has nothing to do with their fight. Boa Hancock evacuates everyone in the arena in risk of them seeing the "Gorgon Eyes".

After winning over Hancock's trust, the snake sisters tell about their terrifying past.

After telling Luffy all about her past, Hancock accepts to give him a ride to Sabaody Archipelago on her Yuda-towed ship. She also invites Luffy for their banquet tonight and goes inside to rest. At the banquet, Luffy eats everything around him, and the girls seem suspicious. The Kuja Pirates misunderstand their Hebihime's action and prepare to attack Luffy. But before they can, Luffy feels bored, he starts to sing Bink's sake and dance with pan and spoon. It makes everyone laugh, and the party starts. But the girls, who have never seen man before, stick to Luffy, picking him up. He escape with Marguerite to Elder Nyon's house. There, Luffy learns that Hancock is a Shichibukai, and that his brother Ace is about taken to his execution. He says sorry to his comrades, and asks Elder Nyon how he can rescue Ace. Elder Nyon tells him that there's only one way of making it to his brother in time, and that is asking Hancock to accept the call of the Marines. But, Hancock, has been stricken by an unknown disease.

While still suffering from her love sickness, Hancock and Luffy decided to get into the Navy ship, held by Vice-Admiral Momonga. Then Sengoku, realizes that Whitebeard made his move. Garp visits Ace at the Impel Down.

Nami wakes up on Wezaria (Weatheria) and finds herself in the home of a Local resident. In an attempt to amuse her he shows her the sturdy wind knots which Nami later uses to stop a Cyclone.
Meanwhile Franky lands on the snowy island of Kakarui(Future Island) and is found by some locals who have a Cyborg dog named Taroimo.
After they perform the Super Dance, Franky freezes and is saved by transforming him into a Daijirin Tea Power Cyborg.
It is later revealed that this is Dr. Vegapunks home island.

Chopper is awoken by humongous birds that want to use him as a toy and when he finally escapes them, the island's natives try and eat him. Meanwhile Sanji awakes in the lap of a beautiful but shy 'woman' on an island that makes everything girly, and when he chases after the woman he notices something strange about this islands people at her house.

Robin is found unconscious in the snow by Soran and being hidden for the officers of her island, Tequila Wolf. Robin soon discovers that Tequila Wolf is nothing but an enormous bridge which has been under construction for over 700 years and the inhabitants are all laborers working as slaves. Usopp is screaming if there is anybody on the island, which is alarming a beetle to where he is and chase him. Usopp is then saved from the beetle by a man with the name Heracles. Heracles soon informs Usopp that hes on an island inhabited by man eating plants.

Zoro is held against his will by the pink-haired princess of bad vibes, Brook gets mistaken for the king of darkness, and Luffy continues to eat his way toward a reunion with Fire-Fist Ace!

Garp tells Ace that Luffy now knows about his parentage and that he had hoped Ace and Luffy would become marines. Ace says it is impossible because both he and Luffy are descendants of criminals, and that as he does not remember or care for his father, he took on his mother's name and considers Whitebeard his only father. The Buggy Pirates sail towards Impel Down, hoping to free the captured Buggy. Alvida refuses to risk herself for Buggy, suggesting that Impel Down is impossible to break into.

Hancock turns Domino (and the Surveillance Den Den Mushi) to stone before she can undergo the body-check, allowing Luffy to escape into the prison. On Level 1, Luffy runs into Buggy, who is trying to escape from the prison.

Buggy and luffy fight their way trough the entrance of Level 2. by going trough Level 1 crimson hell, where the lowest ranking criminals are held. To convince Buggy to help Luffy to get to Level 2 he gave his bracelet (which he got from Nami) which apparently was a clue to a treasure Buggy was looking for.

Hancock and the others finally reach the office of Magellan, a large man who has eaten the Doku Doku no Mi (Poison Poison Fruit). Luffy and Buggy meanwhile find Level 2 to be filled with wild animals, but Luffy manages to handle them without too much trouble. Buggy manages to unlock several of the prisoner cells, and the two fugitives are joined by none other than Baroque Works officer agent Mr. 3.

In a flashback, it is revealed that 20 years ago, a pirate named "Gold Lion" Shiki cut off his legs and escaped from Impel Down. A few days before the start of the movie, Gold Lion Shiki contacts the Amigo Pirates, a crew of pirates led by a man named Largo, offering to make them the 51st crew under his command if they fulfill a certain request. Meanwhile Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Brook try to catch a large fish, but it ends up getting eaten by a large beetle named "Boss". Luffy starts fighting the beetle with the intention of making it part of his crew, but it flies toward an island with him, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp in tow. Yoko, a girl wearing a Marine coat appears, attacking Luffy over how he treated Boss, and some people emerge from the island and reveal that they have been living while running from all threats, because the Marines do not protect them. Yoko's father was a Marine who died defending them five years ago, and she first met Boss three years after his death. They show the four Straw Hats their village, which strongly resembles East Blue to the point of having replicas of several prominent buildings. The villagers ask Luffy to bring Nami to the village, and as Nami heads to the village on the modified Waver, Largo's pirates head to the island to fulfill Shiki's request to get the beetle that left his hideout.

