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  • 1985-01-23T12:30:00Z on Network Ten
  • 50 mins
  • 2 days, 21 hours, 10 mins
  • Australia
  • English
  • Drama, Soap

The lives of women behind bars in a female prison.

83 episodes

7x01 Episode 506

  • Season Premiere

    1985-01-23T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Myra and Judy save Pixie from Lou and her thugs. Reb is usurped as Top Dog by Myra, after all the women plead with her to take her job back. Reb finally loses it and slaps Joan in front of everyone. Sent to Solitary, Joan visits her to tell her she's being transferred to Blackmoor, but Reb coolly warns her she'll be back. The mystery prisoner breaks her silence: her name is Yemil and she is terrified of shaming her husband. Meg gets out of hospital, and Joyce is upset to hear she wants to have an abortion. Sam gets a letter from her sister which says her mother is ill. Ann collapses in Reception.

7x02 Episode 507

  • 1985-01-28T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

With Ann off again following her collapse, Joyce turns down the Acting Governor job and Len is given it instead. Len and Joan come to blows and fight in the corridor after lockup. Meg is unable to go through with the abortion. With Reb off to Blackmoor, Lou plans to take over her rackets. Myra and Judy search Reb's cell and find her master key. Yemil refuses to see a lawyer and upon learning that the driver of the other car has died, she is devastated. Bobbie and Marlene quarrel over Matt's affections. Frank plans to start making his own booze in the garden and tries to force himself on Bobbie. Oh, and there's more rubbish with Aussie the cockroach but really, who cares?

7x03 Episode 508

  • 1985-01-30T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Myra and Geoff's friendship develops. Frank is beaten up by Geoff and Matt. Bobbie is told she may have an electrical apprenticeship going for her. Joan discovers the real dirt on Len and realises she can use him for all he's worth.

7x04 Episode 509

  • 1985-02-04T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

After hearing about Myra's escape to see her daughter, Sam considers the same idea to see her mother. Remand prisoner Lexie Patterson arrives on larceny charges, a definite Boy-George lookalike, she's an old friend of Bobbie. Geoff offers information on Len's past for Joan only if the men can work inside. As they sleep at night, some poisonous gas is released into Geoff and Matt's cell.

7x05 Episode 510

  • 1985-02-06T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bobbie gears up for her first day as an apprentice, but the plans may be dropped by Joan. Lexie's prime card abilities are discovered by Lou, who wants to use her to get money from the women. Meg is told she must an operation to remove a tumour and in the process, will lose her baby. A popular inmate makes her departure, in the most terribe way.

7x06 Episode 511

  • 1985-02-11T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Len is promptly framed for Pixie's rape and he is shifted off to another prison, as a prisoner. Sam requests a visit to her mother but it is rejected. Dennis returns after his suspension is lifted. A fight erupts between Matt and Frank as Frank gives Matt the details of how he raped Pixie.

7x07 Episode 512

  • 1985-02-13T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Sam considers escaping to see her mother. Marlene cops it good and sweet from Lexie after a reaction about her mother, who was a prostitute. With Myra away, Lou takes over as top dog, showing everyone who's boss, including Joan. Bobbie is told to get ready for some shocking news by the governor...

7x08 Episode 513

  • 1985-02-18T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Bobbie's parole is on and with the Dobsons applying for her to be released in their custody. In a meeting between Joan and Shane, he tells her his new parents hate him and his new parents and Joan work out a plan to help Shane. With Frank and Lou working together, they both heavy Judy into paying her insurance, yet they soon enough turn on each other.

7x09 Episode 514

  • 1985-02-20T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

New prisoner Janice Grant is brought to Wentworth on a charge of Drink driving. Reconciling for Bobbie's sake, Lexie and Marlene begin to get closer as good friends. Former Barnhurst prisoner Ettie Parslow joins the women and can be seen as a definite crazy type, thinking it's still WW1. A sniper moves in on the prison, shooting down Joyce and Lexie in the attempt to mowe down Geoff and Matt.

7x10 Episode 515

  • 1985-02-25T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Matt and Marlene share a small kiss as he tries to comfort her after the shooting. Jan's alcohol addiction is becoming clear. Myra returns from hospital, putting a stop to Lou's rackets. Myra and Geoff take the ultimate step in sealing their love for each other.

