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Our Island 2014

  • 2018-05-30T22:05:00+01:00s at 2018-05-30T22:05:00+01:00 on TV3 (IE)
  • 2014-10-07T17:00:00-07:00
  • 45 mins
  • Documentary

Presented by Irish environmentalist, writer and broadcaster, Dick Warner, this brand new four-part series delivers an insight into the people, places and beautiful surroundings of Our Island.

‘Our Island’, as the name suggests, is a specific look at Ireland’s shoreline, its people, industries, history and wildlife. Her coastline is a long and complex fringe where the land and sea embrace one another. Indeed, Ireland is so inextricably bound up with the coast and the sea that no place on this small island is divorced from the marine influence. The programme discovers the great relationships people have with our shores as they reveal how their lives are dominated by the sea and ocean that surrounds our 7,500km perimeter.

This observational documentary series will be looking at the wildlife that lives off the coast, with a focus on the businesses and townspeople that thrive from it. It’s a compendium of human stories culled from Ireland’s maritime folk-lore. The sea has provided these people with a living, often more dependable than that found from the land. The Irish coastline has supported small and hardy communities that had to be self-sufficient for most of their needs. We’ll hear stories of triumph and tragedy, endurance and endeavour, life and death; but ultimately, these are stories about people who have evolved to cope with the unique challenges presented by the Irish coast.

The provincial structure lends the series an historical, social and political dynamic. By focusing on one province at a time, these episodes have a charm and a character that’s both distinctive and consistent. The approach, both visually and editorially, will be consistent across the series; yet will reflect the essence of Munster, Connaught, Ulster and Leinster.

This series covers a range of tales spanning thousands of years and of a very diverse nature. There are priests and pirates, word wars and wild westerlies, valleys and virgins but often, however, it is the coast itself that is the star of the show. Acting as a backdrop to every story there is a wonder range of scenery, wide mudflats, sand dunes, wild storm ravaged cliffs and the every present expanse of sea that makes us an island in the first place. The coast is a quickly evolving place, sea level rises and erosion are constantly reshaping the very face of the map and with issues such as pollution, wildlife conservation and alternative power sources being important considerations for the future, and along the journey there’ll also be a look into an unpredictable future.

The voyage is undertaken by several experts; the principal presenter Dick Warner is supported by a team of experts that he meets along the journey. His voyage around the Irish coastline shows not only the present day, but flips into the history of the country - whether taking up specific historical stories, alluding to the climate changes that formed this isle, or exploring the natural phenomena and wild-life. Geologists, historians, archaeologists and geographers explore the unique character of the coast and its communities, revealing the forgotten history, culture and wildlife of the coastline, explore the surprising and inspiring stories that affect the coastline and its communities.

Truly stunning aerial views of our landscape and unique stories from remarkable people make Our Island a real journey through proud and panoramic beauty.

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