The Straw Hats meet with people in places that remind them of where they came from, and Yoko becomes irritated at how easily they are bonding. The Amigo Pirates decide to head ashore, but because Largo is taking a nap, Colt leads them. Nami meets with the "Orenami" fan club, who leads her through a maze and shows her a naked statue of her, which offends her. She sees Yoko, and finds that Yoko reminds her of herself when she first met Luffy. While the Straw Hats are at a party, the Amigo pirates attack, destroying much of the village, and demand the beetle. Luffy easily defeats Colt and his men with Zoro and Sanji's help, but Largo traps him in a needled net.

The rest of the Straw Hats hear the fighting on the island and decide to head over. Zoro and Sanji attempt to attack Largo, who uses his Net Net Fruit powers to create nets out of materials that he eats and captures the two of them. Largo and Colt threaten to exterminate the town if they do not get the beetle, and Boss comes out to fight them, but is quickly defeated. Boss decides to sacrifice himself to save the village, despite Yoko's objections, but Luffy tears open the net and punches Boss, saying that he wants to fight with him again. Boss sheds his skin and is able to fly long enough to burn Luffy, Zoro and Sanji's nets. The Straw Hats and the villagers prepare to fight the Amigo Pirates.

After escaping from the net, Luffy knocks Largo far away and goes off to fight him. Nami pretends to evacuate the villagers, but takes them through other tunnels to surprise the Amigo pirates while they are fighting Zoro and Sanji. Luffy fights Largo, but becomes trapped when he turns his entire body into a net. Luffy uses Gear Third to inflate and burst the net before defeating Largo with Gigant Pistol, destroying his ship in the process. Boss saves Luffy from falling into the sea and then starts fighting him in a rematch that lasts for hours. Yoko and Nami discuss their respective pasts, before Nami brings the Straw Hats together and sets sail from the island. It is revealed that Boss was a specially created insect that had escaped from Shiki, and that he plans on using an army of similar creatures to wage war on the world.

Luffy, Buggy and Mr. 3 continue to fight through Level 2 of Impel Down, hounded by both Manticores and Puzzle Scorpions. They are chased into the lair of an enormous beast, the Sphinx, which frightens off the other animals. The Sphnix is a large powerful creature which bizzarely can only speak by saying types of noodles. Mr. 3 attempts to distract the creature by creating wax copies of himself, but only succeeds in provoking the creature into destroying the floor beneath them.

Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 find themselves on Level 3, a barren floor of extreme heat. There, they are caught in a net by Saldeath, the imp-like commander of the Blugori. However, thanks to the interference of the Sphinx, they manage to escape. Buggy and Mr. 3 manage to get away from Luffy, and they encounter the imprisoned Baroque Works agent Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, whose stay in the dungeon has not dampened his spirits one bit.

The prison staff and Hancock finally arrive on the floor where Ace is being held. When the prisoners become loud and rowdy, Magellan silences them by attacking with a Hydra made from his Devil Fruit's poison, and while everyone is distracted, Hancock manages to tell Ace that Luffy is on his way to save him, surprising him greatly. Meanwhile, Luffy continues to fight his way through Level 3, and encounters a freed Mr. 2. The two friends team up with the intention of heading in even deeper.

Magellan finally receives word of Luffy's break-in, and decides to gather his forces to Level 4 and head off Luffy and his companions. Back on Level 3, Mr. 2 reveals that he wants to meet Iva, king of Kamabakka, who is imprisoned on Level 5 as he and Luffy arrive at a giant pit leading to Level 4. The two meet up with Buggy and Mr. 3 again as they are being chased by Minotaurus, a monstrous beast that gave Luffy and Mr. 2 a beating earlier. Though their foe is big and powerful, by working together the four fugitives are able to take the beast down.

Magellan and his subordinates are making preparations of their own in order to capture the intruder and escaped convicts by splitting their forces to guard the stairs to the different Levels. After surviving the fall the group press on with Luffy leading the charge because he can smell food in the kitchen. Buggy, intent on following Luffy hopes to find booze in the kitchen, is stopped by Mr. 3 because he is worried about running into Magellan. Luffy and Bon Kurei defeat with ease the oncoming onslaught of Impel Down guards. The guards quickly report the casualties to the Chief Warden who then decides to intercept the intruders himself. Magellan halts Luffy's and Bon Kurei's advance by dropping himself in front of the them and declaring that he's had enough of their rampage.

