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Pingu: Season 4

4x06 Pingu Clears the Snow

  • 1998-01-11T23:00:00Z on SRF 1
  • 10 mins
  • Switzerland
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy

When Pingu and Pinga get up and go outside, they discover that it’s snowed during the night, and everything outside is covered in snow. Father is clearing off the motorised sledge, and finding it heavy going. Pingu gets the snow shovel and starts to clear the snow away from around the sledge, as Father continues trying to clear the snow off it. Pingu also finds it heavy going, stops clearing the snow and thinks, and then goes inside the igloo. He returns brandishing the hair dryer. He starts to blow the snow off the front of the scooter, and has some success, but it’s not long before the dryer stops working and bursts apart. Pinga, who has been watching all this, calls excitedly to Mother, who rushes out. Mother is dismayed to see what has happened to the hair dryer. A bit later, Pingu is pondering the problem and goes out for a walk. He comes across a derelict abandoned igloo, and looks around. He has an idea, and starts to make repairs to the igloo. Robby comes along and offers to help, and it doesn’t take the two of them long to patch the igloo up, turning it into a weatherproof garage. Pingu and Robby are waiting when Father arrives home on the sledge that evening, and Pingu tells Father what they’ve done. Pingu and Robby get on the back of the sledge and Father drives to see the garage. Father is impressed and drives the sledge inside. It fits nicely. As Father comes out of the garage it starts to snow, and they congratulate themselves on a job well done.