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Outback Jack

All Episodes 2004

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  • Ended
  • 2004-06-23T02:00:00+01:00
  • 60 mins
  • 8 hours, 0 mins (8 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
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It's Crocodile Dundee meets The Bachelor. A dozen city girls from the USA prepare themselves for a luxurious holiday, only to discover that they're heading for the Outback. Their prize? A fair dinkum Aussie hero named Vadim Dale. Outback Jack starts out as a promising venture for the 12 young romantic hopefuls. Having responded to a casting call looking for beautiful women with an eye for adventure, the contestants expect to spend weeks in a mansion being wooed by an amorous bachelor. With this in mind, they dress appropriately in stunning ball dresses and sky-high stilettos. Upon arriving at the mansion, the twist is revealed. The bachelor is Australian and the competition will be held on his turf. They are then dumped from a charter plane heading over the Australian desert. Outback Jack creates the ultimate test of love as twelve high-maintenance women vie for the affections of a rugged Australian adventurer. The twelve female c
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8 episodes

1x01 Episode 1

  • Series Premiere

    2004-06-23T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

Twelve uptown girls, four limos, and one jump out of an airplane to meet the man of their dreams. As this outrageous adventure begins, our twelve female contestants are transported in stretch limousines to a beautiful mansion in the hills of Los Angeles. They're all bubbling over with excitement, hoping to meet their bachelor and begin wining and dining to win his heart. The ladies are soon disappointed to find out that he is not there. Host JD Roberto gives them the good news: the bachelor they will be competing for is in Australia! However, the ladies have no idea where in Australia they'll have to go to find the man of their dreams. That night, host JD Roberto shows up at camp and tells Jack that he must eliminate four girls the next morning. Before elimination, each girl is given the opportunity to talk to Jack individually. They dress for success (some even donning their short skirts and high heels), and meet Jack outside of his private tent. Ten heartfelt pleas and one song (perf

1x02 Episode 2

  • 2004-06-30T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

After the drama of the prior elimination ceremony, eight women remain to compete for Jack's heart. As the group gets smaller, there are more chances for Jack to bond with the girls and more conflict between the contestants. As the episode begins, there's pandemonium as the ladies attempt to reach the next campsite by boat. The girls can coordinate an outfit, but not their canoes. While journeying down the river, several of the boats capsize. Jack is forced to dive into the raging rapids and rescue a few of the ladies. Once again, Marissa plays damsel in distress, as she floats down the river helplessly. But Jack is on the job, making sure all of the women reach their destination safely. The next day, Jack takes the ladies to his friend Sharon's farm. After a little girl talk, the contestants feel that they can easily get into the mind of the Outback man. After all, he's still a guy, right? While going for a hike that afternoon, the confident contestants run into JD. He tells them that

1x03 Episode 3

  • 2004-07-07T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

As this week's episode begins, the remaining contestants are on their way to the next campsite. Accompanied by Jack and piloting a fleet of jeeps called ""bullcatchers"" (at least those few girls who can drive a manual transmission), the girls splash across rivers and bounce over the rough terrain. The ride is wild, and several of the girls seem to be treating the passage like an Outback rollercoaster. Marissa tries to use this as an opportunity to impress Jack, and hits a tree in the process. After a night of debate and politicking, during which Maria takes an ill-advised trip to Jack's tent, the girls meet the next morning to cast their votes. There are only five camels, but six girls. With Mary not allowed to cast a vote, the rest of the contestants get to choose who will ride off into the sunset. Each girl gets to explain their vote to Jack--in front of the other girls--and the choice is unanimous. Marissa is sent packing. In fact, every girl votes for Marissa, except for Marissa, he

