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  • 1996-09-28T21:00:00Z on Syndication
  • 44m
  • 16h 8m (22 episodes)
  • Canada
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  • Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal is a Canadian science fiction television series that surrounds a scientific team that deals with all manner of paranormal phenomena around the world; from alien abductions to possessions. The organization depicted in the series is loosely inspired by a real-life scientific organization. While locations in the series took place worldwide, the series was primarily filmed in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and aired 88 episodes over four seasons from 1996 to 2000.

22 episodes

Series Premiere


1x01 Dream House / UFO Encounter

Series Premiere

1x01 Dream House / UFO Encounter

  • 1996-09-28T21:00:00Z44m

Case File #34112: ""Dream House""

Blaine and Debbie McCallister summon the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research to investigate the cause of numerous strange occurrences at the site of their new home, after their teenage daughter is hospitalized as a result of a poltergeist encounter.

Case File #52111: ""UFO Encounter""

Agents from the O.S.I.R. are summoned to a small town to investigate a double alien abduction of two boys and UFO sightings witnessed by many townspeople.

Case File #67102: ""Possession""

A software designer tells of demons attacking

Case File #10103: ""Man Out of Time""

A disoriented man tells of being from the 17th century.

Case File #99101: ""Reptilian Revenge""

After an elderly man dies, his pet snakes escape

Case File #44114: ""Ghostly Voices""

A voice calls a woman home.

Case File #77110: ""Creeping Darkness""

Impenetrable darkness threatens to engulf an Argentine town

Case File # unknown: ""The Power""

Stress boosts a woman's psychokinesis.


1x05 Free Fall / The Presence

1x05 Free Fall / The Presence

  • 1996-10-26T21:00:00Z44m

Case File #47129: ""Free Fall""

A sky diver tells of defying gravity

Case File #92109: ""The Presence""

A child fears a destructive force.

Case File #33130: ""The Infestation""

NASA scientists die searching for a meteorite

Case File #87105: ""Human Apportation""

A Californian and her daughter inexplicably find themselves in Toronto.

Case File #28120: ""The Underneath""

A deadly creature lives in the sewers

Case File #52113: ""Phantom Limb""

Strange events follow an accident that claimed a farmer's arm.

Case File #64131: ""The Transient""

A dybbuk invades the souls of innocents

Case File #86126: ""Two Lost Old Men""

Young people pass through a forest's barren zone and instantly age 50 years.

Case File #623119: ""UFO Duplication""

Extraterrestrials clone farm inhabitants

Case File #847117: ""Clara's Friend""

An apparition communicates with a girl.


1x10 The Hunter / The Healer

1x10 The Hunter / The Healer

  • 1996-11-30T22:00:00Z44m

Case File #702134: ""The Hunter""

A werewolf is suspected in cattle mutilations

Case File #969121: ""The Healer""

Teen is credited with healing powers.

Case File #631136: ""The Curse""

Death strikes archaeologists who uncovered an Egyptian burial chamber

Case File #260122: ""Angel on a Plane""

A mysterious woman safely lands a plane hit by lightning.

Case File #288128: ""Anasazi Cave""

Deaths at an archaeological dig may explain the mystery of the lost Anasazi

Case File #199137: ""Devil's Triangle""

A man claims he was adrift in the Devil's Triangle.


1x13 The Undead / Stalker Moon

1x13 The Undead / Stalker Moon

  • 1997-02-01T22:00:00Z44m

Case File #763139: ""The Undead""

A homeless man revives during his autopsy and escapes

Case File #569135: ""Stalker Moon""

A fan stalks an actress from the grave.

Case File #26014: ""Forbidden North""

A humanoid beast approaches a leg-trapped logger

Case File #610115: ""Reincarnation""

A man undergoing past-life regression predicts the future.

Case File #213127: ""The Greenhouse Effect""

Plants attack a family

Case File #213127: ""The Buzz""

Mysterious buzzing coincides with unexplained deaths.


1x16 The Light

1x16 The Light

  • 1997-02-22T22:00:00Z44m

Case File #206132: ""The Light""

As wounded Rollins lies near death, his evil doppelganger stalks the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research.

Case File #957176: ""The 13th Floor""

A possessed woman takes a horrible vengeance on her philandering husband

Case File #284145: ""The Believer""

A kidnapper transmits his extortion demands psychically.

Case File #559146: ""The Fog""

A dense fog, mass hallucinations and a serial killer arrive simultaneously on death row

Case File #810126: ""House on Garden Street""

An apparition appears to a couple under stress.

Case File #295143: ""Second Sight""

A kidney-transplant recipient has frightening visions

Case File #734138: ""Chocolate Soldier""

A cult leader has power over women.


1x20 The Fire Within / Fate

1x20 The Fire Within / Fate

  • 1997-05-03T21:00:00Z44m

Case File #994124: ""The Fire Within""

Spontaneous human combustion

Case File #232148: ""Fate""

A teen with psychic powers struggles to understand events leading to his best friend's death.

Case File #693142: ""Death at Sunset""

A mysterious illness claims its victims at sunset

Case File #793144: ""Collision""

The soul of an accident victim possesses the driver who killed her.


1x22 Perestroika

1x22 Perestroika

  • 1997-05-17T21:00:00Z44m

Case File #321147: ""Perestroika""

The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research's Director of Operations Frank Elsinger orders Case Manager Doyle to lead a team of investigators to Archangelsk in Northern Russia. Having just viewed video footage of a team of Russian scientists examining a creature found frozen in a glacier by two gas plant caretakers, Elsinger does not reveal to Doyle that the last scene of the video showed scientist frightened and pleading for help.