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Queer as Folk (US): Season 4

4x04 Escalating Violence

  • 2004-05-09T19:00:00-07:00 on Showtime
  • 45 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Drama
Brian achieves success, as the headquarters for Kinnetik are finally set up and ready to go. However, Brian runs into a dilemma when he recieves news that the funds for a client's ad in Heat Magazine have yet to obtained; Brian worries about getting the payment in by the deadline and enlists the last minute help of Ted, who solves this problem with ease and total efficiency. Thinking he could use this kind of help at the agency, Brian offers Ted a position; Ted, just beginning his new life, feels he is not ready and declines. Also,in an effort to ""beef up"" the Pink Posse and get the Posse prepared to take on ""trouble before it starts"", Cody pursuades Justin and the rest of the Pink Posse to train in a boxing ring. Justin, however, has his doubts as does the rest of the Posse, who walk out in an effort to keep themselves out of trouble and from getting themselves hurt; Cody decides to take Justin to hear a preacher speak about the sins of homosexuality at a nearby church, to help subsid