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Previously Recorded

Specials 2015 - 2017

  • 2015-08-18T05:00:00+01:00 on YouTube
  • 20 mins
  • 5 hours, 0 mins
  • United States
  • Comedy

Red Letter Media presents... Previously Recorded! A channel mainly starring Rich Evans and Jack from RLM doing some gaming action.

15 episodes

Special 1 The First 4 Hours of... SOMA

  • 2015-08-18T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Rich and Jack sit down and play the First Four Hours of SOMA, a Survival Horror game where you certainly aren't a robot.

Rich and Jack morph into fighting machines, fighting other fighting machine... but mostly the same machines.

Special 3 XCOM 2 Live Discussion

  • 2016-02-29T05:00:00+00:00 — 20 mins

Rich and Jack are running late with the XCOM 2 review... so we did it live.

Special 4 People Who Make Games - XCOM 2

  • 2016-03-07T05:00:00+00:00 — 20 mins

Jack and Rich sit down and have a chat with Greg Foertsch and Garth Deangelis, Art Director & Lead Producer at Firaxis Games. Makers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. We talk about all things XCOM. And a little bit about cows.

Special 5 The First 4 Hours of... Dark Souls 3

  • 2016-04-20T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Jack and Rich play the first 4 hours of Dark Souls 3 and it's mostly filled with puppies, rainbows, death, and pain.

Rich and Jack talk about being Always Online, Quantum Break and digital piracy.

Special 7 The Legend of Rolling Faster

  • 2016-05-12T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Putting to rest my own curiosity of if rolling makes you go faster in The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. SPOILER ALERT: it does. This video is NOT about the fasted way to move in Zelda, just whether or not Rolling is faster than running.

Special 8 The First 4 Hours of... Uncharted 4

  • 2016-06-08T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

In the first four hours of Uncharted 4, Rich and Jack experience approximately 58% gameplay, 34% cut-scene, and 8% other. All together 100% boredom.

Jack and Rich Hack into the mainframe the steal all the heists and download all the top files.

Special 10 First 4 Hours of... Panty Party

  • 2017-02-08T05:00:00+00:00 — 20 mins

Jack & Alan play the First 4 Hours of Panty Party... but really we only make it about an hour in before it get's too anime and weird.

Special 11 Mass Effect Andromeda

  • 2017-04-01T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Rich and Jack take a space walk into the massive galaxy of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Special 12 PreRec Extra - The Character of Link

  • 2017-04-03T05:00:00+01:00 — 20 mins

Rich has some import observations about Link's character in the entire The Legend of Zelda series.

Rich and Jack play through a a new genre in gaming, Serious and Realistic Metal Detecting.