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  • 1983-01-31T12:30:00Z on Network Ten
  • 50 mins
  • 3 days, 3 hours, 0 mins
  • Australia
  • English
  • Drama, Soap

The lives of women behind bars in a female prison.

90 episodes

5x01 Episode 327

  • Season Premiere

    1983-01-31T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Paddy crawls through the air conditioning and finds Bea and Joan in isolation; Erica is rescued by firemen. Mouse and Barbara's bodies are recovered from the fire. Chrissie blames herself, unaware Margo was to blame. Paddy gets Bea and Joan to the roof to safety but Bea accidentally knocks Joan off a ladder and she is stretchered out unconscious. The remaining inmates are taken to Woodridge. In hospital, Paddy learns her release has come through and she goes to live in the halfway house. Meanwhile, Bea is less than pleased to learn that Joan has survived. The women moan about the poor conditions at Woodridge. Maxine prepares a romantic meal for Tony but he is held up by Sara's problems and she falls asleep. Joan tells the police that Bea attacked her and that she admitted to her that she started the fire as a diversion.

5x02 Episode 328

  • 1983-02-02T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea learns she will probably be charged with arson and murder. Alan Jeffries' father vows to get Sara jailed for Alan's death and have the halfway house closed down. The women realise Andy is being picked on by other male prisoners. Bea and Lizzie get out of hospital and arrive at Woodridge. Bea protests against the conditions. When Colleen mentions there were two fires, Bea realises Chrissie didn't burn the place down. Paddy comes to visit Andy but doesn't tell him his father is ill. Rejected again by Tony, Maxine hooks up with Spud and they try to rob a truck, landing them both back in jail. Andy gets a kicking and is rushed to hospital. The male inmates start a riotous protest against the women taking over the mailbag sewing contract. In the midst of the chaos, Jeannie goes into labour but the screws don't hear the women calling.

5x03 Episode 329

  • 1983-02-07T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea and Chrissie deliver Jeannie's baby boy, which she names Christopher B after them. Maxine is sent to Woodridge. Colleen admits she stored the turps in the storeroom, which led to the fire spreading so quickly. The police learn the fire was caused by a firebomb, which means Colleen was not to blame. Judy visits Lizzie and tells her that Lori is pregnant. The Health Department visit the halfway house and everyone realises Mr Jeffries called them in. Andy escapes from hospital and turns up at the halfway house to see Paddy. Forensic evidence ties Margo to the fire; she tries to shift the blame onto Bea and Chrissie. The police try to bully them into confessing. Paddy and Andy decide to go on the run but Tony calls the police and they are both arrested. Judy is furious with him for calling the cops, so he quits. Bea denies having anything to do with the fire but the police charge her anyway.

5x04 Episode 330

  • 1983-02-09T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

The police tells Colleen they think a third woman was involved in the fire. Paddy and a new prisoner, Valerie Jacobs, arrive at Woodridge. It turns out Val is an old friend of Colleen's and introduced her to Patrick. Val's presence makes Colleen feel uneasy and she tells her not to mention their acquaintance to the women but Margo overhears. Carlson lets Andy say goodbye to Paddy before he is transferred to the prison farm. At the request of the police, Colleen asks Val to spy on the women for them. Hazel turns up at the halfway house. Bea gets out of solitary but ends up right back in again after fighting with Chrissie, both thinking the other lagged on them. Val refuses Colleen's request after seeing the fight. Hazel goes for a job interview but comes back to the halfway house drunk. She tells Judy she lost access to her kids. Bea manages to convince Chrissie that the police are lying about them lagging to turn them against each other and find out the truth about the fire.

5x05 Episode 331

  • 1983-02-14T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea and Chrissie start interviewing the women to try and find out who started the fire, making Margo sweat. Lizzie discovers the Woodridge men have some booze. Meanwhile, we see a mystery woman arriving in Melbourne off a freight train. She disguises herself with a blonde wig and turns up at the halfway house, calling herself Jean Carter. Judy lets her stay and she moves into a room with Hazel. Lizzie and Maxine start a raffle: Chrissie wins a raw chicken and demands something else. Lizzie tells Maxine she needs to buy booze from the men. Sara tells Mr Jeffries he was to blame for Alan's death more than her. Lil tells Bea and Chrissie that she thinks Margo started the fire. Jean tells Judy she is broke but in actual fact has a wad of banknotes. Margo is bashed into confessing but refuses to admit it to the police and tells them if anything happens to her, the police will know who's responsible.

5x06 Episode 332

  • 1983-02-16T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Colleen ponders whether to tell the police she heard Val discussing the truth about her crime. Bea refuses to incriminate Margo to her solicitor. At Alan's inquest, the verdict is death by misadventure and the charges against Sara are dropped. Colleen and Carlson go out for dinner. Bea's solicitor tells her about the illegally stored turps. Lizzie and Maxine set up a poker game with marked cards, to get the money to buy booze from the men. The women learn they are going back to Wentworth. Val is released and thanks Colleen for keeping quiet. Colleen tells Carlson she cannot see him again. Hazel finds Jean's cash, steals it and flees but Jean won't let Judy call the police. The women fill their hot water bottles with booze to smuggle it back to Wentworth. Bea's solicitor forces Mr Douglas to reduce the charges against Bea and Chrissie by threatening to reveal all about the turps in court.

5x07 Episode 333

  • 1983-02-21T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

It's back to Wentworth for the prisoners, where the women find new sets waiting for them, and spend time settling in to the new look surroundings. Of course, the booze smuggled back from Woodridge helps this considerably. Bea and Chrissie learn their charges are being reduced, with Mouse and Barbara being blamed for the fire to cover up Colleen's incompetence. Colleen offers to resign, but Erica refuses to accept it. Erica authorises a small welcome back party, which the women decide to make a wake for Mouse and Barbara as well, but the party is rudely interrupted by the unexpected arrival of The Freak, clad in a neck brace. Meanwhile, at Driscoll House, Jean is off on a robbery spree and planning to leave when the police arrive. It turns out that money Hazel gave for a flat was stolen from Queensland. Their room is searched, and Jean is arrested for possessing stolen credit cards.

5x08 Episode 334

  • 1983-02-23T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan breaks up the women's party after she discovers the illicit booze. A furious Erica cancels all their privileges. Judy is blamed, as she brought in the food and drink for the party, but Lizzie owns up to save Jude. Bea and Chrissie's VJ hearing arrives, but Joan has deliberately not told them in time to call their lawyer. However, Meg has called the solicitor herself. Bea pleads not guilty, on self defence grounds, but this is dismissed as she has no evidence to back up her claims of Joan's brutality. In the end Meg testifies on Bea's behalf, against Joan, which goes in Bea's favour. Joan furiously confronts Meg, who tells her just to quit before she is booted out of the service. Meanwhile, Jean Carter is questioned by the police and, after knocking a cop out and trying to escape, is charged and sent to Wentworth (bet you didn't see that coming, eh?)

5x09 Episode 335

  • 1983-02-28T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Erica toughens things up in Wentworth, aided by a gleeful Joan, who insists on enforcing the most petty rules. Meg is appalled, and falls out with Colleen when she supports it. Bea drops hints to Meg that Margo started the fire, and she in turn asks Erica to reopen the investigation. Erica refuses, and instead chooses to transfer Margo out of Wentworth to get rid of her. Erica introduces a silly points scheme thing where the women get points for being good, and get points taken off for being bad. If they want privileges, they need to earn them. The women think it stinks, so does Meg, and Joan takes great delight in totally abusing the scheme. The women suspect Jean is hiding something. Hazel is arrested for passing the stolen money, and set up by the cops to make it look like she confessed to the bank job in WA. Back at Driscoll, Judy's estranged sister Frances unexpectedly turns up from America.

5x10 Episode 336

  • 1983-03-02T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Hazel arrives back at the prison charged with armed robbery, and protesting her innocence. However, she is too scared of Jean to lag. Bea realises that Hazel got the money from Jean, and that it must have been Jean who did the robbery in Queensland. Paddy, angry that Hazel is suffering from the no lagging rule, goes to the Governor and dobs Jean in. It transpires that Jean is in fact Nola McKenzie, who escaped from death row in WA. Nola vows revenge on Paddy for sentencing her back to death. Judy and sister Frances make up for lost time, and Frances agrees to move into the halfway house while she is there. However, Judy is unaware that Frances is plotting to con Jude out of her inheritance. Tension grows between Meg and Joan. Lizzie and Maxine plot to play havoc with the points chart. Prostitute Trixie Mann is admitted to Wentworth.

