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    Rapal Dark Res

    All Episodes 2015 - 2017

    • Returning Series
    • YouTube
    • 2015-06-04T04:00:00Z
    • 19 mins
    • 4 hours, 7 mins
    • Reality, Animation, Comedy
    RaPal Dark Res is the Biggest parody on RuPaul's Drag Race! Watch how the fake lady's struggle through their super gay adventures. And see who wins the title of Worst Animated Superstar!

    13 episodes

    7x01 Bron Nekid

    • Season Premiere

      2015-06-04T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    Get to meet the season 7 queens in this episode. The queens enter the work room and have to face their first challenge.

    7x02 Glemenozean AirGays

    • 2015-06-10T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    The queens are gonna have to work on the glemenozean airgays plane for their second challenge. how is this gonna turn out?

    7x03 ShakesQueer it off

    • 2015-06-20T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    After the plane crash the queens landed on the island of forgotten and undiscovered queens. The forgotten queens try to help the season 7 queens out of the island. i fcuked up with the editin, but dont think i wel do this fcukery egen.

    7x04 Anes! (Ther it es)

    • 2015-06-30T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    The queens escaped from the island of forgotten and undiscovered queens. Rapal lets the queens visit elaksers release party as a welcome home gift. if u r 1 of teh peple complenin aboat editin then bie

    7x05 Teh Depsy Awards

    • 2015-07-14T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    The queens prepare for the despy awards when rapal calls them to find a new host. But who would do that? Find it out in this episode.

    7x06 Ra Horror Stories

    • 2015-08-06T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    The Drag Queens from season 7 end up on the set of Cherry Noodler's new music video. Which unfortunately happens to be jigsaw's torture chamber. How are the queens gonna escape this place full of drag queen nightmares?

    7x07 Snotch Game

    • 2015-10-06T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    The queens discover that there isn't going to be a Snatch Game this season! RaPal wants to switch it with another acting challenge, but the girls don't really seem to like that! Watch our drag queens in Snotch Game!

    7x08 Cuntjoined Christmas Quens

    • 2015-12-25T05:00:00Z — 19 mins

    It's Christmas in Rapallywood! And Troxi Metal invites all the queens to her Christmas Dinner. The downside is that her party doesn't go as planned. See how it ends in this episode! Also a very special thanks to Joseph Harwood and Skarlet Starlet!

    7x09 And teh rest Is Dark

    • 2016-03-07T05:00:00Z — 19 mins

    What is the best way to end a season? That's right, Kill everybody! See how the season queens fight their final battle in 'The Hunty Games' and watch who deserves the title of ``Amornica's Worst Animated Suprester!``

    8x01 Kooping Et 100

    • Season Premiere

      2016-05-02T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    RaPal is back with a brand new group of very gay Dark Quens! The girls enter the new designed set, but the drama and the shade starts to kick in very fast! And which queens need to 'Libsnyc for their lives' ? See it in the all new Season 8 Premiere!

    8x02 Butch Profect

    • 2016-06-14T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    The Ra Girls are back to slay this episode's challenge. RaPal wants the girls to promote his biggest hits. But what would rapal dark res be without some shady butches throwing shade!

    8x03 New Weave Quens

    • 2016-08-09T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    RaPal is back and stirs the pot by letting a very special queen RaTurn to the competition. The queens have to form bands and perform their terrible songs, but not everything goes exactly as planned.

    9x01 Oh My Laska! (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)

    • Season Premiere

      2017-04-30T04:00:00Z — 19 mins

    RaPal is back with a bunch of new shady queens to sashay their way into the workroom. What the queens don't realize is that Elakser Tunderfirk has joined the girls as well!