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Plastic Specialist Program delivering full adhesion of the model kit from the moment the box is opened.

25 episodes

The theme is "F1 machine", which is the pinnacle of car racing. It is no exaggeration to say that history is the history of F1 Honda F1 in Japan! ! Honda F1 team last August, has undergone a victory for the first time in 39 years in the Hungarian GP. There are two machines have a legendary Honda has long been fought, but do not forget to challenge in F1. One is the first phase of the All Honda won the first GP in 1965 in Mexico "Honda F1 RA272". And the other one is 15 wins 16 games (wins Senna 8, wins Prost 7) ​​to achieve, with a Honda V6 twin-turbo engine was called the strongest at that time with the best drivers Senna, that Prost in season 1988 " McLaren Honda MP4 / 4 ". Two Puromodera finish, the F1 machine this old and new. Contest circuit is legendary, old and new, realized by the hand of Puromodera excellent!

Built up the myth of invincibility Zero Fighter fighter dominated the beginning of hostilities in World War II Allied invasion, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Philippines, type twenty-one Navy Mitsubishi Zero fighter formula "of the Imperial Japanese Navy at that time was known as the strongest ". And, against the United States Army has zero intercept this war at Pearl Harbor, "Curtiss P-40B". Puromodera technique with two outstanding masterpiece of the two machines on behalf of this age make up

Akiba figure is synonymous with "and girl system" Katadoru such as "Moe" a woman. Figure was made in the character of the motif, such as anime, Comiket is the first time in the event of such enormous popularity as fans seek out all night also set the figure of the finished product. In the program, meet the expectations from each direction, finally broadcast this figure!

This time, the old and new Japanese tank. "Chiha Medium Tank Type 97 Japanese Army" during World War II, continued to battle as the Japanese Army Main Battle Tank. On the other hand, the working state-of-the-art technology has been developed in line up to main battle tanks of the world "JGSDF Type 90 tank." Puromodera with excellent skills of two people make up this new and old tanks.

This time, the track model typical of Japan and U.S.. 1970s, and originated in the Tohoku region, "track guy" movie boom truck decoration spread all over the country also affects other popular (Toei). Use of this kit, complete the image of the heyday of the time using design techniques to stand out throughout the "transportation Kyoraku Malvy Dekotora large group." On the other hand, in the United States, very large monster truck speeding the wide continent, boasts a popular Biggurigu was around the same time. Track appearance leading manufacturer, Peterbilt, Inc. has produced the "Peterbilt 377" is just a symbol of American track. Puromodera technique with two outstanding tracks that make up this day, the U.S. model.

This time, the old and new models of manned aircraft. Puromodera with excellent skills of two people narrate the history of the airplane, the airplane model is the old and new creations. We also delve into a more transcendent technique, and then expand to look like a "pair" is the production process in order to show how to enjoy two Puromodera of Plastic, a view of the world.

Theme of "SP-10" is sent to the first bullet in 2009, the ship! This time, pick up the model of Japan and U.S. warships. U.S., two brave vessels of the Pacific War was fought, in the same period. "Yukikaze" destroyer was called the Japanese ship, the "destroyer of Miracles" from repeatedly while a fierce battle on the front lines, reached the end of the war almost unscathed. On the other hand, the American side, "Enterprise" aircraft carrier called the "symbol of the United States Navy victory" that continued to fight, also referred to as "Big E" aka have recovered each time while receiving a number of damage. Kit of the "wind snow," as used, a plastic model assembly kit which reproduces the appearance of an issue when the heavens strategy in April 1945 went to escort the battleship Yamato in the program. "Enterprise" On the other hand, the kit was modeled in the form of a late World War II anti-aircraft armament was strengthened. Puromodera technique with two excellent models of these two vessels make up.