5x11 Episode 337

  • 1983-03-07T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Nola confesses to the bank robbery Hazel was arrested for, assuming that this will keep her in Wentworth and prevent her extradition back to death row in WA. However, she is still intent on getting back at Paddy for lagging, and enlists Trixie's help to beat her up in the shower block. Frances offers Judy a large sum of money to give up her claim to their father's estate, tempting her to use the amount for improvements on Driscoll. When Judy discovers that she is in line to inherit $100,000, and that her father asked for her forgiveness in the will, she attacks Frances. Erica arrives at the halfway house in the middle of the brawl and has to pull them apart. The women try to counter the points system by starting up one of their own, for the officers. New social worker Barry Simmons arrives to work at the prison.

5x12 Episode 338

  • 1983-03-07T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy worries she will end up back in Wentworth if Frances reports the assault, but Erica vows to back her. News comes that Lori has given birth to a boy. Hazel goes to court and gets released. Joan catches Paddy with cigarettes smuggled in by Barry Simmonds, who Meg failed to search properly. The women play funny buggers with the points, first with the officers' chart, then by changing their own points. Joan demands Bea and Chrissie, obviously the ringleaders, be transferred. Erica refuses, so Joan calls the Department, who over-rule her. After an exercise period, Chrissie is abruptly shanghai-ed to Barnhurst, kicking and screaming all the way. Nola carries out her threat to get Paddy: she ambushes her in the showers and drowns her in a sink. Bea arrives too late, and finds Nola standing over Paddy's body. Nola is jubilant, insisting they won't be able to extradite her now.

5x13 Episode 339

  • 1983-03-09T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea has to be restrained from attacking Nola following Paddy's murder. Nola tells Erica she didn't kill Paddy for a reason, she was just the first person to come along. Joan reports Meg's failure to search Barry Simmonds to Mr Douglas, who decides to sack Meg. However, Meg resigns instead. Lizzie overhears Meg and Colleen talking about her sacking, and reports back to Bea, who threatens Erica with big trouble if Meg is dismissed. When Erica dismisses her threats, she takes the women out on strike, and a sit-in in the Rec Room. Bea tells Erica that if Meg goes, then Joan will too, she'll see to it. Judy is relieved when Frances drops the charges against her and goes back to the US. She also gets a new job as Wentworth's careers officer. The points scheme looks set to be abandoned when Lizzie once again tampers with the totals.

5x14 Episode 340

  • 1983-03-14T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The strike continues, but the women are fed up. Erica talks Mr Douglas into letting Meg stay, but Douglas refuses to do anything about Joan. Nola protests against being kept in Solitary, despite Erica's insistence it is for her own good. Bea and the girls carry out a threat campaign against her; Joan makes it clear she'll stay out of it if Bea and Nola fight each other. Maxine leads a gang of the women to take revenge on Nola behind Bea's back, and they attack her, only to be stopped by Bea. Nola refuses to say who did it, but hints strongly it was Joan. She makes it clear she's no pushover, and bashes Trixie just before she is released. Judy is let off by the Parole Board for the fight with Frances, and tackles a drunken woman at Driscoll who comes after her with a broken bottle. Faye is transferred back to H Block, and Joan wants her to take over as bookie, giving her a cut.

5x15 Episode 341

  • 1983-03-16T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Nola recruits Faye as her offsider but bashes her anyway to show she means business. She then goes after the rest of Maxine's gang, leaving Maxie terrified she is next. She steals a knife from the dining room for protection, and Bea sends Faye to the loo with her as guard, unaware she is in league with Nola. They bump into Nola on the way, Faye scarpers, and Maxine gets a doing after a bit of a struggle. With buyup suspended, Nola plans a tobacco smuggling racket. Bea tells Judy she is going to kill Nola for what happened to Paddy. Joan orchestrates a confrontation between Bea and Nola in the refurbished library, then steps outside to wait for the fireworks to begin… Following a suggestion from Helen Smart, Judy decides to buy new premises for Driscoll House, and lease it back to the Department. Meanwhile, Maxine puts a bet on with Lizzie that she can't give up swearing.

5x16 Episode 342

  • 1983-03-21T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea and Nola refuse to fight in the Library, since Joan set it up, and she is furious. Erica offers to restore buyup if Maxine lags on her attacker, but she refuses. Faye starts selling fags at high prices. Nola gets her to start an insurance racket and when nobody really wants to buy, she heavies Maxine into it. Colleen catches Maxine putting razor blades into Nola's soap and puts her on a charge: Faye pays out on her insurance, so several of the girls sign up. When Nola finds the razor blades, she knows it was Maxie and goes after her, but Bea comes to the rescue. Lizzie lies she has been confined to her cell in order to claim on her insurance. Bea attacks Nola in a cell, gags her and burns her with a soldering iron, branding a ""K"" for killer on her chest. Judy finds a new Driscoll House, then discovers her inheritance is less than she expected. The PRG come to the rescue with financial aid.

5x17 Episode 343

  • 1983-03-23T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The inmates are stunned at what Bea did to Nola, but eventually they agree she deserved it. The Powell marriage seems doomed when Colleen moves out and into a hotel. She is propositioned by a man at dinner, but turns him down, though she later regrets it. Nola continues pulling the strings of Faye's rackets, deciding to pinch stuff from a store room and use it to pay off the insurance claims. Faye hears Lizzie and Colleen talking, and realises Lizzie lied about being confined to her cell. Maxine gets herself sent to Solitary in order to claim the $10 payout. Judy comes across a drunken Hazel in a bar and takes her back to Driscoll with her. She wants to keep a stray cat she finds, but Judy won't let her; later, Hazel finds an abandoned baby on the doorstep.

5x18 Episode 344

  • 1983-03-28T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Hazel decides to keep the baby and enlists the help of her room-mate Michelle to hide him from Jude. She seems to be using it as a substitute for her own kids, but things go wrong when Judy catches her with the child. Meg invites Colleen to move in with her. Patrick arrives at the prison to see Colleen, and she agrees to meet him for lunch, but she misses it for a cell search. Bea thinks Faye is in league with Joan. Faye and Nola use a skeleton key to break into the storeroom and steal goods. Colleen realises the store has been broken into and organises a cell search. Nola tells Faye nobody gets a payout if they get themselves put on a charge, and is finally revealed to Bea and the others as the brains behind the racket. A new prisoner, Janice Young, arrives.

5x19 Episode 345

  • 1983-03-30T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy has the baby taken away by the police, and Hazel is distraught. Soon after, Geoff arrives at Driscoll and tells Judy that Lori has left and taken the baby. He tells Judy that baby David is deaf, and Jude realises that the baby Hazel found was her grandson. Judy tracks Lori down to a local motel, and finds her distressed, saying she doesn't want to see Geoff or the baby again. Janice Young's husband Chris meets Meg and Colleen in a bar, and tells them he's worried about how she'll cope. Meg hires Chris to build shelves for Colleen's room. Patrick comes to Meg's to talk Colleen into coming home, but she refuses. Joan turns a blind eye when Maxine's friend Roxanne visits and passes her money. Bea asks Erica if the women can buy a TV. She agrees if the women will do extra laundry from the hospital, but Nola steals Bea's thunder by offering to buy a TV with her own cash.

5x20 Episode 346

  • 1983-04-04T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy begs Lori to come back and sort things out. Judy and Geoff realise Lori has post-natal depression, and Judy offers to give up Driscoll to help if needed. Joan finds money on Faye as she is being released, so she tells Joan all about Nola's dealings. Faye is not allowed to see her beloved niece and nephew by sister Glynis and instead of looking for a job, heads straight to the bookies. Thanks to Bea's evidence, Nola gets a life sentence at Wentworth: no extradition. Joan demands a cut of Nola's takings, but she pleads ignorance. Nola threatens Maxine with a knife, forcing her to take over from Faye as her runner. Bea is furious to find out Maxie is working with Nola. Joan quickly catches Maxine with cash, and confronts Nola again, demanding a cut in exchange for her silence. Patrick asks Meg for help in winning Colleen back, but she refuses to take sides. The prisoners' new TV set arrives.

