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Pokémon: Master Quest

5x30 (241) Whichever Way the Wind Blows

  • 2002-03-06T15:00:00Z on TV Tokyo
  • 22 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Adventure, Action, Anime, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Our friends find themselves in a meadow with lots off Gloom, Vileplume, Bellossom and Oddish. Steve there new friend tells Ash and Friends that he came to this area so he could do studies on all the Grass-type Pokemon. He also added when the wind blows, the Gloom may evolve into Bellossom (NE winds) or Vileplume (NW winds). Vileplume and Bellossom fight over territory since the very old and large tree covers so much of the land; they both need the sun shine, so over the day they fight for the area not covered in shade. Jesse, and James both get Stun Spored by the Vileplume and Bellossom, So Meowth goes to a convenient store and buys Salvea Weed. A major storm comes in and makes very large amounts of Gloom evolve all at once, but since the wind was coming from the NE and NW, they both were even in numbers in the end. The war broke out and Ash, Misty, Brock, and Steven all knew they had to fight to finally see that fighting does not solve anything. Jesse and James try with help from there Pokemon to catch the Grass Pokemon. All the Pokemon know now that they should all just live together as friends, so they all took on Team Rocket and made them blast off again! Ash, Misty, and Brook say good bye to there new friend Steve since this new problem has been solved.