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New England's Most Hex-cellent Hosted Horror Movie Show!

'Shilling Shockers' is a Horror Host TV show featuring horror, fantasy, and sci-fi films as well as darkly humorous segments and storylines. Films of terror are presented by Penny Dreadful the witch with help from her snarling darling Garou the werewolf, the monster hunter Dr. Manfred Von Bulow, and Luna the escaped madwoman

7 episodes

6x01 Bride of Crank 'N Stein

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 90 mins

Featuring Lady Frankenstein (1971, color) Penny Dreadful tries to create a girlfriend for the lonely monster hunter, Dr. Manfred Von Bulow. Not being one for science, she solicits help from fellow Massachusetts horror hosts Dr. Dreck and his assistant Moaner (from The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck) in what turns out to be a monstrous crossover episode.

6x02 Lycanthropolitics

  • no air date — 90 mins

Featuring The Werewolf of Washington (1973, color) Werewolf Garou enthusiastically decides to run for political office while Penny Deadful hosts "The Werewolf of Washington". Unfortunately, Garou doesnt quite grasp the finer points of campaigning so Penny tries to help him out.

6x03 Mystery Hill

  • no air date — 90 mins

Featuring Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1972, color) Penny Dreadful visits the unfathomable Mystery Hill (aka America's Stonehenge) in Salem, New Hampshire. While walking amongst the inexplicable structures, she encounters authors David and Scott Goudsward (Shadows Over New England) who unwittingly help the witch uncover an object of great power.

6x04 Babbling Brooke

  • no air date — 90 mins

Featuring Alice Sweet Alice (1976, color) A young Brooke Shields appears in this episode's featured film, "Alice Sweet Alice", so Penny decides it would be a great idea to interview her. She sends Garou out in disguise to fetch Ms. Shields for her guest interview. This episode also includes a guest performance from the master mentalist, Rory Raven.

6x05 Kazoo of DOOM

  • no air date — 90 mins

Featuring Craze (1974, color) While Penny Dreadful hosts the motion picture Craze, she takes a trip down nostalgia lane and examines some old curios she has hidden away in a trunk. To her shock and horror, she discovers she possesses an ancient relic of unspeakable evil -- The Kazoo of DOOM!

6x06 Scary Tales

  • no air date — 90 mins

Featuring Deadtime Stories (1986, color) Garou is scared and can’t sleep, so Penny Dreadful tells him some Deadtime Stories by showing him the 1986 anthology film of the same title. This episode includes a special performance by rock ‘n’ roll band Chris Evil and the Taints.

6x07 A GRRRRistmas Story

  • no air date — 90 mins

Featuring Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964, color) Penny Dreadful feels glum during the holiday season, so Garou encourages her to go shopping at some local establishments. While Penny visits Circa vintage wear, New England Comics and Calico clothing, we see that Dr. Manfred Von Bulow, Garou and Luna are also secretly out shopping for Penny. It’s a plethora of commercialism and Ghoultide cheer in this Shilling Shockers GRRRRistmas Special.