5x21 Episode 347

  • 1983-04-06T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Maxine is not pleased to discover that Joan is Nola's new partner. Nola announces she is taking orders for anything the girls want, but Bea insists no drugs. Maxine calls Roxy and gets her to bring in a load of goods. Joan oversees the visit, and Bea is suspicious of how Maxie got the goods past the screws. Faye gets a cleaning job, and makes some cash from a few good racing tips. However, she turns down an offer from an old friend to handle some stolen goods from him. Colleen seems to be interested in Chris Young in more than a work capacity, and they grow closer. She visits his house, and ends up staying for lunch with him and the kids. Lori tells Judy she wants to give the baby up for adoption, but Judy begs her not to make the same mistake she did. After a lot of persuading, and a visit to a deaf school, Lori relents and returns to Geoff, taking the baby with her.

5x22 Episode 348

  • 1983-04-11T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Colleen helps Chris look for a housekeeper and Meg suggests she has ulterior motives in helping the Youngs. Judy tells Janice she has found them a housekeeper, and Janice is furious she doesn't know anything about it. Janice tells Colleen to keep out of her personal life. Nola, Joan and Maxine's black market rackets look doomed when buyup is reinstated. Lizzie plays a string of stupid practical jokes on the girls, and they very quickly tire of it. Nola suggests they get their own back, and Bea agrees, providing it's harmless. Erica is informed a new prisoner will be a departmental ""spy"" to evaluate the staff and inmates. The officers are kept in the dark about it as much as the prisoners, and the woman, Jill Clark, raises Joan and Bea's suspicions by asking too many questions. Faye finally gets to see her niece and nephew, and buys them gifts.

5x23 Episode 349

  • 1983-04-11T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Janice apologises to Colleen. Colleen invites Chris to dinner at Meg's, but Meg has to go into work. Patrick turns up just before Chris, and a row ensues. Chris leaves; Colleen turns up at his place later, and they end up kissing. Nola comes up with a scheme to fool Lizzie into thinking she's gone deaf. Bea thinks Lizzie will easily see through the joke, but she doesn't. Jill continues snooping around. Maxine finds Jill's shorthand notes, recognises names in them and tells Bea. Jill lies and says she's doing a thesis for uni. Faye is upset when Glynis bans her from seeing Billy after she takes him to the races. She goes to stay at Driscoll. Helen brings a hooker called Lindy to stay after her pimp beats her up. When the Wentworth girls arrive at Driscoll for the work party, Judy's shy new neighbour Trevor is befriended by Maxie, to his mother's horror.

5x24 Episode 350

  • 1983-04-13T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Meg is disapproving after Colleen spends the night with Chris. At work, Colleen snaps at Janice, and Joan implies to her that something is going on between her husband and Mrs Powell. Although Bea thinks she knows what the girls are up to, Lizzie is terrified and thinks she has a brain tumour. She reminisces about the past and writes out her Will. Meg is furious and tells the women what their stupid prank has done but it turns out that Lizzie only has eye strain and needs reading glasses. Judy and the girls move into the new Driscoll House; some of the Wentworth inmates are there for the working bee. Maxine befriends Trevor and they kiss. Billy visits Faye, and Jude lets him stay the night. Glynis and Malcolm arrive to pick him up, and Malcolm threatens to get Faye charged with kidnapping. In tears, Faye tells Judy that he can't do that – because Billy is not her nephew, he's her son.

5x25 Episode 351

  • 1983-04-18T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea realises that Nola and Maxine are working with Joan, and tearfully bashes Maxie to teach her a lesson. Lizzie is horrified, although Maxie forgives Bea and tells her she deserved it. Nevertheless, the women are turning against Bea. Jill is sent to Solitary for having contraband, and Joan is suspicious when Ted Douglas comes to visit her and is smuggled into Solitary. She calls the court and discovers they have no record of Jill Clark. Jill tells Douglas that Joan is bent, but he doesn't believe her. Colleen is torn between continuing to see Chris and doing the right thing. Joan sees them together and tells Janice, who slaps Colleen. Colleen lets her off, and angrily confronts a smug Joan. At Driscoll, Faye tells Judy that Glynis agreed to bring Billy up as her own, since Faye had him as a teenager. Meanwhile, Lindy is freaked when she thinks someone followed her home.

5x26 Episode 352

  • 1983-04-20T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea has had enough and tells the women to sort out their own problems from now on. She steals a spare officer's uniform, dyes her hair black, joins a group of trainee officers as they leave – and walks right out of the prison gates… Word spreads that Jill is a spy. Colleen is furious and demands answers from Erica, who admits it. Lizzie suggests the women catch her out by feeding her false information. Faye lets Snow burgle her offices, and is arrested. She arrives back in Wentworth and is sent to D Block. Lindy is unnerved by Trevor's shy behaviour and Mrs Collins doesn't want him visiting the house. Later, Lindy catches Trevor watching her undressing at her window. Colleen breaks off the affair with Chris and goes home to Patrick. Janice is released, and Chris ignores Colleen when he comes to collect her.

5x27 Episode 353

  • 1983-04-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea's escape has everyone in a flap. Lizzie blames the others for the way they treated her, while Joan feels foolish at falling for Bea's diversionary tactics. Said tactics also get Maxine into trouble, and she is quizzed by the officers and the police. Nola discovers that Bea stole her money stash before she left and makes her play for Top Dog. The other women are shunning Jill now that they know the truth about her, so she is hurriedly released. Her report to Ted Douglas points the finger at Joan for the contraband, but she has no real proof. The women lose their buyup in the aftermath of the escape, and Lizzie confronts Joan in front of Colleen, demanding her insurance payment for losing her buyup. At Driscoll House, Trevor scares Lindy by approaching her while she is sunbathing; later, to Judy's disapproval, Lindy goes to get a fix.

5x28 Episode 354

  • 1983-04-27T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan brushes off Lizzie's accusations, but the seeds are sown in Erica and Colleen's minds. Lizzie and Maxine admit Joan is involved, but won't lag on Nola. Joan visits Lizzie after lights out to threaten her. Lindy goes out on the town and meets a man called Tony, but she won't have sex with him. In the middle of the night, someone climbs through Lindy's window and rapes her. Next morning, she tells the police it was Trevor. He is arrested, charged and bailed, but it wasn't him: the real rapist phones Lindy. Helen is arrested when a ""client"" turns out to be cop, and arrives in Wentworth. The Department allow the women to get duvet covers and stuff for their cells, and Helen draws up their list for Erica. Lainie Dobson and Ellen Farmer arrive on remand; Lainie is covered in tattoos and doesn't want to strip off. Later, Nola spots them holding hands and remarks ""they're a couple of dykes!""

5x29 Episode 355

  • 1983-05-02T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy realises that Trevor didn't rape Lindy after all, and the rapist is revealed as Tony, the man from the bar. She makes Lindy go to the police, and they use her as bait to trap him and lock him up. Judy and Lindy apologise to the Collins, but Mrs Collins knocks them back. Trevor announces he is leaving home. The women's items for their cells arrive: Lizzie gets a shocking pink bedspread and rug. In the showers, Helen discovers that ""Ellen"" is really a man called Alan, Lainie's boyfriend. The cops didn't realise their mistake, hence his presence in Wentworth. Maxie makes a move on Alan, at which point Meg discovers he is a man. He is hurriedly released as the women, on exercise period, watch in amazement. Driscoll resident Dianne Henley gets 14 days in Wentworth, and when she gets there she reveals she can't read. Helen suggests they try and get a teacher to help her.

5x30 Episode 356

  • 1983-05-04T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Alan's sudden release has the women astonished. Erica says they are to act as though he never existed. Meanwhile, the Department's generosity has the women suspicious. They learn they are getting a doctor, social worker and teacher (for Dianne) and are sceptical of ulterior motives. With the Department dishing out, nobody is buying anything from Nola any more. Nola wants to start bringing in booze and drugs, but Joan says no drugs. Helen is released. Lainie goes to court and gets 4 weeks. The Department announce a TV documentary crew are coming: Nola suggests their privileges will only last til they have gone. The crew arrive and interview some of the women. A little blackmail goes a long way for Nola, who gets one of the TV crew to pass a message onto a presenter, demanding drugs in exchange for keeping quiet about certain things.

