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One Piece: Impel Down & Marineford Arc

13x65 (446) His Spirit Won't Break! Hannyabal Goes All Out

  • 2010-04-11T00:30:00Z on Fuji TV
  • 23 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Action, Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy

The door to level 3 opens up, only for Hannyabal to come out. Inazuma and Luffy look at him surprised, only for Hannyabal to tell the break-in pirate he won't allow scum like him to travel on the seas. Hannyabal and Luffy get in a serious fight, which seems uneven as Luffy is way stronger then Hannyabal. Hannyabal receives a Jet Gatling to the face. He lies on the ground, reminiscing about his first day as a gaoler. He remember the sexy pirate Olive, who charms Hannyabal and knocks him out, only so Magellan can lock her up. The scene changes to the real life now, and Hannyabal stands up, grabbing Luffy. Luffy pushes him away. He pledges the escapees, only to get stomped down by the arriving Marshall D. Teach. Hannyabal lies unconscious, and Jinbei says Teach's nickname: Blackbeard. Luffy remembers Ace saying something about Blackbeard, and wanting to capture him. Teach then states that if it wouldn't be for Ace, Luffy had already died. Luffy gets infuriated, telling Blackbeard to kill him now. Entering Gear 2, Luffy punches down Blackbeard.