Michael Schumacher last machine of the "Emperor", "F1 machine". Michael Schumacher players to update the record number of 7 degrees and the title of Most, recording successive wins, the machine "Ferrari 248F1" and specifications of the final race of the year 2006 Brazil GP retired. , "Bike" on the other hand, MotoGP champion machine in 2004. Valentino Rossi has won player for three consecutive years in MotoGP, but was moved to a new love machine 2004 Yamaha "Yamaha YZR-M1". This year, achieved a feat that the champion for four consecutive years to change the manufacturer. Kit for use with the program, contest of the dream by male and two wheel Yon-rin called "Yamaha YZR-M1" and "Ferrari 248F1"! Puromodera technique with two excellent models of these two units make up. Transcendence the-art techniques to finish a plastic model to be missed!

a firm favorite among fans proud "CUSTOM Tsukurou Plastic Model" in Japan. Become a third theme of the 2009 "SP-12" is "Gunpla" representative of the character models. "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" legendary work has been released in theaters in 1988. Series is the final chapter in the showdown of destiny settled 13 years of Char and Amuro. This time, the show is, Char nemesis to take up the "Sotheby's" hero Amuro was boarding the flight in the play "ν (ν) Gundam" and. Puromodera with excellent skills of two people make this a model of the machine 2.

Kumamoto Castle, considered one of the three castles in Japan. Kato Kiyomasa built by 1607, was headquartered in Kumamoto as lord of the country Higo half. Robust stone wall is a masterpiece and then grace called "flow Kiyomasa". On the other hand, the now defunct visionary castles, Azuchi castle. Oda Nobunaga personnel spent 20,000 architecture, magnificent castle was built in just three years. Destroyed by fire after the "Honnoji Incident", and now has become a special historic ruins. In the program, Puromodera with excellent skills of two people that make up these two models.

It is covered in multi-purpose helicopters, Black Hawk. In the current military helicopters, has been adopted throughout the world including the United States, many derived types from the height of its versatility and mobility, active in the Gulf War and the war in Iraq, such as search and rescue, transport, etc.. Was also the model of "Black Hawk Down" movie. Light Armored Vehicle, the car's state-of-the-art High Mobility Ground Self-Defense Force will be dispatched to Iraq reconstruction assistance. Combines the high mobility and armor protection, agility can act in any environment. Transportation can also be suspended by helicopter. Nicknamed, Light Armor. Mission is not only fight on the battlefield. Reproduce the functional beauty of active military aircraft for the purpose of "support" or "rescue".

3x15 Tamiya Fiat 500F

  • no air date — 60 mins

This time, the kit to use, "Fiat 500F". Handle it indispensable on the history of Italian car talk, this is a great car, Toshiyuki Saito world leader in car models. Its style, have a reputation for technology excellence to those who can not only knows, such as complex detail of the engine up, the structure of the vehicle. Representation of form and structure of unique tasty old car, of course, aim to work "but also numbing my car enthusiasts", (planned) produced a "" has been tuned up in the garage "as a work diorama Fiat 500F"!

This time, the kit to use, "Kongo" battleship. 1913, completed as a class battle cruiser de Japan's first ultra. Since then, transformed into a fast battleship through the renovation of two degrees, a number of fight in the Battle. Todorokase the world was its name. It is engaged in the ship this feat of valor, virtue Takashi Kei modeler length of up-and-coming vessels. The production style, to be fully expressed in the charm of the ship with force and precision. Popular in the ranks of the modeler played five years from the debut. This time, his first challenge to work and diorama. Really, what work can be finished to overcome the wall of the first challenge, but also numbing my "ship Mania"? !

This time, the kit to use, "Hayabusa" the Japanese military and "P-38 Lightning," the U.S. military. Reproduced as a diorama work, the two machines during World War II, was engaged in a dogfight in history in the Philippines. Modeler are engaged in, Takeshi Kobayashi. Kobayashi is also a cartoonist Senki is, draw the scene of the duel was filled with drama. Word of the "masterpiece", "Technical paint brush" Outstanding Kobayashi. Finish with the airbrush can not be expressed, to tasty texture.