5x31 Episode 357

  • 1983-05-09T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea finally makes an appearance, hiding out as housekeeper to a snobby rich dame in Sydney, but when her employer twigs who she is, Bea ties her up and makes her getaway. The women are outraged when the new doctor and teacher turn out to be temporary: Nola was right after all. Nola is sent a food parcel, and sells off the contents to the women. However, she learns there was dope in the tea-bags, which were sold to Lizzie, and runs herself ragged trying to get them back. When Lizzie tastes how vile the tea is, she demands her money back, which she gets. Maxie realises why Nola wanted the tea back, and Nola announces her intention to start dealing. Lainie feels depressed about her future, thinking nobody will employ her because of her tattoos, so Judy arranges an interview for her.

5x32 Episode 358

  • 1983-05-11T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Aware Bea is on the loose in Sydney, the cops turn up at Doreen's to see if Bea has contacted her. They put a guard on her flat to watch for Bea, and assign an undercover policewoman to work with Dor in the dress shop. Doreen outsmarts them all, and to her surprise a disguised Bea turns up at the shop to see her. Nola starts dealing, but Maxine blows it by smoking a joint in the Laundry: it goes through the air-conditioning, and both Colleen and Erica smell it. They wait until Joan goes to a doctor's appointment before holding a cell search, suspecting her of being involved. When Joan returns and finds out what's been going on, she demands a cut of Nola's profits. Lainie impresses the man at her interview until he sees her tattoos. Judy wants the Department to start a tattoo removal scheme. A distraught Lainie then tries to burn the tattoos off her arms with caustic soda.

5x33 Episode 359

  • 1983-05-16T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Doreen ushers Bea into a changing room to talk to her away from Dierdre's prying eyes. They arrange to meet at the cinema so Dor can give her money, but Dierdre ends up tagging along, and Dor leaves the money for Bea to pick up, as well as a key to her flat. Nola plots to annoy the officers into stopping searching everything, by getting the girls to have loads of parcels sent in. The screws over-react madly, confiscating buy-up and tearing teddy bears apart. Erica gets them to tell the women their mail is no longer being censored (a lie), in the hope they will let something slip in their letters. Joan tells Nola this; she decides to make Maxine get out her dope order, through Lizzie, but Maxie doesn't know how to. Lainie recovers from burning her arms with the caustic soda. The Department knock back the tattoo programme, until Judy comes up with a cheaper way.

5x34 Episode 360

  • 1983-05-18T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea waits til Doreen goes to work, then uses the key to get into the flat. Doreen is delighted that Bea is there, she talks her into staying the night and they reminisce and catch-up. Next day, Doreen's flatmate returns early from a trip, so they pretend Bea is holding Dor hostage. Bea ties them up and flees, but Debbie gets to a window and alerts the cops, who recapture her. A tearful Doreen watches Bea being taken away. Maxine cons Lizzie into getting Meg to post the drug order. A minister called John Barker offers his services to the jail but he's an imposter with Nola's drug supply hidden in his fake bible. Joan twigs and bullies Nola into taking over as Top Dog, so she starts a demo in the dining room. Ted Douglas is summoned and meets with Nola, before furiously ordering Erica to her office… Meanwhile, Judy gets him to agree to the tattoo programme and let Alan back in to see Lainie.

5x35 Episode 361

  • 1983-05-23T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Erica has ""resigned"" (ie the Department sacked her) after Nola's protest. Colleen is appointed Acting Governor, with Meg as Deputy. Douglas hints to Joan that he wants her to get the Governor's job. Bea arrives back and insists the women can look after themselves from now on. However, when Lizzie tells her about the fake minister, she agrees to help bring him down. They hold a bible study group, where his ignorance of the Bible is revealed; he is quickly identified as a fake and arrested. Nola tries to persuade the women that Bea stole her money before her escape. With Lizzie and some heavies in tow, Nola confronts Bea rifling through her hiding place in the Library. Meanwhile, Judy's latest hopeless case is a particularly drippy shoplifter called Denise Tyler, who she lends a helping hand to.

5x36 Episode 362

  • 1983-05-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea admits she stole Nola's money, and gets a bashing from Nola and her heavies as Lizzie runs for help. Bea recovers in hospital, and Nola is sent out to work in the garden away from everyone. She hides her drugs in the garden, safe from the drugs squad and their sniffer dogs. Lizzie and Maxine play detective, and Lizzie works out where the dope is hidden. She digs it all up and flushes it down the loo. Nola is livid, and vows to bash Maxine as revenge for Lizzie's meddling. Joan looks forward to a visit from her father, the Major, and asks Colleen if he can have a tour of the prison. Judy comes to the rescue when Denise Tyler is caught shoplifting again. Lainie has the first of her tattoos removed though Maxie wimps out from having any of hers done. Psychic Zara Moonbeam is admitted to Wentworth on fraud charges, though the women are sceptical of her and think she's a fake.

5x37 Episode 363

  • 1983-05-30T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lizzie tries desperately to save Maxine from Nola's bashing; Maxie gives cheek to Meg to get sent to the pound, but Meg thinks it's something to do with the insurance scheme and gives her cleaning duties instead. While Maxie is alone in the corridor mopping, Nola sneaks up on her and beats her up. Bea is released from the infirmary and comforts Maxie after finding her beaten up in their cell. The Major arrives to see Joan, but there's a gulf between them. He comes to visit the prison, and takes a shine to Lizzie. Led by Bea, the women embarrass Joan in front of the Major by refusing to go back inside from exercise period; Joan furiously tells Nola she wants rid of Bea once and for all. Lainie has a terrible acid trip and tries to cut her tattoos out with a piece of mirror, but is stopped by Bea. Judy gets more involved with Denise's money troubles, and encounters the dark side of her bratty son Gary.

5x38 Episode 364

  • 1983-06-01T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Nola agrees to help Joan get rid of Bea. Lainie's nightmare trip continues, leading to Inspector Grace being called in. Nola is sent to Solitary for supplying her with the acid. Zara says she has a message for Bea from her daughter, Debbie, but Bea thinks it's a sick joke. Zara eventually convinces Bea she is telling the truth and insists Debbie didn't OD, she was murdered. Bea is distraught. Later that night, Bea thinks she hears Debbie's ghost calling to her. However, the ‘ghost' is really Zara, forced into all this by Joan, part of a scheme to drive Bea mad. Judy arrives at Denise's flat, and finds Denise and Russell next to Gary's dead body. The Major's dinner with Joan, Meg and Colleen goes sour. The interviews are held for the Governor's job, but Meg and Colleen suspect Joan will get it. Everyone is stunned, then, when Ted Douglas turns up unannounced with the new Governor of Wentworth, Ann Reynolds…

5x39 Episode 365

  • 1983-06-01T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The new Governor's arrival has everyone in a spin. Ann's comments make Meg and Colleen realise they never had any chance of getting the job. Ann annoys her staff by adhering to Ted Douglas' assertion that she must ""put the Department first"", and obsessing over pointless paperwork. Joan cons an old friend of Debbie Smith into giving her letters from Debbie. Lizzie grows increasingly worried about Bea, who asks if she heard voices in the night. Denise Tyler is admitted for Gary's murder and Judy is worried how the women will react to her. She goes to see Bea in a stupidly misguided attempt to get her to look after Denise; Bea promptly bashes Denise, she lags, and Bea lands in Solitary. Meanwhile, Russell leaves Judy doubting Denise's guilt. Before going back home, Major Ferguson leaves a box at the front gate for Joan with a Rottweiler puppy inside.

5x40 Episode 366

  • 1983-06-06T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Zara is riddled with guilt and wants to tell Lizzie the truth. Joan takes her to the pound during the night to imitate Debbie: Bea screams the place down, alerting the screws, and has to be sedated. She gets out of Solitary next day and finds the letter from Debbie on the press, causing another fit. Nola suggests to Joan that they make Bea top herself. Ann wants to know how the women found out about Denise, and Judy admits it was her. Denise is sent to Isolation. Russell runs away from the home and comes to see his mother, but is refused permission. Maxine and Phyllis bash Denise again through the Isolation bars. As she recovers in the Infirmary, Judy visits and says she doesn't think she killed Gary, and is covering for Russell. Lizzie gets fortune telling tips from Zara. She reads Ann's tea leaves then she and Maxine set up a fortune telling tent in their cell. Lainie is released.

