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Pokémon: Black & White

14x63 (722) Evolution Exchange Excitement!

  • 2012-01-18T16:00:00+01:00 on TV Tokyo
  • 21 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Adventure, Action, Anime, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Ash and friends have joined Professor Juniper at Chargestone Cave so that Juniper and Bianca can trade their Karrablast and Shelmet so they may evolve. Before the trade they decide to have a battle. However, the battle is soon interrupted by a strange electric disturbance in one of the caves areas. After investigating and discovering and helping an injured Klinklang, they return to base camp and proceed with the trade. However, Bianca's new Escavalier wont' listen to Bianca. Professor Juniper decides they should have a tag battle with Ash and Cilan to get Bianca and Escavalier in sync.