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  • 2010-09-06T15:00:00Z on Rooster Teeth
  • 10 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Wash start waking up after he was unconscious by Tex's attack. On seeing her approach, Wash crawling toward his weapon, but Tex stopping him. She asks him where's the Director, to which Wash says he doesn't know. Receiving no response he wanted, Tex decides to kill Wash, but The Meta hits her, starting a fight between three of them, revealing that Tex had hidden weapons all over the battlefield. Doc comes close to Epsilon to ask if he’s OK, what says no.

Following the fight, Tex pops placed bombs at the site, causing an avalanche. Despite the efforts of Wash and Meta, Tex advantage continues to blow up a second pair of bombs placed at the edge of the cliff. Wash and Meta begin to fall, but Wash is saved by retrieving his weapon, while Doc saved Wash by the Warthog’s towing mechanism. The Meta continues attack Tex, but she stabs him with a knife. Meta achieved escape firing his weapon, leaving Tex unconscious, this leaves that the Meta capture Tex in the capture unit. Wash tries to convince Epsilon to surrender, but Epsilon decided to fight against his ex-partner. Wash asks Meta that give him the captured unit, but Meta, blinded by the power and vision to finally have an AI after he had lost, betray him and install the capturing unit on his back, turning on his cloaking unit. Wash tells Doc that protects Epsilon while he is in charge of the Meta, but Meta overthrow him. Meanwhile, the Reds and the Blues come in a Pelican, shattering it on the battlefield, getting away the Meta to instead.

Epsilon and others find the drive where Tex and want release her, but Washington says he cannot release her if it has the necessary tools, so he tells Tucker and Caboose retrieve tools inside the base, while the Reds find objects that have the power to liberate Tex.

As teams will search, Epsilon tells Wash that he’ll become immersed in the unit, but Washington says it does not because it is their only ticket out of jail. Epsilon says he will do it for him, for Alpha and for the Director. Epsilon reveals that it has begun to remember his past after reading the Director’s diary, which refers to the person whom the Director loved. Wash reveals that person's name is Allison, Epsilon responds "she returned when Alpha was created”, which Tex is really a bio-product of the Alpha's creation. When Wash call her a "shadow" of the real Allison, Epsilon is angry with him. While still speaking, it reveals that there have never been alone... the Meta had been camouflaged behind in the snow, making others believe that had separated from the capture unit.