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Pokémon: Black & White

14x54 (713) The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck!

  • 2011-11-02T10:00:00-05:00 on TV Tokyo
  • 21 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Adventure, Action, Anime, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction

On the way to Driftveil City, Ash and friends stop at a Pokémon Center where they meet a Pokémon Photographer named Robert. Robert shows them his photographs and everyone is impressed. Robert then shows them his grandfather's photobook. Iris and Cilan are shocked at one of the pictures. The pictures shows all four seasonal forms of Sawsbuck together in one place. Believing this to be impossible, they question Robert and he says he wants to try and find the place the picture was taken and prove that the picture is real. Ash, Iris, and Cilan, wanting to see the Sawsbuck as well, join Robert on his journey.