7x11 Episode 516

  • 1985-02-27T12:30:00Z — 50 mins

Jan resorts to extreme measures to get alcohol. Yemil is released after being given a suspended sentance. The union agrees to now let the officers carry arms in the grounds after the attack on the men, despite Ann's protests. Lou steals a home made gun of Frank's and tries to use it on Joan, and frame Myra for it.

7x12 Episode 517

  • 1985-03-11T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Jan continues her scavenge for more alcohol, and Myra finally gives up on her, and then agress to help her sober up. The news of Sam's escape is told, even more bizarre is that Sam plans to return once she meets her mother. Sam is flately rejected by her mother, claiming Sam was a mistake. Frank is ganged up on by the women, Myra brandishing him with a soldering iron.

7x13 Episode 518

  • 1985-03-13T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Frank discovers Myra brandished him with the letter 'R', for rapist, leaving the women sick on what they did to him. Jan's hallucinations get worse as she believes there is a barking dog in her cell. Sam withdraws from the women,defacing a picture of her mother with her knife and begs to see Judy. Seems Frank has another escape plan attempt, with a letter arriving with the words ""TODAY"" on it. Jan's curiosity of Ettie long imprisonment leads her to find out Ettie has been imprisoned for over 40 years without a trial. Rumours are sparked that Ann is leaving and so are the men.

7x14 Episode 519

  • 1985-03-13T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

With Myra's birthday coming up, Marlene decides to throw her a party. Remand prisoner Sheila Brady arrives on drug posession charges, one a 'little on the nose', she is branded as one that can't shower and stinks by the other women. Lou again tries to kill Myra. Sam feels ready to kill herself.

7x15 Episode 520

  • 1985-03-18T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

As Ettie hears the news of her wrongful imprisonment, Jan tells her she could get close to half a million dollars on release. Sam is threatened by Ann that she must seek psychiatric help, but refuses, as she doesn't want to leave Judy. In an ultimate tact to kill Myra, Lou wires her doorknob with electricity, but the plan is ruined, and someone else cops Myra's fate...

7x16 Episode 521

  • 1985-03-20T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Shock is spread through Cell Block H as the news of Sam's death is revealed, and the hunt is on for Sam's real cause of death, as burn marks are revealed on her hands. Marlene takes over as cook for a while as Ray is sacked for bringing brandy into the prison. Myra finally discovers who killed Sam.

7x17 Episode 522

  • 1985-03-27T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan is left shocked as she sits at her father's deathbed. Myra tells Frank that Lou was planning to frame him for Sam's death, with bad results for Lou. Geoff is charged with Sam's murder from a statement Frank gave Inspector Grace. News of Matt and Marlene's wedding is up and about, but Marlene seems to be the only one enjoying the news at the moment. Sheila's prime singing ability is displayed with her rendition of ""Pixie's Song.""

7x18 Episode 523

  • 1985-04-01T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lou is taken to hospital suffering internal injuries from Frank's bashing. Dennis is taken hostage by Frank after an attempt to get him for the third time and plans to kill him once he has escaped. Lexie is given a further 6 months imprisonment. Ettie's is worried she may never get out of prison. New cook Mervin Pringle joins Wentworth, but doesn't display the flair for cooking that Ray did. Alice sells Janice some alcohol based Furniture polish.

7x19 Episode 524

  • 1985-04-03T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

A letter arrives at Dennis' house from Ray Proctor, containing allegations of Joan blackmailing him to injure Reb Kean, which now puts her under suspicion. Matt and Marlene decide to marry in the prison instead of waiting to be released. Janice is put in hospital after being poisoned and is losing the will to live. Janice lags on Alice over Sam's murder. Lou returns with revenge on her mind. Some intimate news about Matt and Marlene is spread amongst the women.

7x20 Episode 525

  • 1985-04-08T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lou's attack on Myra leaves Lou worried about Myra's next move on her. Ettie finally gets released with $250 000 compensation, but there's a bit of a discrepency on where she will be living. Marlene becomes increasingly worried about Lou's comments about Matt. Joan is finaly confronted about Ray's allegations against her, and decides to put an end to Reb's allegations against her.