1x04 Episode 4

  • 2004-07-14T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

As this week's episode begins, Jack is leading the girls to their next campsite...by camel. Because of a sick dromedary, however, Jack has to cross the terrain on foot. Soon, the girls are off the camels and hoofing it once again. Jack decides the girls could use a treat, so he leads them to a scenic watering hole for a little swimming and a nice picnic. Nothing is easy in the Outback, however, and Jack tells the girls that they'll have to jump off a twenty-foot cliff into the waters below to get to the picnic. Jack has no fear, and demonstrates a cliff jump for the ladies. He finds himself alone at the bottom, however, when none of the girls will follow. ""Ladies, it's time to meet your new competition,"" JD proclaims, gesturing toward the top of the cliff. As the girls strain their eyes to see, five buff women in spandex and climbers helmets begin rappelling down the side of the cliff. The new girls are all American adventure seekers from different walks of life. There's Meri-De, the p

1x05 Episode 5

  • 2004-07-21T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

As this week's show begins, Jack is agonizing over the elimination, and the girls are even more stressed than he is. He peers them over and begins calling names. He asks Natalie to remain. The same goes for Cortney, then Maria. Jack's speeches are getting even more dramatic, as he calls the elimination process cruel and against his nature. What may be even more cruel is what he does next- eliminating Adrienne, the first girl he kissed in the game, only to keep newcomer Meri-De. Jack admits that while he and Adrienne have become good friends, there's no passion there. Adrienne agrees with the friends-only thing, even if the other girls seem to bristle at Jack's inclusion of Meri-De at the expense of their friend. After the elimination, the girls and Jack climb on the tiny plane and head off to their luxurious vacation in Perth. The girls are bubbling over with excitement. Jack, however, is already dreaming of a return to the Outback. After their spa experience is over, most of the girls

1x06 Episode 6

  • 2004-07-28T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

As this week's episode begins, Jack and the ladies--Maria, Natalie and Meri-De, just in case you forgot who's left--are back at camp, and have just received a surprise visit from an old mate. That's right, ice queen Marissa has boomeranged back into the game. With the exception of Meri-De (who never knew Marissa before she was booted), the girls are floored by her return. ""Did you guys miss me?"" Marissa asks, receiving nothing but silence from the contestants. Right away, Marissa is bringing her best game. She's being rude to the other girls, asking snippy questions and turning her back on them when they answer. She's showing them all that she's going to be their worst nightmare, as if they need a reminder. Jack, on the other hand, is just happy to see her. ""I don't think it will take her long to win my heart back,"" he admits. ""But at the same time, I'm not trying to show too much emotion in front of the girls."" Marissa notices that Natalie is wearing Jack's necklace, but can't get the

1x07 Episode 7

  • 2004-08-04T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

The remaining ladies are on horseback as episode seven begins, trotting to their next camp. The girls are each very confident about their chances with Jack, none more than Marissa, who guarantees that she'll be the last girl standing. It seems that our pampered princesses have undergone some drastic changes since coming to The Land Down Under. Not only are they acting more aggressive and confident when it comes to Jack, but their inherent fear of the Outback seems to be subsiding, as well. While on horseback, Jack comments on the change. Another son rises over the Outback, as the girls pack for the elimination ceremony. Soon, they all gather--butterflies in their bellies--in front of a beautiful orange and yellow hot-air balloon. ""These three girls mean the world to me,"" Jack says, ""and I need to know that I won't make one wrong judgement."" JD gives them the movin' on speech, and then it's time for Jack to address the nervous ladies. Like we said last week, this could never be as drama

1x08 Episode 8

  • 2004-08-11T02:00:00+01:00 — 60 mins

It's time for the final showdown! Tonight, it's Natalie vs. Marissa in a no-holds-barred jello wrestling match to determine who will win Jack's heart! Okay, we're kidding. As you well know, Jack has to decide for himself who he'll end up with. Not only does Jack have to choose between the lovely Natalie and the strong-willed Marissa, he only has one hour to make that decision. Jack approaches Marissa first, and takes her hand. ""From day one,"" he begins, ""you caught my eye. On many occasions that we spent together, I felt a connection with you. You captured my heart and my soul. You know that by standing here now, you mean the world to me. This decision today was the hardest choice I had to make, and obviously there can be only one. But today...that decision is going to someone else."" Marissa is crestfallen, but keeps her chin up. She puts her head on Jack's shoulder before letting him go. ""I want you to be happy, ok?"" she tells him. Jack makes his way to where Natalie waits. By now, sh

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