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Pedro e Bianca 2012

  • Ended
  • TV Cultura
  • 2012-11-11T08:00:00Z
  • 30 mins
  • 10 hours, 0 mins
  • Drama, Family

The series chronicles the adventures of Pedro and Bianca, who live in the periphery and studying in the school district, like most young people living in São Paulo. But they have a peculiarity at least unusual: they are brothers and were born on the same day, so they are twins. But despite having the same split belly for nine months, having babies with a difference of a few minutes, being sons of the same father and the same mother, they are not very similar to each other. So far, nothing new. Fraternal twins, not identical twins called, are all well. But Pedro and Bianca have a rare distinction: in addition to traits, hair, gender and eye color, they have a different skin color: Pedro is white and is black. Genetically speaking, the chance is one in a million. It happened. Who does not know the delay to believe that they are brothers of father and mother. And twins, to boot! They are famous in the neighborhood, and their personalities, dear. Already gained much since childhood nicknames: "Coffee with Milk", "Napolitano Without Strawberry" and so on. But that does not make Pedro and Bianca so different. Brothers are like any other. Well, except for one feature that no one is quite sure where it came from, but maybe, deep down every brother has. Pedro and Bianca may only have developed over this link. It is a kind of sixth sense, very common among twins. Sometimes, what happens with Pedro reverberates in Bianca, and vice versa. When one of the brothers is not right, the other will not take long to show up to help. They need not warn you, because you know, even if they are away. Apart from that, Pedro and Bianca are like other brothers. They play, they love each other, hate each other, get angry, almost kill themselves. But in the end, do not deny their support to each other, unconditional support. In each school makes its class. Studying in different classes and like school more by social contact than just the studies. Still, are captivated by many of the topics covered in class, changing their looks on the things of life. At home, her parents are not as normal as well....

1 season

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