7x21 Episode 526

  • 1985-04-10T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lou becomes violently sick after eating some poison soup intended for Jan. Alice becomes concerned about what should happen to Janice once she is released back with the women. Dennis picks up a runaway girl who later turns up dead, and the murder becomes pinned on him. Ettie's time on the outside causes Meg many headaches. Meg and Dennis finally share a kiss. Frank tries to rape a new inmate, until he discovers she is a nun.

7x22 Episode 527

  • 1985-04-15T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan is at her wits end after an argument with Shane causes him to run away. Anita's true identity is revealed. Dennis becomes increasingly worried about the charges laid against him. Marlene's preparations for the wedding are becoming more and more closer, especially as her wedding dresses arrive. Jan is given the silent treatment by the women.

7x23 Episode 528

  • 1985-04-17T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Dennis cracks under the pressures of being watched all the time, and is charged with murder. Marlene worries desperately about her weight after ripping a wedding dress she tried on. Jan loses her sense of reality after being heavied by Alice and Lexie. Joan hacks Lexie's hair off. Meg tries to convince Ettie to move into a retirement village. Lou puts Anita under pressure about her lifestyle and in turn, Joan seeks solace in Anita about her father.

7x24 Episode 529

  • 1985-04-22T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Marlene's diet doesn't go exactly to plan. With Dennis behind bars, the news of his charge divides opinion amongst the officers, and the prisoners. Lexie is finding it hard to pay the women their winnings after Joan took her money. Anita's mother superior wants to expel her from the order.

7x25 Episode 530

  • 1985-04-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan is left for dead after Frank knocks her unconscious by knocking a bookcase on top of her. Judy decides to try and sue when she realises that Sheila stole her song and is passing it off as her own. Ettie says goodbye to Meg as she moves into the retirement village. Dennis is finally cleared of committing the murders. The hunt is on for the person who took Joyce's purse, and Lexie is prime suspect.

7x26 Episode 531

  • 1985-04-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan is discovered by Meg and Dennis after being attacked, leading to rumours spreading amongst the women that the Freak is dead. They soon realise their mistake, but Joan has started suffering mental blackouts as a result of her injuries. Lexie feels guilty about her part in the attack. Anita seeks absolution, but all she gets from the priest are stern words and an order to keep away from Joe. Marlene is still struggling to lose weight in time for the wedding, despite the best efforts of Mervin and the girls.

7x27 Episode 532

  • 1985-04-29T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan's behaviour becomes incresingly erratic, aside from that, she discovers she is being investigated for Reb's bashing. Frank plans to kill Myra and Geoff, forcing Lou to help him, or she'll be next. The news of Marlene's impending release leaves her less than happy. Dennis decides to visit the parents of the girl he was accused of murdering. Judy gets exciting news from the governor, as well as Sheila. Anita makes a final decision between the Church and Joe.

7x28 Episode 533

  • 1985-05-01T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The Wedding day finally arrives with a few glitches, the biggest being of two prisoners who are going to be transferred to a country prison. Bobbie makes her happy return for the wedding and announces some big plans of her own! After covering their bruises from the bashings, Geoff and Myra make it to the alter beside Matt and Marlene, whose wedding goes forward with a tearful ending.

7x29 Episode 534

  • 1985-05-06T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Marlene, Judy and Geoff make their tearful departure, and Myra seems the hardest hit. The women decide to take advantage of Joan's blackout's by staging a bashing and putting the blame on Joan.

7x30 Episode 535

  • 1985-05-08T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

It seems like the end of Joan's career, until Anita breaks her silence and lags to save her.. Joyce is finding herself becoming more distant from her husband. Joan undergoes brain surgery. Ann finally puts an end to her working friendship with Myra.

7x31 Episode 536

  • 1985-05-13T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The prisoners reminisce about old friends and old enemies. Ann gets some terrible news from Barnhurst.

7x32 Episode 537

  • 1985-05-15T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Five transfers from Barnhurst join H Block. Triple murderer Nora Flynn, cat burglar May Collins, her 'horse trader' accomplice Willie Beecham, manic depressant and juvenile burglar Daphne Graham and the shy, but seemingly smart Julie ""Chook"" Egbert. Lou tries to convince the other girls to vote her in as Top Dog, but when they don't, she decides to get Alice and Kath to team up with her to get the prison running their way. The news of Bea's death hits the girls badly, especially Myra. Joyce's feelings for Mervin intensify, enough for her to decide to move out of her home. Ann becomes much stricter with prison regulations.