Magellen begins to attack Luffy and Bon Kurei. Luffy tries to fight back but Bon Kurei does everything he can to make Luffy run away. Magellen then informs the two that they have blockaded the stair cases to Level 5 and Level 3. The 3 remaining Demon Guards and Sadi-Chan guard the Level 5 entrance . Hannybal and a group of guards blockade Level 3's entrance. Megellan then uses his Hydra attack and sends Luffy and Bon Kurei on the run(which Bon Kurei insist to distract the Warden disguised as Luffy, so the real Luffy could get away).

Magellan has Luffy backed into a corner and is using his devil fruit powers to poison Luffy. Meanwhile Bon Kurei is trying to rescue Buggy the Clown and Mr. 3 Galdino from Vice Warden Hannyabal. Bon Kurei is running from Magellan while feeling as though he betrayed Luffy. After running for a while he stumbles upon the captured Mr. 3 and Buggy. Then Bon Kurei jumps down from the rafter he was perched on to fight Hannyabal.

After being hit by Magellan's poison Luffy is placed in level 5. This is the freezing hell. Mr.2 looks for the cure while impersonating the Vice Warden and finds out that it is too late for Luffy. He goes to see Luffy with Mr.3 and Buggy but is faced with wolfs that protect that area. Now he must fight those wolfs in the cold with no shirt by himself.

Bon Kurei frees Luffy from his cell on Level 5 and together they set off in search of Emporio Ivankov, the miracle worker whom Bon Kurei believes can cure Luffy's poisoning. Meanwhile Buggy and Mr. 3 attempt to escape from the wolves by enclosing themselves in a wax bunker, however the wolves prove too cunning for them and continue to hound the pair. After gaining dubious advice on Ivankov's location from another prisoner, Bon Kurei heads into the forest dragging the unconscious Luffy behind him in a cart. They are then attacked by a pack of Wolves. Bon Kurei attempts to fight but is quickly overwhelmed. An angry outburst of Haki from Luffy takes down the wolves, but the two collapse unconscious in the snow. They are then approached by a mysterious man, clothed in bright orange and white.
Back on Level 4, Hannyabal regrets being tricked by Bon Kurei who had assumed Nami's form, as he dangles bound and gagged helplessly from the ceiling of a nearby storeroom.
Bon Kurei awakes to find himself not in a frozen wasteland, but at a lively party populated by a variety of colourful cross dressers. Bewildered, he is approached by a woman dressed in the same orange and white as the man who saved them from the cold. The woman introduces herself as Inazuma and tells Bon Kurei that all his questions will be shortly answered. Suddenly a show starts, on the nearby stage a large man dressed in skimpy feminine clothes and sporting a large purple afro, welcomes Bon Kurei to the paradise of Level 5.5, The New Kama Land. He reveals they are in a sanctuary for escaped prisoners, unknown to the prison staff. As the show livens up Bon Kurei realises that this man is non other than the former Queen of the Kamabakka Kingdom, the miracle worker he had been searching for, Emporio Ivankov.

While Ivankov is dancing around and joking with his followers, an intruder interrupts and declares that his father, once a king, one day paid a visit to Kambakka Kingdom - and came back a queer! Because of this, the king's country and family were ruined, and his son was reduced from his princely state to a mere pirate. He fires his handheld cannon in vengeance, but Iva uses his Death Wink to repel the cannonball shot back at him, then injects the burly man with female hormones and transforms him into a sexy female lady with huge female features. The intruder flees in embarrassment. After witnessing this "miracle," Bon Kurei begs Iva to save Luffy. Iva leads Bon down a deserted corridor and says the only reason he helped them was because Luffy, writhing in pain, begged them to save his friend earlier. He has been under treatment for 10 hours. Meanwhile, on Level 5, Buggy and Mr. 3 are seen running away from wolves on stilts made from wax. Iva and Bon arrive outside a door that has been chained shut, through which Luffy's screams of agony can be heard. Iva informs Bon that Luffy still has 2 more days of treatment to endure. Meanwhile, Luffy, chained down inside the chamber, recalls the memory of himself and Ace as children, laughing and talking by a cliff overlooking the ocean. At the end it is declared that only 16 hours are left until Ace's execution! Will Luffy make it in time?!

Mr. 2 Bon Kurei learns that Emporio Ivankov has the ability to control hormones. He can change skin color, body temperate, sex, etc. He also discovers that New Kama land is between Level 5 and Level 6 and that it was built by a prisoner who had the ability to tunnel. He also learns about the manager of Impel Down who is being held in Level 6. He was imprisoned because he slaughtered the victims for fun. Bon Kurei was also surprised to learn that Crocodile is being held in Level 6 along with Portgas D. Ace and Jinbei, who is a Shichibukai. Bon Kurei is told that Luffy will fully recover in three days and by that time Ace will have already been executed. Therefore he stays by Luffy's side and helps him recover. Meanwhile, Magellan receives word that Luffy has disappeared from Level 5. Back in Level 5.5, Luffy's screams stop and everyone is assuming he died until he bashes on the door and screams "FOOD"!! Everyone is happy and passing food to him while he is taking in everything worth days of supplies. At the end, he happily screams "I'm recovered"!!!

