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    Rad Girls

    Season 2 2008

    • 2008-11-07T06:00:00+01:00 on Fuse TV
    • 30 mins
    • 4 hours, 0 mins
    • United States
    • English
    • Comedy

    Three Californian girls (Ramona Cash, Munchie, and Darling Clementine) find themselves in shocking situations and outrageous stunts. These girls will do anything for a laugh and don't care what people think of them.

    8 episodes

    The Girls Chew "Already Been Chewed" Gum; Clem Surfs in alligator filled waters while chum gets thrown on her; Ramona gets tazed; Jenny Jenn Pants invades peoples space on a beach; Munchie drinks her own pee.

    Ramona and Clem beat each other with vegetables; Ramona plays gangsta in a sushi restaurant; The girls play with a Cattle Prod; Clem rides her first bull; The girls try tobacco chew for the first time.

    Clem panhandles on the street for a white collar job; the girls have a hot wing eating challenge; Ramona steps into the ring with a 12 year old boxer Vasquez.

    Munchie Beer bongs her breakfest; The girls don Burqas and go about their daily fun; The Girls strip down to bikinis and go about trespassing in places; Munchie continues with the meal bonging, this time for lunch; Clem joins in at a coffee shop for open mic night with her unique song; The Conclusion of Meal Bong with Dinner.

    Clem goes to a salon to get her hair did; The Girls team up with Belching Ali and impresses people on the boardwalk; Clem impersonates a Sonic waitress on wheels; The Girls dress up like Jesus and hit the town.

    Ramona takes Mace to the Face; Clem dons a prego suit and goes crowd surfing; Munchie eats dead bugs from the tour bus; Ramona makes it appear as she has period blood on her shorts and legs and gets up on stage at a concert; The girls try to get as many people as possible to beer bong with them; Ramona and Guest put "Icy-Hot" on their anus; Munchie eats a toenail.

    Ramona dresses up as security and polices a swap meet; The Girls don bikinis for a catwalk; Munchie dresses up as a cat and does cat like things; The Girls do the "Invisible Rope" Prank; The Girls beer bong at a gas station regardless of the legal ramifications; Ramona gets buried at the beach and tries to scare other people; Clem joins munchie at her old bar and general destroys the place.

    Clem wears a bikini and a colostomy bag and trys to converse with people on the beach; Munchie randomly pulls out rips while being interviewed on the red carpet; Ramona dresses up like the chiquita lady and heads to the supermarket; The girls dress up in assless snow gear and walk the town; The girls play a game of Senior shuffleboard; The Girls and JP try various liquids through a netti pot.