5x41 Episode 367

  • 1983-06-08T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea is blamed for Denise's bashing and sent back to the pound. Nola tells Joan it was Maxine and Phyllis who did it. Denise goes to trial, and Russell blurts out the truth, that he killed his brother and Denise covered for him. Her charges are dropped and she is released. Maxine gets her parole, but she needs a job and a home and refuses to go home to her folks. Judy says she can come and work at Driscoll. Maxie later learns her estranged father has died of a heart attack, and decides to go home to her mother and make amends. Joan invites Ann to her house to help with paperwork, and takes the chance to slag off Meg and Colleen to the new Governor. Bea sinks deeper into despair, and Meg wants Dr Weissman to see her. Bea persuades Zara to rig up a Ouija board to contact Debbie, but Bea ends up in hysterics. Meanwhile, Nola builds a zip gun for Bea to use on herself.

5x42 Episode 368

  • 1983-06-13T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

As Bea's condition worsens, Ann tells Zara to keep away from Bea. A doctor comes to see Bea, and tells her she isn't to blame for Debbie's death. Nola makes her zip-gun, which Joan hides in Bea's dressing gown pocket. After another midnight visit from ""Debbie"", Bea freaks out totally and is carted off to the Infirmary. This time, though, Lizzie heard the voices too - and finds the gun in Bea's pocket. Maxine is released but finds it hard settling back in with her mum at the petrol station. Tension continues to grow, as Ann remains taken in by Joan and her sucking up. She stirs things up between Ann, Meg and Colleen, leading to Colleen confronting Ann. Ann realises her mistakes and buries the hatchet with Colleen. Wheelchair bound Tracey Belman arrives in Wentworth, on remand for murder. She is abrasive towards the other women and refuses anyone's offers of help.

5x43 Episode 369

  • 1983-06-15T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

After listening to Lizzie's warnings about Joan, Tracey doesn't want Joan near her. Wally visits Judy, and she asks him to help run Driscoll with her, but he suggests Mikki instead. She agrees, and Mikki moves in. Maxine gets a visit from Spud, on the scrounge. Maxie's sister, Pauline, and husband Roger are having money worries. He works at a bank, and takes cash from an old lady's account to pay off their debts. Lizzie confronts Zara about the gun, and Zara finally tells all. Nola is worried that Lizzie knows what's going on. Lizzie gets into the Infirmary, shows Bea the gun, and tells her what Joan and Nola have been up to. Bea is sceptical, but soon believes her. After Bea asks to see her to ""apologise"", Nola is brought to the Infirmary by Meg. Bea urges her to come close and tells her Debbie and Paddy are waiting... for her. She whips out the zip-gun - and shoots Nola between the eyes.

5x44 Episode 370

  • 1983-06-20T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea is perfectly rational following Nola's murder, and tells all about the plot to drive her mad. Joan falls under suspicion, but there is no proof against her. Bea and Lizzie are to be charged for their part in the murder. Joan warns Zara to keep quiet about everything, or it could look bad for her in court. She denies everything and heads off to her trial. Joan volunteers to be Tracey's permanent help, but she isn't pleased. Her paralysis is revealed to be in her head. She wakes after a bad dream about the accident to find Joan standing over her, and accuses her of trying to molest her. Maxine's mother falsely accuses Maxie of stealing from the till. Roger learns the old woman he'd been stealing from is dead, and he needs to return the money. Mikki settles in at Driscoll, with her sleazy boyfriend Cliff hanging around; Litza, a young Greek woman, turns up at the house after running away from home.

5x45 Episode 371

  • 1983-06-22T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Colleen reports Tracey's accusations: Joan is cleared, but told to keep away from Tracey. Joan pretends to make a move on Tracey, who leaps out of her wheelchair, just as Ann and Colleen walk in. Maxine comes to Driscoll to see Judy, who persuades her to go back home. Roger can't put the money back, because Pauline has spent it. He decides to carry out a payroll robbery to get money; when Pauline tells Maxie how much trouble they're in, she and Spud do the robbery before Roger can. Bea and Lizzie go to court, where they are held over for trial. Ann orders Bea to be moved into another cell. Maggie May Kennedy, an OAP drug runner, arrives in Wentworth to share Lizzie's cell, and it turns out they are old friends, who knew each other some 40 years ago. Litza's father turns up at Driscoll, but she refuses to go home. Meanwhile, it seems obvious Mikki isn't cut out for this kind of work.

5x46 Episode 372

  • 1983-06-27T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Maxine gives Pauline and Roger their share of the robbery money, but Roger is already falling under suspicion for his actions that day. Spud takes his cut of the money and shoots through without Maxie. As the heat gets to her, Pauline calls the police and turns Maxie in. Lizzie and Maggie reminisce, but Bea is distinctly unimpressed by her. She wants extradition to the US, as she thinks it will be easier to get off there. She claims she was set-up, but Lizzie knows she wasn't. Lizzie and Maggie get drunk on cough syrup. Taken in by her, Bea decides to help Maggie in her extradition bid. Tracey realises her paralysis is psychological. She apologises to Joan and thanks her as she goes to court. She gets three years at Barnhurst. Litza phones her father, but he hangs up. Judy thinks Mikki made a mistake letting her stay at Driscoll. Wally agrees to give the inmates pottery lessons.

5x47 Episode 373

  • 1983-06-29T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Pauline calls Maxine to tell her the cops are on their way: she steals a car and tries to flee, but is caught and arrested. Bea and Lizzie are disgusted to see her back, and she won't tell them what has happened. Lizzie has had enough of Maggie's nonsense, and starts opposing her every chance she gets. The others think she is just jealous. Bea writes a letter for the press about Maggie's plight, which she smuggles out through her solicitor. Joan's drunken neighbour, Des Colsen, threatens to shoot Major. His jittery wife Carol has a life of misery with him. At the library, Meg watches as one of the staff, the timid, nervous Miss Gardiner, is visited by a debt collector. She is later admitted to Wentworth calling herself Brandy Carter, dressed as a tart, on soliciting charges. Meg recognizes her, but can't quite place her. Litza's presence at Driscoll causes friction amongst the other residents.

5x48 Episode 374

  • 1983-06-29T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Meg insists she recognizes Brandy from somewhere. Brandy annoys Bea by being lazy in the Laundry. She rips a slit in her dress to tart it up a bit, and later makes eyes at a startled Wally during a pottery class. Bea's article is printed in the Despatch, and the press camp outside the prison as a result. Ted Douglas is furious and tells a shocked Bea that Maggie is as guilty as sin. Mikki cancels a night out with Cliff and Litza to help Judy, so they go alone. Cliff tries to get Litza drunk and hits on her. Her fiance Manoli arrives at Driscoll to see her; Litza and Cliff turn up, a fight develops, Manoli calls her a whore and slaps her. Pauline visits Maxie, and Maxie says she won't dob Roger in. After the visit, she tells the others the truth about her re-arrest. Carol Colsen plans a special dinner for her anniversary, but Des gets drunk and smashes everything up. Joan goes to see if everything is okay, and walks in as Carol stabs Des to death.

5x49 Episode 375

  • 1983-07-04T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

A hostage situation develops at the Colsens' after Des' murder. Carol threatens to kill both herself and Jilly, and it is only Joan's quick actions that save the girl. When Joan doesn't turn up for work, Meg arrives to check on her, discovers what is going on, and calls the police. Carol arrives in Wentworth on remand. Bea is furious over Maggie's lies; Lizzie admits she knew she was guilty. Maggie learns she is to be extradited, but to her horror the proviso is she must serve her entire sentence in a US jail. Brandy freaks out in the shower, and reverts back to the same persona Meg met at the Library. Meg realises that's where she knows her from, but when she confronts her, Brandy returns to normal and denies it all. At Driscoll, Litza and Mikki argue. Judy doesn't think Mikki can help anyone else until she sorts her own life out. Wally goes to see Manoli, and manages to reconcile him with Litza.

