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All Episodes 2015 - 2018

  • Ended
  • TV3
  • 2015-04-16T22:00:00+02:00
  • 45 mins
  • 13 hours, 17 mins
  • Ireland
  • English
  • Documentary
Documentary series revealing the work of Ireland's HSE National Ambulance Service.

18 episodes

1x01 Help

  • Series Premiere

    2015-04-16T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

In the first edition, crews are called to multiple heroin overdoses and demonstrate how to help the patients. Plus, a look at the working lives of those who handle 999 calls made by thousands of people.

1x02 Driving Me Crazy

  • 2015-04-23T22:00:00+02:00 — 42 mins

This programme shows how paramedics respond to road traffic accidents when a cyclist is knocked down and a teenager is hit by a car

1x03 Child's Play

  • 2015-04-30T22:00:00+02:00 — 42 mins

When an unwilling teen volunteers to play in her sister's rugby match, a tackle results in injury and a heated exchange when medics arrive

1x04 Deep Breath

  • 2015-05-07T22:00:00+02:00 — 42 mins

The programme reveals the reality of drug abuse when paramedics Peter and Imelda are again faced with back-to-back heroin overdoses

1x05 Fall From Grace

  • 2015-05-21T22:00:00+02:00 — 44 mins

When a woman suffers an epileptic seizure in her local pharmacy, paramedics deal with the situation and transport the patient to hospital

1x06 Life, Love & Loss

  • 2015-05-28T22:00:00+02:00 — 42 mins

This episode examines the part that excessive alcohol consumption plays in the number of calls received by the emergency services

2x01 Clear and Available

  • Season Premiere

    2016-11-09T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

A six-part documentary series that offers unprecedented access behind the ambulance doors with Ireland's Emergency Paramedics.

2x02 High Flyer

  • 2016-11-16T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

An Air Ambulance responds to a call for a woman who has fallen in a remote location.

2x03 Minor Mishap

  • 2016-11-23T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

Paramedics tend to a boy's broken arm after he falls from his trampoline

2x04 Lost in Translation

  • 2016-11-30T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

A tourist in Limerick collapses and suffers a serious head wound, but the paramedic team reveals how to cope with a medical emergency

2x05 Listen

  • 2016-12-07T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

Waterford paramedic Joe Winters and his nephew, advanced paramedic Derek Burke, respond to a call concerning a possible drowning victim

2x06 Respond

  • 2016-12-14T22:00:00+01:00 — 45 mins

Peter Delea and Imelda O'Shea reunite for one last night-shift together and face the darkest of rescues when a man jumps into the River Lee.

3x01 Onwards

  • Season Premiere

    2018-03-29T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

3x02 Crisis

  • 2018-04-05T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

Cork based Paramedics Peter and Ger respond to a call of man who has fallen from scaffolding while doing DIY work on a roof at home.

3x03 Descent

  • 2018-04-12T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

Paramedic Paul Traynor is flown by the Athlone air ambulance to a farm where a farmer has been injured by a falling hay bale weighing half a tonne

3x04 Right of Way

  • 2018-04-19T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

In Dublin, paramedics Jim and Kevin are returning to base when they hear a call from a fellow ambulance crew who are under attack on the street.

3x05 Last Dawn

  • 2018-04-26T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

In Limerick, paramedic crew Richard and Colin begin their nightshift when a call concerning a nearby house fire comes in.

3x06 Stand Down

  • 2018-05-03T22:00:00+02:00 — 45 mins

In Dublin, paramedics Richard and Colin face an unresponsive man on a train station platform, but the situation is not as it first appears.