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Prison Break

Season 5 2017

  • 2017-04-05T01:00:00Z on FOX
  • 45 mins
  • 6 hours, 33 mins (9 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Drama, Crime, Action, Adventure

Seven years later, thanks to an information provided by T-Bag, Lincoln and Sara discover that Michael is still alive in a Yemen prison, so they develop a plan to get him out.

9 episodes

5x01 Ogygia

  • Season Premiere

    2017-04-05T01:00:00Z — 43 mins

Seven years has passed and with everyone moved on with their lives, Michael is discovered to still be alive after his apparent death and has ended up in a Yemen prison. Lincoln gets a visit from a familiar face and learns the news about Michael and his whereabouts.

5x02 Kaniel Outis

  • 2017-04-12T01:00:00Z — 44 mins

As Lincoln and C-Note search for the "Sheik of Light," Michael and his cellmate, Whip, attempt an escape from Ogygia. Meanwhile, Sara's investigation into Michael's reappearance leads her to the state department and an uneasy reunion with Paul Kellerman.

5x03 The Liar

  • 2017-04-19T01:00:00Z — 44 mins

When T-Bag ambushes Sara, he warns her that two of Poseidon's henchmen, Van Gogh and A&W, may be following her. Meanwhile, Lincoln attempts to retrieve his confiscated passport to escape Yemen, and Michael plans his next move.

5x04 The Prisoner's Dilemma

  • 2017-04-26T01:00:00Z — 44 mins

Michael must make a difficult choice when he feels he has run out of options.

5x05 Contingency

  • 2017-05-03T01:00:00Z — 44 mins

Lincoln tries to find out what happened to Michael and C-Note hopes to execute a new escape plan with Cyclops close behind.

5x06 Phaecia

  • 2017-05-10T01:00:00Z — 43 mins

Michael, Lincoln and the Ogygia gang race through the desert pursued by Cyclops; A&W and Van Gogh question their roles when their trailing the escapees leads them to Graceland.

5x07 Wine Dark Sea

  • 2017-05-17T01:00:00Z — 44 mins

Sara fears for her family's safety when she discovers the reason why Michael faked his death; Sucre helps Michael and Lincoln find a way home; Poseidon's true identity is revealed.

5x08 Progeny

  • 2017-05-24T01:00:00Z — 43 mins

Michael and Lincoln enlist the help of Sheba and C-Note to catch Poseidon when Sara and her son are threatened; Whip takes a separate mission; T-Bag reveals a secret.

5x09 Behind The Eyes

  • 2017-05-31T01:00:00Z — 44 mins

Dangerous threats keep Michael and Lincoln fighting to protect Sara and Mike. Meanwhile, Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang, which leads them to the ultimate showdown, and not everyone makes it out alive.