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Pokémon: Adventures on the Orange Islands

2x29 (111) The Wacky Watcher

  • 1999-08-18T15:00:00Z on TV Tokyo
  • 22 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Adventure, Action, Anime, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Continuing to float through the water on Lapras, the group encounter a large school of Magikarp swimming by, as well as an odd individual following and studying them. The Magikarp are headed for a deserted island and they follow. Watching for the Magikarp, the odd man meets Ash and co. His name is Dr. Quackenpoker. He is watching the Magikarp. The group are watching as the Magikarp are swimming upstream, and trying to climb a waterfall to return home. Team Rocket see all the Magikarp, and decide to try to steal them thinking they could have a huge army of Gyarados after they evolved. They have nets, because they cannot afford Pokéballs (heh, must've spent ALL their money on the Meowth-bot and the Giant Rhydon-bot in the last two episodes) and James makes a catch. The Magikarp flips away, and within the net, drag the three of them into the water to wash downstream. They continue studying Magikarp as well as sitting down for a while to have a quick discussion about Pikachu and Ash's relationship and about Togepi, making it quite clear this guy knows about more than just Magikarp. Later, they are noticing the Magikarp are worried about something, and soon enough, TR's Magikarp sub starts swallowing all the Magikarp whole. It becomes too much for the sub to hold, and they start sinking, but after spitting a bunch out, float back up. In their latest plan, they start throwing Magikarp at the group, who try to catch them in their arms to prevent the Magikarp hurting themselves falling into the water. So, with Ash's arms full, they steal Pikachu and put him under glass.. as usual. Ash attacks with Bulbasaur, except Jessie, James and Meowth keep passing Pikachu around amongst themselves. Then, James gets a Magikarp stuck on his head, to which they try to pull it off. Dr. Quackenpoker (or whatever) tries to stop them, because the Magikarp's grip is very strong and James is more likely to have his head pulled off. Calming down the Magikarp, it splashes off into the water. Team Rocket didn't want to give up and want to get Pikachu. Just then, all the Magikarp start evolving into Gyarados and it sends TR and their sub flying off into the sky. Tracey and Dr. Quackenpoker rush to count the amount of evolutions this time, and it's 70% of the Magikarp. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are surrounded by Gyarados in a episode ending situation they'll no doubt magically be out of by the next episode.