As Luffy is finally revived, he is informed by Emporio Ivankov about Iva-chan's background. It is also stated that Ivankov is a leader with Luffy's father; Monkey D. Dragon. Meanwhile, Inazuma makes clothes for Luffy, and gives back his Strawhat. Meanwhile, at level 6, Ace is taken into custody to be sent to Marineford, where his execution shall be. Back at level 5.5; Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma break out of level 5.5 into level 5. While they fight back the Wolf Unit attacking them, they make their way to the door that's the entrance of level 6. As they run down the stairs, they are attacked by guards and traps.

As Luffy makes it at level six with Ivankov and Inazuma, they meet up with the former cell-mate of Ace; Jinbei. As the three prisoners don't find Ace in his cage, they are attacked by some traps and sleeping gas. Inazuma saves them by using his ability. Meanwhile, Ace is exchanged by Magellan, to Vice Admiral Onigumo. Buggy and Mr. 3 are back at level three. While at level six, Luffy meets up with an enemy from the past; Crocodile.

Luffy, Ivankov and Inazuma encounter an old enemy of Luffy; Crocodile. Crocodile wants to join them, saying he can create an escape passage in the ceiling with his devil fruit powers. Luffy immediately declines when he remembers who Crocodile is and what he did to Vivi. Crocodile says he has no more interest in the country of Arabasta. Ivankov accepts his offer, telling all of them that he knows a weakness of Crocodile. Then, from behind, Jinbei asks Luffy if he could join too, willing to sacrifice himself to rescue Ace. Inazuma opens up their handcuffs with his powers, and the two are out.
The five prisoners get up to level 5, using Crocodile's ability. They gather the New Kama army (including Mr. 2 Bon Kurei). Crocodile, Jinbei and Luffy, who headed up earlier, are already at level four. The three of them attack the Impel Down guards. As the guards are down, Crocodile heads up in the direction of one particular cell, the one holding his former subordinate, Mr. 1. Meanwhile, Ace is already on the Marine warship, being transferred to his execution ground. Also, Buggy and Mr. 3 are hiding at level 2.

Buggy and Mr. 3 are hiding from the guards at Level 2. After making sure that the have guards left, they go around opening cells and letting prisoners free so that they can create a riot. At Level 4, New Kama citizens storm up the stairs. The escapees (Luffy, Jinbei, Crocodile, Ivankov, Inazuma, Mr. 2 and Mr. 1) attack the guards, trying to get to Level 3. Ivankov and Luffy throw the guards in the lake of fire. In one of the jailer rooms, Hanyabal freaks out, losing his chances to be Chief Warden.
Meanwhile, Ace is taken into custody by Onigumo, getting his last chance to see the sky. Back at Level 4, the escapees throw more guards into the ocean of flames.
At the main entrance, the Blackbeard Pirates enter Impel Down; sucking down guards and gates, to enter the Great Gaol. At Level 2, many of the rioters are being poisoned by Magellan. Magellan decides to let Shiryuu out of his cell, to defeat Blackbeard and his crew, while Magellan himself gets rid of the escapees at Level 4.

Level 4 is on riot, and the Demon Guards fight the Newkama army. But then, the six strongest fighters of the Newkama set up their plan to take out the thrash called Demon Guards. As they shoot down the Demon Guards, they fail in ways of power, and the enemies break free. Then the escapees; Luffy, Crocodile and Jinbei go head on at the Demon Guards; Minokoala, Minorhinoceros and Minozebra. Emporio Ivankov goes face to face with Sadi-chan and the Blugori of Saldeath. Mr. 1 and Inazuma team up, taking out guards on their way following Luffy and co.
Back at level 2, Buggy and Mr. 3 have no return as they are blocked by Magellan's poison. Impel Down gets even more disgraced as the Blackbeard Pirates cause a scene at level 1, which Shiryuu must overpower. Though both the forces appear to be not wounded, they have gone away from each other. Meanwhile at level 4, Hanyabal gets serious, going straight ahead on Luffy.

