Just amazing!
I am absolutely not a fan of anime, quite the opposite, but I was fooled, thinking this was a western animation mocking the Japanese anime while it is in fact quite the opposite.
It's trash, it's vulgar, it funny and it's sexy, it's ... everything in love in a show!

Some episode are quite boring, usually the ones not focusing on Panty & Stockings but those are not the norm, thankfully.

While this show could have ended quietly and remain in peace among the other short-lived TV series we all miss, the mid-credits scene of the last episode introduces a never realized season 2 via one of the biggest and most unexpected plottwist-cliffhanger I've seen on TV. And now I NEED to know what happens next!
Pleeeeeaaase release a new season!

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Definitely one of the more "interesting" animes I've seen, but if you like shows like South Park or Draw Together then this is the anime for you. However, get ready to complain about the ending.

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The only heroes we deserve

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Shout by Deleted

South Park of anime. Heavily influenced by western culture.

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