This time, the kit to use, type "H German Panzer IV". In 1944, Nazi troops occupied Western Europe and Germany, was proud of the mighty forces. Allied with a focus on the United States tried to bring a major turning point in the course of the war, the United Kingdom, began the invasion to breakthrough the "Battle of Normandy", the strategy of the largest ever .... Theme of the work, in northern France was the stage of this offense and defense. Panzer IV tank soldier is hit the German army in the bush appeared to fight back from lush, to escape. Develop a sense of urgency of the moment as a work that scene.

The theme was, "Landscape with the tram." When postwar reconstruction, the appearance of the bustling town tram go, find peace of mind with nostalgia. We wade through a cute rounded car, going to disappear as a dedicated line between the building ... skim the edge of the eaves. In the program, reproduced as a "shadow box" art three-dimensional fit in the box, the railway landscape was often seen in major cities. By limiting the direction of view, to produce a work of paintings, such as a diorama.

"Gundam" also say that there is the most popular of all model. Produce a "scene of", "Amazon" Jaburo using the "Jim Sniper" from Mobile Suit Gundam series. Amazon jungle at the time of capture strategy Jaburo Zeon, had entered the rainy season. The water level of the river road is gradually increasing, was flooded have begun completed. Meanwhile, for the gym of the federal army engineering unit laying, laying the Doppler line of mobile suits in water detection sensor, to march through the jungle. In the program, they make up the scene beautifully reflected on the water surface and mobile suits, and the jungle was full of life force. Arakawa, Naoto Cast modeler WildRiver. Is characteristic of his work, to produce a diorama as "amphitheater" where there is a highlight of watching from the 360 ​​degrees. Model as the only specialized program, the most popular deep-rooted "CUSTOM Tsukurou Plastic Model" in Japan. How-to's that buzz as a program and document innovative techniques that delve into the fun to watch transcendence of Plastic production, making things, a view of the world. Carefully and follow closely on the scene such as production of "top-notch Puromodera with the name and track record" to represent the world model, found only in the video "law of the outstanding detail up" effect. Also manufactured (scene) Diorama Model Kit not only to complete the miniature world also. Approaches and techniques to all of the anguish of Puromodera unfolds at your fingertips!

Written down as planning a series of magazine model in 1982, "Maschinen Krieger" SF mechanism works the core still has many fans. Reached the milestone in 2012, from the birth anniversary of the original 30, that excitement is accelerating rapidly. Characteristic of the work, full of originality in the mechanical design figurative artist and illustrator is the most popular charismatic authorship, Hiroshi Yokoyama. That approach works and other common character design illustration production and will be held at the same time as the difference assumption, the three-dimensional. It is no exaggeration to say that the work was produced for just Plastic fan. Kit to use, and, "Falke" antigravity fighter armor especially popular, "Kurete" bipedal tank for unmanned reconnaissance assault Maschinen Krieger also in the works. Use them to finish diorama of tension to work. That scene, Falke somehow made an emergency landing while being shot down. Pilot tries to escape for one's life. Appears in front of the eyes, look into inorganic enemy aircraft, but Kurete. Volatile moment. Really ... the fate of the pilot. Modeler to manufacture, the product worked as a teacher modeling Genzo Ihara, engaged in the completion of the product sample Maschinen Krieger, and prototype.

3x22 Tamiya Yamato

  • no air date — 60 mins

Setting of the story, Hiroshima and Kure Port of March 1945. "Yamato", battleship was built to bring together the best technology in Japan, no way of knowing, such as destined to be sunk after a month. Aboard a warship in the vast, the figure who diligently and care-armed, who hang out the wash. They are, like a calm before the storm though, are having a peaceful life. As the basis for the diorama, a magnificent work will finish on the hull itself, the human frame of this moment.

3x23 Enoshima Electric Railyay 100

  • no air date — 60 mins

Enoshima Electric Railway 100 pick up the form continue to attract many fans in particular railway. Historic railroad company, which opened in 1902 (1902), Enoshima Electric Railway. 100 shape and is one of the vehicle that had been newly built in re-starting after the Great Kanto Earthquake, in the other car go by the consolidation, was operated as (Tankoro) vehicle alone until it retired. Reproduced in the figure diorama while feeling the sea breeze run through ... figure pass through the side of the house immediately.