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Red vs. Blue: Revelation

8x08 Perusing The Archive

  • 2010-05-31T18:00:00+03:00 on Rooster Teeth
  • 5 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction

The episode starts with Church and Caboose entering the Freelancer base and having F.I.L.S.S activate the tutorial tour of the base upon Caboose's request. It turns out to be a Freelancer storage facility and on part of the tour F.I.L.S.S reveals she has no knowledge of the Blue Team. They then head to a door that only the Director can get access to. However, much to Shelia..erm F.I.L.S.S's surprise, Church has her let him take Caboose in. Meanwhile outside the Reds are discussing on how to enter the base. Simmons suggests that they pose as Freelancers to F.I.L.S.S, and since Freelancers use US states as their names, Grif gets Alaska and Sarge picks "Double-O-hio." Simmons goes with the "State of Denial" but the joke is lost on the other two. Meanwhile at the desert Washington and Meta have arrived with Doc (still stuck in the wall) dragged along. Wash then instructs a disgruntled Meta to dig in the sand which is burying Doc slightly. Meta then stops to reveal the helmet of C.T. Wash then take a look and is shocked to see it and wonders why she is there. They then turn to see the group of Aliens found them. Back at the Freelancer base Church and Caboose come have found that the restricted room is full of duplicates of Church's old body (to a happy Caboose as he can bring back Church). However that is not why Church is here, he then opens a storage chamber it appears he is disappointed at what he saw.