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One Piece: Dress Rosa Arc (2)

17x16 (644) A Blow of Anger! A Giant vs. Lucy!

  • 2014-05-11T00:30:00Z on Fuji TV
  • 23 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Action, Adventure, Anime, Drama, Fantasy

The Straw Hat Pirates onboard the Thousand Sunny find themselves in a predicament as they are under attack by the Donquixote Pirates lead by Jora who transformed the crew as well as the ship into abstract art. Jora reveals that their goal is to capture Momonosuke and since the ship is deformed, the Straw Hat Pirates have no way of leaving Dressrosa.

In the Colosseum, Bellamy receives a second chance to earn Doflamingo's favor by assassinating Luffy. Ricky refuses to be treated with the injured but gives in when he meets Rebecca who he seems to remember as a child. Luffy is becoming a crowd favorite when he tamed Fighting Bull and is riding the beast all around the ring. Unfortunately, they bump into Hajrudin, a giant from Elbaf who proceeds to crush Lucy as well as the Bull. Though Luffy is not harmed, his new friend is not as fortunate to avoid injury, and with anger, Luffy delivers a Haki infused punch on the giant's face, knocking him out of the tournament.