The door to level 3 opens up, only for Hannyabal to come out. Inazuma and Luffy look at him surprised, only for Hannyabal to tell the break-in pirate he won't allow scum like him to travel on the seas. Hannyabal and Luffy get in a serious fight, which seems uneven as Luffy is way stronger then Hannyabal. Hannyabal receives a Jet Gatling to the face. He lies on the ground, reminiscing about his first day as a gaoler. He remember the sexy pirate Olive, who charms Hannyabal and knocks him out, only so Magellan can lock her up. The scene changes to the real life now, and Hannyabal stands up, grabbing Luffy. Luffy pushes him away. He pledges the escapees, only to get stomped down by the arriving Marshall D. Teach. Hannyabal lies unconscious, and Jinbei says Teach's nickname: Blackbeard. Luffy remembers Ace saying something about Blackbeard, and wanting to capture him. Teach then states that if it wouldn't be for Ace, Luffy had already died. Luffy gets infuriated, telling Blackbeard to kill him now. Entering Gear 2, Luffy punches down Blackbeard.

Luffy is furious, punching Blackbeard, making the latter fly into the wall. Blackbeard takes revenge and activates Kurozou, making Luffy sent flying to his hand. He then grabs the pirate captain and throws him into the ground, with causes blood to drip from his mouth, to surprise of Crocodile. Jinbei sees Luffy getting up, only to strike him down and talk about his main priority: Ace. Blackbeard sees Luffy leave, telling him Skypiea and One Piece exists. Then, Minotaurus comes from the level 3 staircase, punching the New Kama and level 4 prisoners rioting down the stairs. As Minotaurus enter level 4, Luffy steps right to him, causing others to warn him. Jinbei replies the should let him be, as he is infuriated. He then stands still, face to face with the Demon Guard, only to punch him right into the other walls. The two break-in crews separate, only for Luffy and co. to get to level 3.
In between the actions, Emporio Ivankov battled Sadi-chan, and caused her huge embarrassment when 'Okamakov' used the whip from Sadi-chan to tie her up and hang her on the ceiling. Magellan finds her, telling his following guards to set her loose. He then goes on, only to find the Blackbeard Pirates. As infuriated as he is, he doesn't take time to give Blackbeard a speech, and primarily used Hydra. The Blackbeard Pirates get poisoned, only to scream from Hellish suffering. Magellan goes on, to the staircase of level 3, only to find the unconscious Hannyabal, who he tells in his mind is his succesor. He then, angry as he gets, screams Luffy's name, telling him he won't escape.

Luffy and the other prisoners are getting closer to the surface having made it through Level 3 and 2. However in order to stall Magellan, who is quickly catching up, both Ivankov and Inazuma stay behind, Inazuma cuts down the stairs from Level 3 to 2, and Ivankov stays to fight Magellan with his "Newkama Kenpo". Despite his best efforts, he is ultimately defeat by Magellan, and later, Magellan manages to get to Level 2, and poisons Inazuma as well. Meanwhile Luffy meets up with Buggy, Mr. 3 and the other rioters and easily defeats the Demon Guards (who had used the elevator to reach Level 1) once again only to be confronted by the furious Magellan who has finally caught up to put an end to the potential breakout.

Magellan reaches level 2 and Luffy heads back to avenge the fallen Inazuma and Ivankov. He is stopped by Mr. 2, who reminds him what happened last time when he tried to battle the Chief Warden. Magellan blasts a Hydra to the escapees. Right in time for Luffy's second poisoning, Mr. 3 shows up and uses a Candle Wall to block the poison. Crocodile comments Mr. 3 is not so useless after all. Jinbei overhears the conversation between Magellan and some guards. Mr. 2 and Mr. 1 team up and take down the guards with ease. They get in an argument and Jinbei agrees with Mr. 2 on the fact this wouldn't be to hard. Meanwhile, Luffy and Mr. 3 team up with some escapees who shoot Magellan. Although the bullet just barrage through him (though not being a Logia, but Paramecia), Magellan gets hurt. Mr. 3 armors Luffy's fists and feet so the latter can finally attack Magellan. The two get in a fight between venom and wax.
At level 1, Buggy takes the rioting prisoners outside, only to see the plan fail right before their eyes. Jinbei shows up and explains the prisoners about the warships being not to far away. He takes a door and throws it in the water. Mr. 1 (who caught up), Crocodile and Buggy jump on the made platform and get driven by Jinbei to the warships. After being attacked by the ships, Jinbei throws the ships in the air with Fishman Karate, and the three land on one warship. Ready to battle they attack their opponents. Back at level 2, Luffy's and Magellan's fists clash, for Magellan to pledge Luffy on never escaping.

Jinbei, Crocodile and Mr. 1 finally secure a Marine vessel to escape with, meanwhile Luffy continues his fight against Magellan with the assistance of Mr. 3's Doru Doru no Mi powers. Though at first the pair are confident they can beat the Warden with their combined abilities, Magellan - seeing the situation is becoming desperate - unleashes his ultimate technique, Venom Demon, which is so toxic it can even poison Mr. 3's wax. With Luffy's wax armour rendered useless the remaining escapees flee to the entrance with Magellan directly behind them. It is then that Ivankov, who managed to partially heal himself with the Horu Horu no Mi, comes bursting through the ground with Inazuma using Hell Wink. By clinging onto Ivankov's enlarged head while he uses another Hell Wink, Luffy and the others are finally able to breakout of Impel Down and be carried to the captured Marine ship by a school of Whale Sharks summoned by Jimbei, all seconds before being caught by Magellan who stares on in disbelief.

