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Preacher: Season 1

1x04 Monster Swamp

Only just noticed that Quincannon is Rorschach.

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I hope this show will build more momentum. And stick more to the dark comedy instead of trying to be quirky True Detective' cousin or something.

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haha saw Odin playing Q*bert on the C64

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I can't have enough of it tbh, it is really amusing and some how crazy.

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The involvement of the Preacher into the people of Annville continue. The Preacher decides that he needs more people to attend his services. Therefore he raffles a TV and makes a bet with Mr. Quincannon --- the richest man in town who practically owns all the surrounding land, who also owns and runs the local slaughterhouse, and who is the most notorious atheist in town. The bet is that come next Sunday, if Mr. Quincannon comes to church, and doesn't leave a committed Christian, the Preacher will deed his church to him. Sure enough, come next Sunday, the Preacher uses his power to "convert" Mr. Quincannon by ordering him to "serve God", something which Mr. Quincannon heartily and forthrightly agrees to do without reservation, to the amazement of the rest of the Congregation. Meanwhile, the Preacher's girlfriend discovers that Cassidy is a vampire who can recover from any wounds (short of death, presumably) by drinking blood.

How will the power the Preacher carries twist the Preacher's order to "serve God"? For, after all, we have seen that this power is not really wholesome.

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Again little bit slow...
Hope it gets faster soon.

I have one little problem with Cassidy on the Show:
Sometimes it seems he doesn't even get burned in the light...?
Or I miss something...

And how he enjoyed it playing the dying... XD

Those two guys from heaven...
Wonder who called! ^^

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At the moment, Tulip, Emily Cassidy and the characters are more my attention

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Love this show so much I started reading the comic series which is like 20 years old but still amazing. I love Tulips character...she's super destructive but cute as a button. They did a great job going from comic to series.

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The characters sure are interesting!
Tulip is awesome! And love the fact that she and Cassidy have met (LMAO perfect way to be presented to one another)
The angels are funny... I wonder what's the call will be about and the consequences for Jesse

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