7x33 Episode 538

  • 1985-05-20T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ann's tough new stance on prison regulations have the officers and prisoners seeing red about how much pressure they now have to face. Remand prisoner Ruth Ballinger arrives at Wentworth, bringing additional hassles with her...demanding to be treated as if she lived in a five star hotel. Nora relives nightmares of her accused babykilling when she is caught handling a baby in the maternity. Daphne cracks under the starin of being cooped up and tries to slash her wrists with a cut thermometer she stole from the infirmary. Merv and Joyce share their first kiss.

7x34 Episode 539

  • 1985-05-22T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lou and May come to blows. Ruth begins to live in a lap of luxury and starts to implicity 'use' some of the girls. Joan makes her return to Wentworth, reverting back to her old regime of intimidating the new prisoners. Ann gives her a stern lecture about shaping up...or shipping out. Ettie lies to Meg about being happy in the retirement village, and decides to make her way back to Wentworth...in a very bad way.

7x35 Episode 540

  • 1985-05-27T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ettie's attempts to get back into Wentworth blow up in her face. Joan lets Myra and Lou know they won't get away with the frame up. Ann's daughter arrives home with stress showing between the two of them. Nora's ongoing sickness leads to a happy discovery. Ruth begins to make fools of Ann and the Feds.

7x36 Episode 541

  • 1985-05-29T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Terri and Joan agree once and for all to get rid of Myra and Lou, and agree to set the pair of them up. Ettie again tries to get back into Wentworth by staging a robbery. The heartache behind Jenny's life is revealed when her grandmother makes unneccesary demands from her. Pippa's married lover is to be visiting, much to Ann's disapproval. Ruth begins to give the women gifts, expecting nothing in return...not now anyway.

7x37 Episode 542

  • 1985-06-03T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ettie makes a deal with Lionel Fellowes to help her get back into Wentworth. Joyce tells Norm she wants a divorce. Julie discovers shocking news about her mother. Ruth and Joan organise a plan to get drugs in the prison, and get Myra and Lou out.

7x38 Episode 543

  • 1985-06-05T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Fellowes decides to use Ettie as a decoy for another robbery he is planinng. Joan smuggles in drugs for Ruth and is almost caught by Officer Radcliffe when Ann implements new search rules. Joyce and Merv's romance is revealed. Lexie and Julie share in a smoke of grass, leaving Julie violently sick, and Lexie begging for more. Myra is implicated by Ruth as being a drug pusher, and is caught by Joan, tripping on acid...given to her secretly by Ruth.

7x39 Episode 544

  • 1985-06-10T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ettie is arreseted in the robbery. Disturbing news is discovered about Ruth, enough to have one of her allies within the prison bash her. Pippa dicovers how deep she's gotten with Simon, and is scared about the thought of marriage.

7x40 Episode 545

  • 1985-06-12T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ettie is brought back to Wentworth as a remand prisoner. Things begin to fall out of place for Ruth. Suspicions begin to arise after the bashing about Ruth's involvement with Joan. Myra heavies Ruth as she discovers she was the one who drugged her. Merv and Joyce's relationship intensifies.

7x41 Episode 546

  • 1985-06-12T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ruth becomes desperate and uses Ettie to get a message out to Arnie. Pippa feels Simon is holding her down, so she tries to hoard him off on Jenny, whose Grandmother resorts back to her devious ways, prompting Jenny to finally try and leave. During the night, a mysterious stranger tries to suffocate Mrs. Hartley. Joyce tries to cook Mervin dinner for the first time, but a mix up and a burnt pan result in an argument between them. Joan and Terri reveal their feelings for each other.

7x42 Episode 547

  • 1985-06-17T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ruth coerces Joan into helping her escape after Myra bashes her and the women ostracise her. To deal with the internal problems the women are facing, Myra proposes the girls elect a council to help solve the problems. Nora's parole chances seem to be coming close as her employment and living prospects seem high. Pippa ends her relationship with Simon. Jenny makes a final plea for her Grandmother to let her go, however Jenny is in for a shocking and gruesome discovery...

