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Peter Potamus

All Episodes

  • Ended
  • Syndicated
  • 1964-09-16T11:00:00Z
  • 7 mins
  • 3 hours, 9 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation
The sixth Hanna-Barbera syndicated cartoon after their departure from MGM starred Peter Potamus (a purple hippopotamus), and his traveling companion So-So (a monkey), who fly back and forth through time in a balloon participating in historic events. Whenever they get into serious enough trouble, as they do in every episode, Peter defeats his enemies with his trademark "Hippo Hurricane Hollar." Other cartoon shorts include, "Breezly and Sneely," and "Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey."

42 episodes

Special 1 Intro

  • no air date — 7 mins

1x01 Fe Fi Fo Fun

  • Series Premiere

    1964-09-16T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Thanks to a thunderstorm, Peter Potamus and So-So arrive in the land of the giants, where they encounter a giant who is waiting for Jack to arrive to capture him.

1x02 Lion Around

  • 1964-09-23T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus is captured by Romans and forced to fight with the lions in the Coliseum.

1x03 Cleo Trio

  • 1964-09-30T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

In Ancient Egypt, Peter Potamus agrees to help Caesar conquer the heart of Cleopatra.

1x04 No Rest for a Pest

  • 1964-10-07T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus and So-So are hired by the king to stop the fire-breathing dragon that has been terrorizing the town.

1x05 Wagon Train Strain

  • 1964-10-14T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus and So-So fly over a caravan of wagons that are headed for Hollywood but first they must get past the Indians.

1x06 Monotony on the Bounty

  • 1964-10-21T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus lands on Captain Kidd's ship, the Bounty, just as his crew deserts him. The Captain recruits Peter as his new crew, against Peter's wishes.

1x07 The Good Hood

  • 1964-10-28T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus lands in Sherwood Forest and meets Robin Hood.

1x08 Stars on Mars

  • 1964-11-04T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus and So-So land on Mars and a movie director asks Peter to star in his new movie.

1x09 Kooky Spook

  • 1964-11-11T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus gets locked inside a haunted mansion and gets chased by a ghost.

1x10 The Island Fling

  • 1964-11-18T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus is mistaken for an island god known as Omega by the native island people and must pass a few tests to prove himself.

1x11 Courtin' Trouble

  • 1964-11-25T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus lands in between an ongoing feud between Zeke Quagmire and Maudie Scrag.

1x12 Big Red Riding Hood

  • 1964-12-02T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus meets Little Red Riding Hood and tries to protect her from the wolf.

1x13 Hurricane Hippo

  • 1964-12-09T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus and So-So find an uninhabited island and find a pirate trying to bury his treasure.

1x14 What a Knight

  • 1964-12-16T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter Potamus and So-So end up in the days of King Arthur.

1x15 Mask Task

  • no air date — 7 mins

1x20 Eager Ogre

  • no air date — 7 mins

2x01 Mask Task

  • Season Premiere

    1965-09-11T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter tries out a new time-space machine and ends up in old west Arizona. Peter jumps out of the balloon and lands on and disables the village's avenger, Senor El Zingo. Peter takes the place of the avenger to face the villain Don Jose el Tic-tac-taco. The villain is done in by Peter's hippo hurricane holler. Peter sends El Zingo, with nothing to do now, to Don Jose as well.

2x02 Pre-Hysterical Pete

  • 1965-09-18T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

So-So spins the time-space machine and sends the balloon to prehistoric times. Peter removes a thorn from a dinosaur's foot. Now they can't rid themselves of the grateful dinosaur but are elated when the dinosaur saves Peter from an attacking caveman. The dinosaur, imitating Peter's hippo hurricane holler, accidentally sucks the balloon inside his belly. Peter and So-So, on the balloon still inside the dinosaur, float off.

