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One Piece: Dress Rosa Arc (2)

17x13 (641) The Unknown World! Tontatta Kingdom

  • 2014-04-19T21:30:00-03:00 on Fuji TV
  • 23 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Action, Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy

Robin found herself captured by dwarves after they knocked her and Usopp unconscious. When she told them that she will not harm them, the dwarves released her leaving her baffled at them being so trusting.

With Sanji, who was barely conscious, told her that he never doubted her tears, leaving her genuinely shocked. Before her subordinates could kill Sanji, she quickly defeated them and proceeded to warn Sanji of the grand deception Doflamingo and the World Government pulled.

At the colosseum, the C block battle royale has started, and Luffy is excited to win this for the prize.

At the exchange site, Law received a call from Sanji, who attempts to warn Law about something he just heard from Violet.