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Pani Poni Dash!

All Episodes 2009 - 2005

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  • Ended
  • TV Tokyo
  • 2005-07-03T15:00:00Z
  • 24 mins
  • 10 hours, 24 mins (26 episodes)
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Comedy, Anime
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The girls of Class 1-C are starting their tenth-grade year with a new teacher: Becky Miyamoto, an 11-year-old MIT grad! She’s an intellectual titan—but can she handle the temperamental teens and idiotic aliens that await her instruction?
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27 episodes

The students of Class 1-C are in for a big surprise: their regular teacher has been replaced by an eleven year old child prodigy from MIT!

Becky causes an uproar when she gives her new students easy-to-remember nicknames! In other news, a government robot joins the chaotic class!

Class 1-C’s new teacher may be a genius, but she’s got a lot to learn about the potentially disastrous ramifications of ripping a cowlick out of someone’s head!

Becky’s plans for a surprise exam put the girls of 1-C in a panic, so they decide to blow off some steam with an all-night pajama party!

The first camping trip of the year takes a sad turn when Class 1-C’s most overlooked student even overlooks herself. Salamanders and genius teachers to the rescue!

Becky’s new laboratory comes with everything a genius could want - including a mysterious door! Once the lab is up and running, the students - and their problems - pay Becky a visit.

When the smartest teacher at the academy suffers a crushing defeat at Rock, Paper, Scissors, Class 1-C gets stuck cleaning the school pool! Watch out for giant girls!

Becky puts her brain to work when a magical girl from class comes to her in dire need of a major makeover!

What’s scarier than an archeological expedition filled with booby traps and horrifying creatures? An expedition with booby traps, horrifying creatures, and Becky’s crazy students!

The end of summer vacation is always a bummer, but this year it could prove deadly! Someone’s placed bombs all over the school, and it’s a race against the clock to disarm them!

The girls of Class 1-C enlist Becky to help them solve the mystery of the green convertible - and which student might be dating the driver!

Becky’s troubles in dreamland are put on the backburner when an alien mind-reading device traps her students in the bizarre dream world of their sleepiest classmate!

Big bad bullies threaten to destroy the academy unless Becky can defeat their fearsome boss. Looks like teach is gonna need a little help from her students - and maybe the aliens!

Becky’s stomach comes down with a grumbling problem when the school chef goes on vacation. Guess it’s time for the pint-sized genius to learn to cook - or just mooch off her students!

Nothing teaches kids the importance of balance like their school bus teetering on the edge of a cliff. Nobody move until someone comes to their rescue!

1x16 (16) Adversity Makes a Man Wise

  • 2005-10-16T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

When the quirky class representative discovers that someone has “targeted” her, she throws herself on the mercy of the captain of the aliens!

The school festival has finally arrived, and all the girls are excited about dressing up like maids! Becky’s more accustomed to academics than fun, so she might need help loosening up!

The clock is ticking when an inexperienced goddess attaches a time bomb to one of Becky’s students. Class 1-C springs into action, but they only succeed in speeding up the countdown!

1x19 (19) Art Causes Harm to the Body

  • 2005-11-06T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

A mystery virus puts the students of Class 1-C on medical lockdown, so Becky must ask the kids of Class 1-D to help find a remedy.

Having a mushroom attached to your body is only a problem if the mushroom is actually an alien. Especially if the alien is determined to conquer planet Earth!

1x21 (21) A Demon Wearing Clothes

  • 2005-11-20T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

There’s a PTA meeting looming on the horizon, but Becky is nowhere to be found. Looks like Class 1-C is gonna have to find someone to impersonate the little brainiac.

1x22 (22) Today a Man, Tomorrow a Mouse

  • 2005-11-27T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

When the hit show “Surprise Attack! The Homeroom Next Door” makes an appearance at their school, Becky’s students try to figure out why their teacher doesn’t want to be caught on camera.

The year is drawing to a close, and a large comet heading straight for planet Earth may be the cause of an unbelievably cold snowstorm!

In a flashback to the Edo period, one of Becky’s ancestors institutes a tax against anyone caught crying. Will the taxpayers dry their eyes - or fight for justice?

1x25 (25) A Time of Crisis

  • 2005-12-18T15:00:00Z — 24 mins

Becky and her students set out to save Earth from the deadly comet threatening to destroy all life on the planet, but their mission will be harder than they think!

It’s December, it’s unseasonably hot, and the headmaster just cancelled afternoon classes so the students can splash around in the school’s amazing waterpark!

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