5x50 Episode 376

  • 1983-07-06T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ann tells Joan to keep her distance from Carol Colsen. The women know of Carol's crime and give her the cold shoulder for threatening to kill her child. Joan goes to visit Jilly and promises to take her for a day out. Back to her old tarty self, Brandy makes the drier break down and has sex with Joe, the maintenance man who arrives to fix it. A bitter Maggie tells Bea she is going back to the US, but will die behind bars. She and Lizzie make up before she leaves. Litza goes home. Mikki freaks and runs out when a drunken resident pulls a broken bottle on her: Wally diffuses the situation. Judy gives Mikki the sack. She offers the job to Wally again, and this time he accepts. Maxine's friend Roxy is brought into the Laundry, heavily pregnant. She's been inside for a while in Maternity, but wasn't getting on with the women. She reveals she's a surrogate mother, and will get 20 grand for having their baby.

5x51 Episode 377

  • 1983-07-11T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The women disapprove of what Roxy is doing. She calls the Sheldons, who she is having the baby for, to tell them she is in jail. Brandy breaks the equipment down to see Joe again and Phyllis keeps nit. Joe gives Brandy money and a bottle of booze, then she snaps back to her ""Laura the Librarian"" persona. Phyl pinches her money. A madcap blonde, Sandy Gillam, arrives at Driscoll, claiming her hubby beats her. But the husband seems to have various names. Judy and Wally are confused enough - then her fiance shows up! She palms them off and doles out prezzies. Carol tells the women Joan stopped her killing Jilly. Nobody can look after Jill, so she's in a home. Joan takes her to the zoo, and brings her to see Carol. She yells at her for killing her dad. Carol is distraught; Joan thinks she's made things worse. Joan and Ann later find Carol has hanged herself in her cell with her tights.

5x52 Episode 378

  • 1983-07-13T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan feels partly responsible for Carol's suicide, and asks if she can tell Jilly about her mother. Brandy, now Laura, suffers memory gaps and is shocked to learn her crimes. She asks Phyllis for the bottle of brandy. David Sheldon visits Roxy, and she demands more money. He consults a lawyer to discuss his rights if she backs out. They can sue for the money, but have no claim on the baby. Roxy gets six months, so the kid will be born inside. She reconsiders giving the baby up. A man turns up at Driscoll looking for his wife Pixie, aka Sandy. She fills Judy in (well, sort of...) on her tortured love life and Jude is suspicious to find bank books in several names in Pixie's bag. She announces she is leaving, but when the women wave her off it is yet another man she leaves with! Later, the police show up to arrest her for bigamy and fraud. Ann persuades Wally to move into the attic apartment in her building.

5x53 Episode 379

  • 1983-07-18T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Pixie arrives in Wentworth, and is a big hit with the other women. The women give her the idea of claiming temporary insanity, when her lawyer tells her she will never get off. She fakes a faint, and later pretends to be Joan of Arc in front of an unimpressed Colleen. Meg gets Laura to admit where they met before. She has been saving her medication and tries to take an overdose, but when it doesn't work she slashes her wrists with a broken bottle. Lizzie finds her and calls for help: she is rushed to hospital. Bea upsets Roxy with her criticism. Paul Reynolds helps Wally move in. He's a photographer, snaps the Wentworth women when he visits, and sends in a box of photos for the cells. Paul is excited by a photo in the paper of crime boss Lionel Fellowes, realising he too has a picture of him. Ann is horrified to recognize the man Fellowes is with in Paul's photo: it's Ted Douglas.

5x54 Episode 380

  • 1983-07-20T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea spots a copy of the Douglas photo among the ones Paul sent for them. The officers take the photos back, but Bea keeps that one. Ann shows Douglas the photo; he tells her it's secret Department business. Paul refuses to hand over the negatives. Bea gets Douglas to come see her and demands reforms in exchange for the picture. Laura recovers in hospital, as the voices in her head torment her. Dr Weissman sees her, and she returns to the prison as a posh woman called Susan. Pixie goes to court, blames her ""twin sister Audrey"", annoys the Judge, and gets five years. She comes to breakfast in her undies, and says Meg tried to undress her. Roxy's ex visits and asks her to marry him, thinking the baby is his. She tells the Sheldons she's keeping the baby, but a visit from Andrea persuades her to hand it over. With all the excitement, she goes into labour two weeks early.

5x55 Episode 381

  • 1983-07-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Roxy has a boy and gives him to the Sheldons. Helen turns up and needs Judy's help. Her sister Sharon has joined a cult, who are trying to get their hands on her trust fund money. Ann's house is trashed, all Paul's negatives are gone, but the Douglas pic is safe: it was in Wally's flat. Ann won't call the police til she has spoken to Douglas. He orders a search of the prison to find it. Ann is duffed up by two masked men waiting in her house. New prisoner Gerri Doogan raises Bea's suspicions with her questions. Joan is annoyed with Pixie's antics, but Colleen says Ann has ordered they ignore her. She hides in a wardrobe, annoys Mrs O'Reagan, and pours Ann an invisible cuppa. Meg is delighted when Marty returns on shore leave, with his friend Dennis in tow. Dr Weissman diagnoses Laura as having multiple personalities. He and Meg go to visit Laura's father to find out more about her life.

5x56 Episode 382

  • 1983-07-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea catches Gerri looking for the photo, and she admits she works for Fellowes. Bea gives the photo to the cops. Douglas is suspected of taking payment to arrange paroles. As he prepares to board a plane at the airport, the police turn up and arrest him. With Matt Thomas' help, Helen meets an ex-member of the cult, who tells her how he was ""deprogrammed"". Meg gets an obscene phone call, but is comforted with Marty and Dennis around. The calls continue, and she returns home to find ""slut"" written on her mirror in lipstick. Pixie continues her antics, accusing Ann of stealing Wally and claiming the Martians dyed her hair. She sees Dr Weissman, but he isn't taken in. Laura has hypnosis and manages to banish Brandy for good. Weissman arranges for her to go to a sanatorium for therapy. She meets with her father and apologises to Bea for her actions before she leaves.

5x57 Episode 383

  • 1983-07-27T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Meg is terrified by her stalker and gets round-the-clock police protection. Dennis turns out to be the stalker: he kills a girl who picks him up, then plays Meg a tape recording of her murder, before turning up at Meg's flat and pulling a knife on her. Helen tries to convince Sharon she has been brainwashed; when that fails, she has her abducted from the street, and takes her to be deprogrammed in the attic at Driscoll. Pixie is depressed when her plan to get transferred to the asylum fails, so the women write her an anonymous love letter to cheer her up. Lizzie gets a message from her old friend Foxy on the radio, asking her to get in touch. Petra Roberts is admitted on remand for the murder of her father, but she has refused to explain why she did it. Dr Scott Collins comes to Driscoll to tend to a resident, and Judy suggests him for the doctor's job at Wentworth.

5x58 Episode 384

  • 1983-08-01T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Dennis holds a terrified Meg at knifepoint, her police guards dead outside. She keeps calm, impersonates his mother, and talks her way out of trouble. The police burst in and arrest Dennis. The deprogramming gets underway at Driscoll with the deprogrammer, Colin Burton, shouting at Sharon, while she wibbles in a corner. Alpha Centauri calls Helen, who threatens to expose him as a shyster. Wally takes Ann out to dinner to stop her visiting Driscoll. After much screaming, Mrs Collins calls the cops. An upset Helen bursts into the attic to stop proceedings, and Sharon responds by sinking a knife into Colin Burton. The women send Pixie on various wild goose chases to find out the identity of her secret admirer (Wally, Dr Weissman, a delivery driver). They eventually tell her the truth and she thinks it's a hoot. Bea proposes that Petra, a qualified teacher, hold lessons for the girls.

5x59 Episode 385

  • 1983-08-03T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The police arrive at Driscoll after Colin Burton's stabbing and arrest practically everyone, including Judy, but Helen pays her bail to get her out. Helen and Sharon are sent to Wentworth, but Sharon still refuses to have anything to do with Helen. Bea tries to talk to Sharon, but she accuses her of assault, so Bea ends up in the pound again. Ann is annoyed with Wally when she realises he took her to dinner to get her away from Driscoll. Judy learns Colin Burton has died. A friend of Helen's visits to tell her Fellowes is after revenge on the women for the Ted Douglas affair. Petra is shocked to hear Dr Scott's name, and injures herself on purpose to see him: it turns out they have a history together, and Pixie later bursts in on them kissing. Lucy Ferguson, Joan's niece, turns up out of the blue to stay with her, but she's up to something and hides her boyfriend's drugs in Joan's house.

