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Red vs. Blue: Revelation

8x04 Recovering One

  • 2010-04-26T15:00:00Z on Rooster Teeth
  • 6 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

Epsilon-Church finds the gap in the Valhalla wall caused by the warthog, and continues to follow the reds. At the base, Doc fires his medical scanner at the last second, blasting the Meta against the wall. The blast overloads the Meta's temporal distortion unit, causing him to be slowed down rather than him slowing down time. However, he is still able to land a single punch that caused Doc to fly back and get trapped in the wall. As Sarge and Grif arrive, Simmons declines to help Doc as the Meta begins to resume normal speed, and rejoins his team. Returning to normal temporal relativity, the Meta pursues the fleeing red team, destroying their warthog. As the reds prepare to make a last stand against the Meta, Epsilon-Church arrives, serving as a decoy to lead the Meta back towards blue base while the reds escape.

Red team runs back through the hole made by the warthog, arriving in Isolation. As they catch up, Epsilon-Church appears and reveals that he lost the Meta, but is still being followed. He is about to reveal who he came here to look for, the reds begin insulting him, so that he may activate his laser and seal the gap, preventing the Meta from pursuing. It doesn't work at first, but when the Meta and the now-recovered Agent Washington appear beyond the hole, the sight of Wash enrages Epsilon-Church, who inadvertently fires his energy weapon and seals the gap, trapping Wash and the Meta on the other side. This frustrates Epsilon-Church, but before he says why, he loses power and falls. Back in Valhalla, the Meta is angry that they got away, but Washington mentions that they still have a source of information: Doc, who is still trapped in the wall at blue base.