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Red vs. Blue: Recreation

7x09 My House, From Here

  • 2009-08-17T17:00:00+02:00 on Rooster Teeth
  • 4 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Grif crashes the jeep into the vehicle driven by the person who was trying to guide them out. As Sarge berates Grif, it is revealed that Caboose was blown up by a mine and seemingly killed, but he shortly falls from the sky, perfectly fine. The guide explains that the area is a restricted dig-site, and is soon joined by a friendly alien, "Smith", apparently of the same species as the previous Aliens they'd met, revealing to the surprised soldiers that they are working together. In the meantime, Simmons tries to apologize to Lopez, but again offends him by making a comment about Mexicans holding grudges. Realizing he has blown it, Simmons looks for another way to blow up Blue Base. Elsewhere, Washington is led by the prison guard to a door, and is told he has five minutes to talk with the "man in charge". The door is opened, and the voice of the Chairman is heard off-screen, greeting Washington, saying that they have "much to discuss".