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Outlander: Season 3

3x03 All Debts Paid

What's this strange power Jamie has over the English officers? Is it his broodiness? He was especially broody and smoldery this episode... I liked the nod to season 2 with Jamie sneaking behind William Gray while he was "taking a piss".

And oh my goodness! Claire's hair kept getting puffier and puffier. It was fun how you could tell the passing of time by the size of her hair LOL.

Are we all caught up to where season 2 last left off now that Brianna is an adult and Frank is dead? I certainly hope so! I'm dying to see how Jamie will react to meeting Bree! He needs some happiness in his life after being in prison for like, what? 12 years or so? Poor guy.

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Jaime always finds a way^^
It's quite fascinating.
He knows how to talk.

And again: I didn't liked Claire in this Episode.
She loves her daughter, but uses Frank.
Off course he kinda took Jaime away from her.
It was still her choice. He does everything he can.
If not, she gets angry and hates him.

Frank kinda gave up his life for Brianna and as soon as he takes it back into his own hands, he dies.
Such a tragic figure in the Outlander Saga... :(
Rest in Peace.

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I mean these novels must be basically a very well documented fanfic

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