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RahXephon: Season 1

1x16 (16) Island of Others

  • 2002-06-04T11:00:00Z on Bandai Channel
  • 23m
  • Tomoki Kyoda
  • Hiroshi Ohnogi
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Action, Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Megu is going through a test to become a full-fledged member of TERRA. Ayato is still depressed because he's a Mulian and everyone was keeping it from him. He's going around biting people's heads off, accusing them of laughing about him behind his back. Haruka is worried about telling Ayato some secret. The two of them talk. Haruka says that it doesn't matter that Ayato is a Mulian, but he doesn't listen. Sayoko breaks it off with Iishiki, saying that he was using her, but she was also using him. She gives him a dress as a token, because she no longer has anyone to wear it for. And Quon is about to be moved to her new home. Megu passes her test and she is going to meet someone to tell him about her feelings for him. But when she goes to meet him, she finds that Souichi is already in a relationship with Kim. She's upset at first, but Kim starts to cry, so Megu forgives her. Quon asks Ayato to take her to Tokyo and he agrees, flying off in the RahXephon.