5x60 Episode 386

  • 1983-08-08T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

A building inspector arrives at Wentworth to inspect the rebuilding, but he's a fake. Once inside the jail, he knocks Colleen out, ties her up, and plants bombs around the prison. Meg rescues Colleen, but the women have been locked in the laundry with a bomb inside ticking away... Sharon is charged with murder as Alpha Centauri's true nature is exposed in the press, shattering her illusions. Helen decides to implicate herself to help her sister. Lizzie gets wind of Petra and Scott's relationship but vows to keep quiet. Petra tells Lizzie her father abused her, and was going to do the same to her sister, Emma, which is why she killed him. Later, when Emma visits Petra, we learn it was actually Emma who killed him. Lucy attacks Major the dog to stop him finding her drugs, and a furious Joan turfs her out. Ann forgives Wally. Lizzie gets a telegram from Foxy.

5x61 Episode 387

  • 1983-08-10T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Petra is shattered when her secret is divulged and Lucy finds a way to blackmail the Freak.

5x62 Episode 388

  • 1983-08-15T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Scott attempts to clear Petra of the charges against her, and Cheryl is heartbroken by the repercussions of her drug-induced incident.

5x63 Episode 389

  • 1983-08-17T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Maxine and Lucy escape, but Maxine is not welcome with her family. Bea takes on the department for negligence. And Petra tells Scott her true feelings.

5x64 Episode 390

  • 1983-08-22T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Petra tells the police the truth about her father's murder. Bea triumphs over Arthur Richards.

5x65 Episode 391

  • 1983-08-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Panic spreads in Wentworth when the true cause of Glynnis's death becomes apparent. Maxine and Tinker-Belle rob a factory, with fatal consequences.

5x66 Episode 392

  • 1983-08-29T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Wentworth mourns the death of a much-loved inmate. Bea falls in love and Lassa Fever claims more victims.

5x67 Episode 393

  • 1983-08-31T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The deadly fever subsides after taking many lives. Bea and Tony spend a night together. But is it their last?

5x68 Episode 394

  • 1983-09-05T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

When Hazel disappears, Judy suspects there is something terribly wrong with her. Rosemary finds herself in serious trouble with the law, while Sonia Stevens' true nature is revealed to the inmates.

5x69 Episode 395

  • 1983-09-07T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The women punish Sonia for her evil deeds on the outside. Hazel tells Judy the terrible truth about herself.

5x70 Episode 396

  • 1983-09-12T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Sonia finds herself at the mercy of Joan, but finds that the latter has no compassion whatsoever. Wally turns detective to help Rosemary.

5x71 Episode 397

  • 1983-09-12T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Sonia and Joan join forces in a profitable enterprise at Wentworth. Lizzie prepares for her day as a high-society lady, and Hazel asks for Judy's help in her hour of need.

5x72 Episode 398

  • 1983-09-14T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bea tries to stop the Freak and Sonia from taking over Wentworth. Lizzie's grand day out ends in the truth being revealed, while Petra can hardly believe the results of her trial.

5x73 Episode 399

  • 1983-09-19T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy refuses to help Hazel die. Bea tells the women she thinks Phyllis is working for Joan. Sonia tells Bea she intends to take over. Petra tells Sonia to get lost when she tries to smoothtalk her onto her side. The women help Pixie reply to her letters. Sonia suggests Joan turn a blind eye to the making of illicit grog. Joan bullies Lizzie into stealing kitchen supplies and makes Pixie to admit to Ann she stole them. Rosemary gets fired after a disastrous first day as a waitress. Scott proposes to Petra. Bea searches for the rest of the stolen stuff when Pixie tells her the truth about the theft. Judy won't let Scott admit Hazel to hospital. Joan takes Lizzie to the boiler room and forces her to make the booze. Judy finally relents and helps Hazel take an overdose.

5x74 Episode 400

  • 1983-09-21T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy leaves Betty to find Hazel's body. A reporter has written to Pixie for a story, using an assumed name. Joan tells Ann that Bea is planning a riot and wants her transferred. Judy throws Betty out when she accuses her of killing Hazel. Joan puts Bea in solitary for punching Phyllis. Rosemary sees an old friend's name among the men who replied to Pixie. Joan provokes Bea into attacking her in solitary. She worsens her injuries before reporting it to Ann. Judy hears there is to be an autopsy on Hazel's body and decides to give herself up. Joan takes Bea to her cell and tells her she is being transferred to Barnhurst. She escorts her past a distraught Lizzie, refusing to let Bea say goodbye. Joan is triumphant, declaring she has finally won. The police come to Driscoll to arrest Judy.

5x75 Episode 401

  • 1983-09-28T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Colleen finds Lizzie in tears after Bea's departure: she has broken her wrist banging on the security gate. Wally goes to get Judy for the police, but she has fled. Petra gets an engagement ring from Scott, hidden in a bunch of flowers. Phyllis steals the ring but Sonia makes her give it back. The autopsy reveals Hazel died of morphine poisoning. Joan takes Lizzie and Pixie to the boiler room in the middle of the night to bottle the booze. Lizzie gets drunk sampling it. Ann and Wally search for Judy. Supposedly violent prisoner Cass Parker is transferred from Barnhurst for killing an officer, but seems friendly and docile. Rosemary gets sacked from a factory job. Petra accepts Scott's proposal. Meg is horrified when Marty's new girlfriend turns out to be Randi Goodlove.

5x76 Episode 402

  • 1983-09-28T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Calling herself Jenny, Randi pretends she doesn't know Meg. Marty tells Meg he's thinking of proposing. Lizzie and Pixie are caught with booze but deny all knowledge. Pixie has replied to loads of her men, and they all turn up at the prison at the one time claiming to be her fiance. Lizzie and Pixie try to get Cass to take over as Top Dog but she refuses. Sonia tells Joan about it and she warns them off. Pixie is visited by the reporter, but after meeting her he abandons his story. Lizzie steals some of Ann's brandy to put in Peta's wedding cake. Rosemary goes back home to the country with her old friend Bill. Judy is picked up by the police. Cass attacks Phyllis when her taunting gets too much. Meg tries to warn Randi off, but she says she's going to marry Marty and Meg can't stop it.

5x77 Episode 403

  • 1983-10-03T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Judy is returned to Wentworth. Lizzie refuses to speak to her because she killed Hazel. Meg worries she'll lose Marty forever if she tells him the truth about Randi. Sonia and Phyllis try to antagonise Cass. Wally struggles to maintain order at the halfway house. Petra asks Pixie to be her bridesmaid. Randi comes to dinner at Meg's place and they squabble. Joan tries to get Phyllis to heavy Judy but Jude tells her to do it herself. Cass thumps Phyllis for calling her a dummy and ends up in the pound. Meg discusses her problems about Marty with Scott and he offers to try and help. Lizzie and Pixie make Petra's wedding cake with the brandy. Joan and Sonia visit Cass in solitary to tell her they set her up to bash Phyllis. She goes berserk at them and they flee.

5x78 Episode 404

  • 1983-10-05T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan wants a bigger cut of Sonia's proceeds, so Sonia dissolves the partnership. The department appoint a new head at the halfway house. Pixie drops the wedding cake and has to piece it back together. Joan puts Sonia in her place. Phyllis tells Sonia she doesn't work for her any more. The women urge a disinterested Judy to take over as Top Dog. Cass apologises to Phyllis. The new head at Driscoll, Alice Dodds, alienates everyone with her rules and regulations. Lizzie covers for Cass when she accidentally knocks Pixie out. Sonia puts broken glass in Phyllis' bed. Marty goes to Scott's stag party - they end up at Randi's flat, where a devastated Marty learns the truth about her. Petra and Scott marry in the garden. A man turns up to see Lizzie and tells her he is her son.

5x79 Episode 405

  • 1983-10-10T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lizzie is shocked to meet her long lost son, Arthur. Remand prisoners Bobbie Mitchell and Minnie Donovan arrive. Minnie is a bit of a granny figure, Bobbie a tough, cheeky punk and they bicker constantly. Minnie and Ann are old acquaintances from Ann's days in child welfare. The residents at Driscoll appeal to Wally to help them get rid of Alice when she goes too far. Paul decides to become a professional photographer. Sonia warns Minnie to keep out of her way and recruits Bobbie to tape Minnie's conversations. Wally decides he wants to leave Driscoll. Lizzie sets it up for Phyllis to get a bashing from Cass, but Phyllis bumps into Joan on the way. Along with Phyllis and some heavies, Joan turns the tables on Cass and starts bashing her.

