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Project Blue Book 2019


A show about aliens on the History Channel that's worth watching.

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The leader of H.I.V.E. enlists a vampire to recruit and partner with Petyr Baelish to investigate U.F.O. phenomenon for the United States Air Force. Industry rental houses rejoice.

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Hmmmmm, kind of interesting with an X-Files(ish) kind of vibe. Let's see how this plays out.

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Who did the editing for this show? ITS AWFUL. Seriously. Good premise...decent enough acting...and it will all be killed by the editor.

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Some of the pieces were familiar to me, I saw a documentary before, that was the forbidden video.
I read the rest on the internet.
Now I can see it all in a series with a Dutch subtitle.
And everyone can understand it in their own language super.
I think everyone should be open to watching this series.
All experiences can be found on the internet.
It is worth a recommendation.
Enjoy watching.
Tomorrow I look at the new part :)

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