Mr. 2 puts himself on the line to save Luffy and the rest, by disguising himself as Warden Magellan, but in doing so sacrifices any chance of his own escape as the real Magellan corners him in the control room for the Gate of Justice.

Shiryuu saves Blackbeard and his crew by giving them antidotes to Magellan's poison before taking the opportunity to join with them. The prisoners celebrate their escape, but some, such as Buggy, are upset to learn from a Marine officer calling on a Den Den Mushi that they are on their way to Marine Headquarters, and that the Gates of Justice to Marine Headquarters will not open for pirates. During the conversation, the officer reveals Buggy's past in the Roger Pirates and connections to Shanks, causing the prisoners to rally behind him. While some of the escapees are concerned that Buggy will start a mutiny, Buggy manages to convince the prisoners to go with them to Marine Headquarters in the hopes of defeating Whitebeard and standing on top of the pirate world. Meanwhile, the ship carrying Ace reaches Marine Headquarters.

As Luffy's ship heads to Marine Headquarters, the scene shifts to a point some time in the past. Nami is still on Weather Island,. She asks the old man how many days are left till the reach the Saboady Archipelago, to which he replies that the island slowly heads toward the Sabaody Archipelago at a pace determined by the winds. The old man agrees to give her a ride to the blue sea, as he also needs money so he is going to make business`. He finds an island that is completely dry and dying, and tells the residents he will make it rain if they pay him a million. he releases its too high and lowers it to a thousand. Nami sees the old man demonstrate his ability to summon large rains by storing thunderstorms in soap bubbles. She agrees to staying on the island to learn more till they reach the archipelago. Meanwhile, Franky is still acting like a gentleman under the effects of the tea, and the boy with him wonders when cola will arrive to return him to normal. Franky is attacked by several cyborgs in the forest, causing the tea in him to bubble over and restoring his usual personality, which enables him to defeat the cyborgs with ease. Franky learns that Dr. Vegapunk, who modified Kuma, made the cyborgs, and reaches a house with Vegapunk's name on it, triggering an alarm as he goes in.

Sanji struggles against the persistent transsexuals in the Kamabakka Kingdom, while Chopper is taking care of a giant chicken in the Torino Kingdom.

Robin was captured by the guards of Tequila Wolf and was sent to the Prison Tower. However Robin soon finds out that another prisoner is a member of the Revolutionary Army.
On Greenstone Island, Usopp is being chased around by man-eating plants. Survival is a case of eat or be eaten.

While heading to the sea to return to the Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro and Perona stumble upon a surprising discovery.
Brook, however, decides he has to wait to find Luffy and the others until he can fulfill his debt to the people of Hungeria.

Luffy recalls his childhood wih Ace, meeting him again in Arabasta and receiving his Vivre Card, meeting Blackbeard in Jaya without knowing who he was, hearing the news about Ace's execution, and confronting Blackbeard in Impel Down. Ace, awaiting his execution in Marineford, recalls his encounter with Blackbeard.

While Luffy's on his way to rescue Ace, everyone at Marine Headquarters get's ready for the execution. The present Shichibukai and the three admirals are summoned to get ready for Whitebeard's attack. At every instance, a Shichibukai or admiral is introduced there is a series of recap clips related to that character, with the exception of Akainu who is still a mysterious entity.

Only 3 hours remain until Ace's execution. Luffy reaches Marineford but finds the Gates of Justice closed. While Garp is thinking about his talk with Gol D. Roger, Fleet Admiral Sengoku reveals to the whole world that Ace is the son of none other than Gol D. Roger.

The world is shocked by the revelation of Ace's father's identity. Garp remembers when Roger asked him to take care of his son, since his child did not have any sins in this world. Ace's mother, Portgas D. Rouge, protects Ace from the Marines, and dies After his birth. At the Gates of Justice near Marineford, Luffy and the prisoners from Impel Down witness as the gate mysteriously opens. Back in Marineford, Whitebeard and his allies start their invasion from underwater.

As Whitebeard makes his appearance, Ace remembers the events that led him to become a member of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The sea-quakes made by Whitebeard cause a tsunami to come upon Marineford. But thanks to Aokiji freezing the water, any real potential damage is prevented. After the first attack, other soldiers join the fray, and the war really begins. While everyone is fighting, Mihawk decides to join the fight and attacks Whitebeard. The episode ends as the giant shockwave from the attack approaches Whitebeard.