2x03 Trite Flite

  • 1965-09-25T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter and So-So escape an attacking fish using the time-space machine. They end up under fire by World War I ace, Baron von Rip-em-up. The troops on the ground think Peter was sent by headquarters to fight the Baron. The two dogfight in biplanes. The Baron's apparent advantage in the battle is lost when Peter uses his hippo hurricane holler.

2x04 Marriage Peter Potamus Style

  • 1965-10-02T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter gets out of a bad storm using the time-space machine and ends up in Verona, Italy. He falls out of the balloon and disables Romeo. Romeo enlists Peter's help to go get Juliet but Juliet's father is trying to prevent it. Juliet's father is sent away with Peter's hippo hurricane holler. Romeo and Juliet are married and go off on their honeymoon together using Peter's balloon.

2x05 Calaboose Caboose

  • 1965-10-09T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

The time-space machine takes Peter and So-So to the old West. Peter lands in a train and is sworn in as a marshal before the real marshal jumps off the train. Peter battles Jessie Jimmy, who is trying to rob the train. Jessie is finally defeated with Peter's hippo hurricane holler, which blows Jessie right to the State Prison.

2x06 Eager Ogre

  • 1965-10-16T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Merlin, the magician, is enlisted by King Arthur to find someone to battle an ogre. The time-space machine takes Peter and So-So to Merlin at that time. Peter reluctantly fights the fire-breathing ogre and defeats him using his hippo hurricane holler.

2x07 The Reform of Plankenstein

  • 1965-10-23T11:00:00Z — 7 mins

Caught in the middle of a hillbilly feud, Peter and So-So escape using the time-space machine. It takes them to a village being attacked by a monster made by mad scientist Plankenstein. Peter defeats the monster with his hippo hurricane holler. Plankenstein uses the monster parts to build a merry-go-round for the villagers.

3x01 Debt and Taxes

  • Season Premiere

    1966-01-02T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter is forced by villagers to get their tax money back from a tyrant. It looks like he will fail until he resorts to using his hippo hurricane holler, which blows the money back to the villagers. The tyrant then announces higher taxes because of the depletion of his treasury and now the villagers are mad at Peter, who escapes in the balloon.

3x02 Wrong Time No See

  • 1966-01-09T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Using the time-space machine, Peter and So-So escape from attacking island natives, a caveman, a WWI flying ace, and a British man-of-war ship before finally landing in the old West. Peter looks just like a bandit on a wanted poster. He's arrested by the sheriff but escapes using his hippo hurricane holler.

3x03 America or Bust

  • 1966-01-16T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter and So-So meet Christopher Columbus, who appoints Peter as his emissary to some hostile Indians. Peter fails with negotiations until he resorts to his hippo hurricane holler. The Indian chief capitulates and signs the peace treaty. Columbus gives Peter the title Don Peter Potamus.

3x04 Rebel Rumble

  • 1966-01-23T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter and So-So land in America during the time of the Revolution. Peter and So-So spread the word that the redcoats are coming from their balloon. They are shot down by British soldiers. They escape pursuit donning British uniforms but then are chased back to their balloon by American troops.

3x05 Pilgrims Regress

  • 1966-01-30T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter and So-So end up in Colonial America, where they meet Miles Standoffish. He wants to marry Priscilla, but she refuses to become his wife unless he can prove he's a good provider. Peter helps him by using the Hippo Hurricane Holler to round up wild game. Priscilla agrees to marry Miles, but in the end, it turns out all she wanted was for him to do all the housework while she nagged him to death.

3x06 The Crossbow Incident

  • 1966-02-06T12:00:00Z — 7 mins

Peter and So-So evade a missile using the time-space machine and end up meeting William Tell. Because William fails to remove his hat in front of the king, he is given the punishment to shoot an apple off his son's head. Since it was Peter's fault, William makes Peter take his place and shoot an apple off So-So's head. Peter misses and is pursued by both the king and William. His hippo hurricane holler causes an avalanche, which enables them to escape.