5x80 Episode 406

  • 1983-10-12T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Minnie arrives at the shower block to help Cass, but Cass overpowers Joan, Phyllis and the heavies alone. Minnie warns Joan not to report the incident to Ann or she'll tell her she saw her hitting Cass. Wally and Alice fight and he tells her he has complained about her to the department. Judy suggests Minnie take over as Top Dog, with Cass as her muscle. Meg runs into Randi at a restaurant and she vows revenge on her. Lizzie gets out for the day to visit Arthur and his family but she is depressed when she returns, saying she doesn't fit in. Sonia gets Bobbie to tape Joan and pays her with some of the home brew. Bobbie drinks so much she is violently ill. Minnie marches to the rec room with the rest of the booze and forces Sonia to drink all of it herself.

5x81 Episode 407

  • 1983-10-17T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The officers try to investigate how Bobbie and Sonia got drunk. A battered wife and her baby arrive at Driscoll House. When Alice proves her mettle by protecting her from her abusive hubby and getting shot in the arm in the process, she and Wally make her peace. He tells her he is leaving, as she is settling in at last. At Joan's request, Sonia tells Ann she made the booze. Minnie takes over as Top Dog and arranges for real booze to be brought in for her mates by her solicitor Terry, one of ""her kids"". Petra learns her appeal has been successful and she is released. Sonia gets the tape of Joan from Bobbie as insurance. Minnie is caught smuggling more alcohol in by Joan. Sonia blackmails Joan with the tape to get her to work with her again.

5x82 Episode 408

  • 1983-10-17T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Cass and Minnie stop Joan bashing Bobbie to get the original tape. Lizzie gets a visit from her grandson, Kevin. A new prisoner, Brenda Hewitt, arrives and Minnie recognizes her as Fellowes' best forger. Bobbie's cell is trashed so she tells Minnie everything about her taping. Bobbie tells Sonia the tape has gone but she's lying. Minnie gets it and arranges to get it smuggled out. Paul moves out of Ann's and into his own photographic studio. Wentworth is connected to the Prison Broadcasting System. Brenda hears a coded message in the radio program. Minnie holds pickpocket classes. Officer David Bridges arrives, transferred from Woodridge, and proves very popular. Sonia and Brenda team up. Cass witnesses Joan slapping Minnie while searching her cell for the tape.

5x83 Episode 409

  • 1983-10-19T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Minnie tells Cass to back off and gives her the tape to look after. Ann is being frosty with Wally, but he doesn't know why. Sonia is angry with Bobbie for double-crossing her and tells her to pay for the grass she wants. David turns down Brenda's advances. Lizzie gets a day at the races with her family. Bobbie is bashed under orders from Joan, who tells her to blame Cass. Cass gives Joan the tape to stop her putting her in solitary. Brenda slips her brother a copy of the tape and arranges a drug drop. She starts making fake driving licences in the print shop to pay for it. Joan destroys the original tape but Meg finds the remains and gives them to Ann. Ann questions Minnie, who tells her she wants certain privileges for the women in exchange for information on Joan.

5x84 Episode 410

  • 1983-10-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Minnie tells Ann about the tape and that Sonia has another copy. Paul disturbs an intruder at his studio. Brenda has the tape passed onto Don Baxter. Sonia and Brenda learn over the radiowaves that the drug drop is on and they make plans. Arthur enquires about getting Lizzie paroled to live with the family. Arthur asks Ann to arrange for Lizzie's parole, so she can live with the family. Paul's studio is searched by the police, who find child porn and charge him. Sonia wants the tape back but Brenda tells her it was ruined. Judy's trial gets underway. David tells Mary Adler he'll try and help her get out of Wentworth. Brenda shows Sonia the drugs and the printing plates for the licences. Joan is approached by a stranger on the way home who offers to sell her the tape.

5x85 Episode 411

  • 1983-10-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Don Baxter demands $10,000 from Joan for the tape, which he wants in 48 hours. She desperately tries to find a way to get the money and is turned down by the bank. The women realise Mary Adler is missing and Lizzie thinks David helped her escape. Wally has to admit at Judy's trial that she confessed to killing Hazel. Randi Goodlove is returned to Wentworth on a three week stretch. Sonia and Brenda's drug dealing begins and Joan isn't pleased. Randi tells Meg she is still intent on revenge. The women have had enough of Joan and plot to get her. Pixie is sent to buy dope from Sonia and Brenda to distract them and David finds her stoned. Behind Minnie's back, the other inmates decide to kill Joan. Led by Phyllis, they knock her out and string her up in the shower block.

5x86 Episode 412

  • 1983-10-26T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Pixie and David find Joan hanging in the shower block and he cuts her down. Minnie hustles the women to the rec room to arrange alibis for them all. Ann tells the women Joan is not dead; however Mary Adler is missing. Lizzie thinks David helped her escape. Joan discharges herself from hospital. Randi slips her diamond necklace into Meg's pocket and accuses her of stealing it. However, Pixie saw the incident and pinched it out of Meg's pocket. Meg thinks Randi is trying to get back at her for what happened with Marty. Judy is sentenced to five years. David tells Sonia he could help free her. Pixie is knocked out and the necklace stolen. Ann finds a lump in her breast. Joan goes to pay off the blackmailer, but finds him dead.

5x87 Episode 413

  • 1983-10-31T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan searches Don's room and finds the tape. Minnie realises Bobbie knocked Pixie out - she has the necklace hidden in her walkman. Another inmate, Tracy Dixon, goes missing. Joan returns to work and tells Sonia she got the tape back. Bobbie tells Joan that Phyllis arranged the attack on her: Joan sets it up to catch her bashing Bobbie, ruining her parole. Ann makes an appointment to see the doctor. Fellowes' henchmen break into Joan's house, to warn her not to interfere in the drugs trade. They forcefeed her LSD and she has a nightmarish trip. Pixie catches Bobbie with the necklace and knocks her out. Ann realises Wally spent the night with Sam. Joan comes down from her trip and finds she has stabbed her dog to death with a pair of scissors.

5x88 Episode 414

  • 1983-10-31T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Meg finds Joan in a state of shock after killing the dog. She calls the police, who think someone has a contract out on Joan. Paul is picked out in an ID parade by a girl claiming to have posed for porn photos for him. Wally recognizes the man waiting for her as the same man who came to Paul's shop. Joan forces Sonia to tell her who broke into her house. David decides to free Randi when Sonia doesn't show up. Joan frames Brenda for wrecking Sonia's cell and has her sent to isolation. She bashes her, telling her to fix a meeting for her with Fellowes. Blind prisoner Belinda Johns arrives and seems to recognize Sonia's voice. Scott sends Ann for a biopsy. The officers begin searching for Randi and David offers to search the boiler room to stop Colleen finding her body.

5x89 Episode 415

  • 1983-11-02T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

The search continues for Randi. Ann orders the radio service be discontinued. Judy asks David if she got away ok, but he pretends not to know what she's talking about. Wally tells Ann he slept with Sam and she is so angry she sends him packing without telling him she's ill. Minnie tells the women and David the escapes have to stop. Scott sees David's mother in an article about unsolved murders. Sam traces the charges against Paul back to Fellowes. They persuade the witness to withdraw her statement and Paul is cleared. Joan finds the printing plate in Brenda's cell. Colleen tries to persuade Ann to get treatment. Ray Foster meets Joan as she leaves work and takes her to see Fellowes. He tells Joan he has nothing to discuss with her and orders Ray to kill her.

5x90 Episode 416

  • 1983-11-02T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan tells Fellowes she has a statement from Brenda about Don Baxter's murder which will be handed to the police if anything happens to her: he agrees to stop the drug trade in Wentworth. Sonia and Brenda accuse each other of stealing the printing plate but Joan lets Brenda know she took it. Bobbie is taken to court and runs away from the police. Brenda is transferred to Barnhurst: Joan gives her the plate back before she goes. Ann learns she has to go into hospital for a biopsy. Lizzie gets a severe grilling from the parole board. Bobbie is recaptured and sentenced to six months. Lizzie is sent out into the garden while the parole board deliberate and discovers a body buried in the garden. David pulls a knife on her, saying there are two bodies - he ""set them free"" and now he's going to do the same to Lizzie...