7x43 Episode 548

  • 1985-06-19T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan works in cohorts with Costello and the other henchmen to help get Ruth out, but only if Ruth helps get rid of Myra once and for all. Ruth plans Myra's death. Jenny is caught handling her grandmother's corpse by Mrs. Goddard and is promptly arrested for murder and sent to Wentworth. Lexie thinks everyone is against her when Ruth rejects her and says there is no job offer for her anymore when she gets out.

7x44 Episode 549

  • 1985-06-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

May and Meg arrive in the shower block in the nick of time to save Myra from Joan, Ruth and Lou's attempt to kill her. Jenny has a hard time settling in to prison life and has her hands crushed in the piano lid by Alice. The women vote on who they want to elect to the new prisoners' council. Terrorists enter Wentworth under cover of darkness in a dangerous attempt to free Ruth Ballinger: dead or alive...

7x45 Episode 550

  • 1985-06-26T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

When the attempt to free Ruth goes wrong, the terrorists are forced to rethink, taking the prisoners, Joan and Joyce as their hostages. The women squabble despite Myra's attempts to keep them calm and in line. Outside, Inspector Grace butts heads with the federal cops, who have very different ideas from him on how to handle the situation. The terrorists inform the police that they intend to kill a hostage every hour until their demands are met.

7x46 Episode 551

  • 1985-07-01T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The siege drags on as Inspector Grace tries to bring things to a safe conclusion. As the terrorists' deadline arrives with no progress, they carry out their threats and kill Tammy, dumping her body outside the prison. Myra is told that she must choose the next person to die. In the kitchen, Lou and Lexie make a failed attempt to escape. Julie crawls through the air-conditioning in a bid to contact the police.

7x47 Episode 552

  • 1985-07-08T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The siege comes to a bloody and tragic end as Ruth orders Myra's death and the horrified women look on in horror as their Top Dog is executed in front of them. As Ruth and the terrorists make their getaway with Joan as their hostage, Nora flips out and turns the tables on one of their captors. Heading for the airport, Joan's life is still in peril until she manages to get the upper hand.

7x48 Episode 553

  • 1985-07-10T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Spirits are down and tensions are high following the Terrorist siege, but good news seems to come across, Ruth has been sent to Blackmoor. Grace begins to question the women about the siege and Nora gets a hands down from Grace. after Lou made the killing of Max sound as though Nora enjoyed it. The search is on for Daphne, who goes missing after Nora gives her the cold shoulder after Myra's death, and is found ontop of the prison roof, ready to jump to her death. Alice returns from court, getting 10 years for Sam Greenway's murder. It seems Fellowes and his gang are trying again to kill Joan, and they may succeed. Dennis gets a phone call from Ann, that Frank Burke is heading back to Melbourne...with revenge on his mind.

7x49 Episode 554

  • 1985-07-15T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan is rescued by Terri and another neighbour during the course of her house about to be burnt down, and it doesn't seem the kill attempts will be stopped. Frank Burke makes his return, looking for Dennis. Joyce and Mervin move in together at Dennis' old flat. The first council meeting is held between the women and Ann. Daphne and Jenny form a friendship. Jenny now finds new evidence that may suipport her theory that someone killed her grandmother.

7x50 Episode 555

  • 1985-07-17T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan obtains the help of Blackmoor screw Cynthia Leach, to do some nasty work to Ruth Ballinger. Lou decides to run for council, hoping her new scheme of giving gifts, and being nice to the women will change their minds about voting her in. Frank holds Dennis and Meg and gunpoint, tormenting them both to a bloody climax. Ettie wants to get out so she can open a home for war veterans, or disadvantaged kids. Daphne has her first session to discover why she gets depressed, and the answer may get her more than she counted on.

7x51 Episode 556

  • 1985-07-22T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Nora attends Myra's funeral, and meets Geoff Macrae, who both swap stories of how much they loved Myra. Remand prisoner Queenie Marshall joins the women on a charge of assault. She's a hit with the girls after she makes Andrew Fry quit. Meg is frustrated and upset that Dennis is giving up his will to get better. Lou becomes agitated that Lexie is spoiling her plans to get elected on the council. Nora may once again face the ultimite consequence for fighting.

7x52 Episode 557

  • 1985-07-24T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Nora suffers a miscarrage and is intent on getting even with Lou. Lou decides to take drastic action and takes over as top dog by force, injuring May in her pursuit to prove to all the women how serious she is. Joan is elected as Union Rep in Dennis' absence, and quickly asserts herself as wanting to tighten on security to the utmost extent. Julie learns her mother is on her deathbed. Merv has an epileptic seizure.