All the various Whitebeard Commanders show off their skills and abilities, as do some Marines. Akainu reveals his powers involve magma when he stops a giant ice block attack thrown by Diamond Jozu while Coby and Helmeppo question their worth in battle. Then Oars Jr., descendant of Oars, makes his way onto the scene.

Oars Jr. goes straight for Ace! But the Giant Squad attempts to stop him without much success. Hancock finally steps into the battle and ends up harming both pirates and marines, as she doesn't distinguish between the two groups of men. And then Kuma unleashes an Ursus Shock which finally stops Oars in his tracks. As he falls to his knees he remembers when Ace offered him a form of shelter from the sun, rain, and snow by the form of a giant, handmade kasa. Determined, he gets back up again, and thinking he could at least take one of the Shichibukai down, ends up getting his leg cut off by Doflamingo instead. After one more shot from Moria, it seems as though this is really the end for Oars.

Coby and Helmeppo attempted to flee from the war after feeling too overwhelmed by the deaths and chaos, but stumbled upon Akainu and an apparent plan by Sengoku. Meanwhile, Garp joins Ace at the top of scaffolding, remembering better times when Ace and Luffy were children, and how he wanted them to grow up to become strong marines. As he laments this fact, it's revealed that Ace's execution time has been changed, when suddenly a battleship falls from the sky, revealing to be the escaped Impel Down prisoners and Luffy!

Luffy finally shows up together with his formed alliance from the escaped prisoners of Impel Down. As they were looking upon the scaffolding where Ace is, Crocodile has set off to attack Whitebeard soon as he had the chance, but Luffy caught up to his scheme intercepting Crocodile with Gear Second and with his body soaked wet. Crocodile then realizes Luffy already knew his weakness and therefore he had no choice but to give it up. As for the first time, Luffy stands face-to-face with the World's Strongest Man. Showing interest towards the boy, Whitebeard then asks Luffy if he knew what he is against with. Luffy stood up refusing to be told what to do, showing little manners, he competes with Whitebeard even telling the old man that the next pirate king would be him. Everyone was shocked by Luffy's actions towards Whitebeard, but later on, the two of them agreed not to get in each other's way and do it as they please.

With Luffy as their inspiration, the other pirates fight back with renewed vigor. Fullbody and Jango try to stop Luffy from progressing any further and fail miserably. Then Captain Hina uses her Devil's Fruit abilities to also try and catch him, however Luffy escapes quickly and easily, much to the three's chagrin. Luffy battles more admirals as they gang up on him along with zombies Gekko Moriah resurrects. Seeing Luffy in so much danger, Ace screams at Luffy not to come closer, as they've both lived their lives and adventures according to how they wanted to, so Luffy shouldn't get involved any longer. But, Luffy ignores all of this and will continue fighting for Ace, because they're brothers. Annoyed by the turn of the war's tide, Sengoku reveals to all that Luffy is the son of the great Revolutionary, Dragon; he must be stopped at all costs. Thoroughly impressed, Whitebeard orders Marco, that no harm should come to him.

One battle after the other, it's a complete chaos out on the battlefield. Luffy together with Jinbe, Ivankov and the rest of Newkamas head on to battle the Marine soldiers. While Buggy plays safe as he decides to team-up with Whitebeard and fight against the Marines. Ace resolves to prepare for his execution and to face the blades of justice, so that the war will end soon. Moriah once again attempts to get Luffy, but Jinbe takes him on instead, beating him quickly. As Luffy advances on, he has drawn attention from Tashigi, which startled Smoker as he immediately attacks Luffy. Luffy having trouble hitting his enemy, nearly being killed by Smoker if not for Hancock's furious intervention. Meanwhile, Ivankov faces off with Bartholomew Kuma, not knowing why he is being attacked by an old comrade, Donquixote Doflamingo reveals that the Kuma he knew before is dead.

Luffy receives the key to Ace's handcuffs from Hancock, who then fantasizes about a wedding ceremony held on Amazon Lily between herself and Luffy with the entire Kuja tribe witnessing. Ivankov fights against Kuma while Luffy continues to advance up the battlefield. Crocodile defeats multitudes of Whitebeard's lower-ranking men to get to him, but is assaulted by Jozu, who is then halted by Doflamingo. The episode ends with Mihawk blocking Luffy's path.

Luffy stumbled upon Mihawk in which he tries to avoid. Switching to Gear Second, he has taken an alternative path to avoid the swordsman but with Mihawk having a sharp vision similar to his animal theme, Hawk. He then, attacks Luffy with his black sword from a distance. Jinbe arrives to the rescue but later failed to stop the swordsman from attacking Luffy. Then suddenly, a sandstorm released by Crocodile brings Buggy in front of Luffy and Mihawk. Luffy uses Buggy as a human-shield to escape from Mihawk. As Mihawk is about to catch up with Luffy, Vista coming out of nowhere, blocks him with his two swords. As the time ticks, the Marine seems to be in a good progress of their plans, after Sengoku claims their need on being victorious, an army of Pacifista led by Sentoumaru arrives at the bay destroying a number of pirate ships.