7x53 Episode 558

  • 1985-07-29T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

It's parole time again and Nora and Lexie are up for release, but a few major blowouts may cause them both to lose it. Julie tries to find some loopholes to get out and see her mother, and it seems Queenie has the answer. Merv tells Joyce about his epilepsy and it seems she may not be able to cope with it. Dennis is released from hospital and tensions grow at home when he tries to do things for himself. In the aftermath of losing her parole, Nora takes over the reign as Top Dog..

7x54 Episode 559

  • 1985-07-31T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Julie wins her appeal and goes to see her mother, however, it is her last visit. Nora implements a positive regime amongst the women. Jenny learns who the real murderer of her grandmother is. Lexie's parole is knocked back and she turns vicious...bribing Merv to give her all she wants or she'll reveal his epilepsy. Working in the garden, Daphne discovers a gun buried under the dirt. Dennis cracks under the strain of learning that Meg has taken on the governorship.

7x55 Episode 560

  • 1985-08-05T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ettie is put on probation for 2 years and leaves Wentworth, never to return. Nora and the other raise questions about the disappearence of the gun, with all the women blaming each other for stealing it. Dennis confronts Meg about the governorship, prompting an argument between them for the reasons she turned it down. Realising he is holding her back, Dennis calls off the wedding and decides to leave. Terri decides to move in with Joan.

7x56 Episode 561

  • 1985-08-07T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Jenny begins the fight to prove her Uncle murdered her Grandmother. Ann accepts the head of Department post, announcing Meg will be the new Governor, much to Joan's anxiety. But the posts for both the women are short lived. The missing gun causes more havoc, until Daphne discovers the culprit. Merv smuggles things in for Lexie, who it seems is planning to escape.

7x57 Episode 562

  • 1985-08-12T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The women strain to understand why Daphne isn't receiving the help she needs for the PMS, yet it's discovered it may be used as a defence to get her out. Pippa decides to stay in Australia for a while and decides to teach a class for art and screenprint in Wentworth. Julie begins work in adminstration. Joan becomes anxious and worried about her relationship with Terri after a series of incidents. Willie is found unconscious in her cell...with a cupboard ontop of her.

7x58 Episode 563

  • 1985-08-14T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

After regaining consciousness, Willie seems to have lost her memory about everything and everyone close to her...whether it's true or not is another thing. The women begin to set up for the new newspaper press. Ann discovers Pat is the culprit for the dual invoices, and is forced to suspend her from duties until further notice. Joan gets the shock of her life when she meets Terri's parents.

7x59 Episode 564

  • 1985-08-19T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Willie's memory loss continues...until a fall from a billiard table allows her memory to return..and remember things that happened just before she lost her memory. Daphne and Ben decide to continue with the case against her. The truth behind the dual invoices is discovered...and knowing the answer may cost Ann her job. Terri's parents find out about her relationship with Joan, with disasterous results.

7x60 Episode 565

  • 1985-08-21T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

After regaining her memory, Willie realises she lost more than she knew, and tries to forcefully lose her memory again. Dwyer covers up for Chauncer's antics with the dual invoices and convinces Ann not to pursue the matter any further. Jenny's case seems to be going well, until Insp. Grace says there is no proof of Jenny's innocence. Lexie and Lou's numbers game is up and running after council approval, but are almost caught out by the women and Joan.

7x61 Episode 566

  • 1985-08-26T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Insp. Grace thinks Howie is lying about his muggers being hitmen from Harriet, yet Jenny still plans to pursue her case. The ""Wentworth Free Press"" is up and about Lexie putting in a sordid story about Terri and Joan's relationship. Terri hits rock bottom, deciding she'll leave the prison service. Ben is bribed into dropping Daphne's case.

7x62 Episode 567

  • 1985-08-28T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Ben decides to drop Daphne's case to take up the supreme court offer. Food supplies at Wentworth are dangerously low, with a blockade outside Wentworth making it impossible for food to come into the prison. Ann announces a new Youth rehabilitation scheme, with four juvenile offenders set to join the women to learn how to 'stay out of prison'.

7x63 Episode 568

  • 1985-09-02T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The food shortage problem becomes worse, with the blockade continuing and the officers asked to bring in supplies to feed the women. Joyce enters Merv's Beef Wellington into a local cooking competition. The four juvenile offenders are inducted into Wentworth. Things get off to a shaky start with the girls and the prisoners as Nikki begins to throw her weight around and finds good 'action' when she pulls a knife on Nora.

7x64 Episode 569

  • 1985-09-04T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

And then there were two...only Cindy and Nikki remain of the four delinquints after Lisa is scared enough by Lou to want to leave and Jo is sent to Winlatham after being caught in a robbery. But problems still remain with the two other girls. Ben and Pippa's first date turns from sweet to sour. Bullock again intimidates Ann, only she now may have the upper hand after more dual invoices are discovered.

7x65 Episode 570

  • 1985-09-09T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Jenny is ordered to have a retrial, but fails to take the pressure lightly. The women decide to use ultimate scare tactics to straighten Nikki out, with bashings, a phony escape plan and with Queenie Marshall's help. Terri gets a new job in public relations, but lies to her boss about her relationship with Joan.

7x66 Episode 571

  • 1985-09-11T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

The phony escape plan and a bashing from Lou has Nikki pleading to be let off the hook. Meanwhile Lou and Lexie believe the escape plan is for real, and want in. Daphne becomes delirious over Ben, believing he wants to marry her. Food supplies return to normal. The entire scandel is revealed in the media, with Chauncer being stood down as Head of Department.

7x67 Episode 572

  • 1985-09-16T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Pippa and Ben become closer, yet Ben's 'rejection' of Daphne causes her to spiral into a devestating bout of depression. Terri and Joan's relationship hits new, unpleasant depths. Queenie's attempts to scare Nikki may have worked too well, as Nikki does not report to the prison the next day, leaving only Cindy...who quickly believes the women are out to kill her.

7x68 Episode 573

  • 1985-09-23T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Terri's involvement with Barry causes alot of stress with Joan. Both Cindy and Nikki discover new things about themselves after the ordeals they faced. Doctors come to examine Daphne after her attempted suicide to prove she does not suffer from PMS, but she quickly turns on them...

7x69 Episode 574

  • 1985-09-25T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Daphne is referred to a psychiatric hospital for further tests. Nikki and Cindy leave the prison, promising never to return. Lexie learns her clothing designs have earnt her a $2000 dollar bonus to design more. Remand prisoner, Eve Wilder is brought to Wentworth on a murder charge, but there may be more to her story than is first thought. Lou and Lexie's numbers game scam is revealed, with disasterous results.

7x70 Episode 575

  • 1985-09-30T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Despite her lawyer dumping her case, and being subject to scrutiny by most of the women, Eve continues to protest her innocence. Daphne's mental state is questioned by Dr. Veitch and Dr. Massey, yet Ben intends to prove her innocence, with the aid of Daphne's mother. Terri leaves Joan after a final confrontation over Barry.

7x71 Episode 576

  • 1985-09-30T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

David Adams is assigned to Eve's case, yet it seems there may be more to their relationship than just the professional side. Nora begins to feel suspicious after she recives a birthday card from her long lost mother. The heartache of breaking up hits Joan and Terri hard, but it seems this time it's for keeps. After endless struggles, Ben and Pippa announce their engagement. An infamous former Wentworth inmate is set to return to the prison.

7x72 Episode 577

  • 1985-10-07T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Eve begins to show another side of herself after a flashback with Robin. The prisoners question the integrity and authority of the council after a series of incidents involving Joan, Lou and Lexie. Reb Kean makes her return to Wentworth, with a rather different transformation of her former personality...leaving everyone suspicious. A culprit destroys Lexie's clothing designs.

7x73 Episode 578

  • 1985-10-09T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Lexie trys to save her designs with the womens help, then starts to question her self worth. Lou continues her raid to stir up trouble with everyone, especially Nora. Merv wins the cooking competition, despite suffering panic attacks and another seizure before the contest. Reb's 'supposed' amnesia continues, with numerous flashbacks and threats from Joan causing her to deteriorate. The officers are shocked when they discover what previously happened to Reb in the mental hospital.