The Pacifista enter Marineford as part of Sengoku's plan to win the war against Whitebeard. It appears that part of Sengokou's plan failed as all the pirates were to be inside the bay but Sengoku gives the order to attack all the pirates allied with Whitebeard outside the bay first. The Pacifista are then activated and destroy most of the allied pirates. Sengoku then goes on to say that the encircling walls should be activated once all video feeds are cut. However, the prisoners of Impel Down have captured one of the Den Den Mushi so that they could advertise their 'saviour' captain Buggy. Mihawk's battle with Vista is coming to a hasty conclusion and Luffy briefly encounters an admiral. The episode ends as the captain of an allied crew (Squardo) betrays Whitebeard and stabs him in the chest with a sword.

As Squardo stabs Whitebeard, the pirates and even marines in the war are shocked due his betrayal. Squardo says that he knows about Whitebeard's plot on giving the 43 captains under his command to save Ace and the Whitebeard Pirates. He reveals that Admiral Akainu told him that, and for his betrayal, the marines would leave the allies alone, as the Pacifistas units advance over them, destroying everything in their path. As Sengoku's plan goes on, Admiral Aokiji freezes Buggy and his allies, to cut the broadcasting to the world. As an act of surprise, Whitebeard forgives Squardo, even though he was a "foolish son". Whitebeard uses his powers to give a way out to his allies, and gives them the choice to stand for what they believe. All the allies regain force to fight, Squardo falls to the ground, realizing that he was tricked, and Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world, heads to battle.

Whitebeard enters the battlefield, which raises the morale of his pirates and prompts them to clear the way for him. The Marines try to activate the encircling walls, but the ice prevents them from raising completely. Luffy tries to reach Ace but the large walls activate trapping all the pirates, and while they to break it, it is futile. However they find that there is still a path opened by Oars Jr.'s body, as his blood makes the system less effective.

Akainu uses his power to send magma punches to melt the ice and boil water. Sengoku orders for the immediate execution of Ace shocking everybody, much to Gekko Moriah's delight and the despair of the Pirates. Luffy decides to move forward and rescue Ace, in the plaza he is confronted by the three Admirals.

Crocodile steps in to save Ace from being executed. A hidden coated ship appears and takes the pirates in, much to the Marines' surprise and Sengoku's annoyance. Oars pulls the ship out of the water, allowing the pirates a safe pass through the plaza. Whitebeard enters the plaza, and unleashes a massive shock wave with his weapon. Whitebeard orders his pirates to save Ace and destroy the Marines. Knowing that Whitebeard is about to attack with all his forces, both Sengoku and Garp decide to fight.

Meanwhile, war keeps its pace, and Marco thanks Little Oars Jr. for his help. Whitebeard commands his pirates to clear the way, as he readies a powerful shockwave. Luffy and the pirates keep their move, and Garp starts to behave strangely. Kizaru takes on Luffy and almost manages to kick him unconscious. Sentoumaru reassumes his assault leading the Pacifistas. When Marco is about to reach the scaffold, Garp jumps into the air and punches Marco away. Garp then makes his claim that whoever wants to pass, must kill him first.

Whitebeard falters for a moment because of his age and physical condition, then Akainu attacks him. Admirals Kizaru and Aokiji successfully attack Commanders Marco and Jozu. Ace laments for the deaths he caused. Luffy asks for a "last favor" for Ivankov, an Emporio Tension Hormone shot, which Ivankov reluctantly agrees to give him.

Luffy with his newly restored strength continues to the execution platform to save Ace. Coby challenges Luffy but is easily defeated. Luffy and Ivankov are soon stopped by Pacifistas Boa Hancock comes to their aid preventing the Pacifistas from attacking. A weakened Whitebeard is weakened further by Akainu with a multitude of marines attacking him. With Marco restrained and Jozu frozen Whitebeard says he cannot die before seeing " a future for his sons". With the a new set of executioners ready Sengoku orders the execution to commence, their stopped by Luffy's burst of Haōshoku Haki.

Once more, Luffy has subconsciously used the power of Haki to take down many of his enemies, bringing a renewed path to victory for the rebel pirate forces.

Now fully backed by the Whitebeards, Luffy is on a straight path to Ace... but straight means trying to go straight through his grandfather... Garp The Hero.

Ace is freed at last, he and Luffy fight their way back to escape from Marineford. Everyone is glad for it, as Squardo and his crew break in the plaza with the paddle ship to give a chance for everyone to escape, but is stopped by Whitebeard, claiming it would be a shame for a son to die in front of his father. Whitebeard stands and orders his sons to escape, saying the New Era does need a person like him.

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