7x74 Episode 579

  • 1985-10-14T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Reb discovers hurtful, disturbing truths about her past. Cynthia forces Joan to continue harassing Reb. In light of Merv's success at the cooking comp, the women decide to hold a beauty and talent contest. Eve continues her victimisation of Lou by implicating Lou bashed her. Lexie discovers the outcome of her design work. Nora hears some disturbing news about what her mother is doing at present time.

7x75 Episode 580

  • 1985-10-16T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Joan forces Reb's mental anxiety to escalate, but the women fight for her by trying to get the story published in the media. The beauty contest is given the go ahead, with a judging panel selected, the women preparing themselves...and a book run on potential winners. Yet the book may cost some of the contestents a broken bone or two. Daphne's appeal is ready to begin.

7x76 Episode 581

  • 1985-10-21T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

After a failed attempt to get Reb's story to the press, Ann makes inquiries about her ECT treatment, to discover something startling. Mothers are high on the agenda as Lexie decides not to interfere in her mother's wealthy lifestyle and Nora meets her 'dead' mother. Lou and Alice continue their terror campaign on some of the contest entrants. May and Willie are offered the chance of a lifetime...but it may cost them their mates and their lives.

7x77 Episode 582

  • 1985-10-21T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

After a few initial hassles, the contest goes on, with the highlight a showstopping performance from Lurch as Carmen Miranda. Yet the overall winner is as shocked as everyone else. Pippa and Ben come to blows over her prospective job offer in London, but decide to go for it and honeymoon in London while they are at it. Reb's psychological trauma haunts her and Joan offers her a way out...with a razor blade. May and Willie sadly bid farewell to the girls and promptly 'escape' from the policevan ready to do the job with the cops.

7x78 Episode 583

  • 1985-10-23T13:30:00Z — 50 mins

Jenny is released after Steve confesses to Mrs. Hartley's murder, and now Harriet's murder. A battle between Lou and Lexie erupts over the unpaid money from the talent quest book and Lou thinking Lexie lagged on her. Eve and David have a not so secret rendezvous in the interview room. Yet on visiting Eve's apartment, David makes a shocking discovery.

7x79 Episode 584

  • 1985-10-28T13:00:00Z — 50 mins

Chuck cooper looks into using May and Willie for his job, until he discovers something about them that may cost them their lives. David confesses to Ben his knowledge of Eve's guilt, yet still intends to pursue her case because of his love for her. Nora drops a bombshell on the women that may cause havoc, long term and short term.

7x80 Episode 585

  • 1985-10-28T13:00:00Z — 50 mins

After the downfall of the council, Nora is hesiant about stepping down as Top dog because of Lou's ambitions to claim the position. Reb finds out the truth about her sessions with Dr. Weissman and lashes out at Nora and the other women in anger, exposing part of her former self. Wentworth is in for some new inmates.

7x81 Episode 586

  • 1985-10-30T13:00:00Z — 50 mins

Remand prisoners Rita ""The beater"" Conners and Barbara ""Barbie"" Cox are brought into Wentworth, Rita charged with assault and bodily harm, while Barbie's charge remains a mystery. Joyce overhears David and Eve discussing Eve's guilt, yet it may cost Joyce her life. A new top dog is elected...and she already asserts herself by trying to get a bashing in or two...

7x82 Episode 587

  • 1985-11-04T13:00:00Z — 50 mins

Rita's caring persona yet strong physique prompt Nora into considering her as top dog material. Lou begins her reign as top dog by asserting her position in the laundry and getting in a bashing on Reb as punishment for Joyce's bashing. The gallery robbery is successful, until a twist of plan costs one of the girls their life. Ann feels guilty over the death. Joyce's life is in danger.

7x83 Episode 588

  • 1985-11-04T13:00:00Z — 50 mins

Pippa's art class ends in disaster as the women are fired up by Lou's campaign against Ann: Pippa insults Rita, so she decks her and gets hauled off to Solitary. Lou pours yellow paint down Rita's leather jacket, ruining it. Joan drops the jacket off to Rita in the pound, enraging her no end. Nora vanishes, and it later turns out she has escaped. Slasher and the Conquerors turn up at Pippa and Ben's wedding and try to disrupt the ceremony. Daphne wins her appeal and is released. Jenny decides to get her own flat and move out of Ann's place. David tells Eve he couldn't kill Joyce and calls off their affair. Racked with guilt, though, he returns to the prison after the wedding and shoots himself in the interview room in front of Eve.