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Return of the Condor Heroes 2006

  • Ended
  • CCTV
  • 2006-03-17T00:00:00-08:00
  • 45 mins
  • China
  • English
  • Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
This is the second installment of a trilogy produced by Zhang Jizhong, preceded by The Legend of the Condor Heroes (2003) and followed by The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (2009). The story concerns the adventures of Yang Guo, an orphaned boy in a mid-13th Century China. From his humble beginnings, the street wise Yang Guo gets passed around from one prestigious master to another but none of them will teach him any martial arts. While escaping from a tortured experience under Quan Zhen Sect's Zhao Zhi Jing, he meets Xiao Long Nu, the girl who will become his martial arts master and eventually the love of his life.


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I'm not entirely sure what went wrong with this show, but it did. The source material is incredibly popular and has been adapted to screen in several forms already (and will be again in the future, as far as I know), yet I never managed to watch any episode other than the first entirely.

I just skipped my way through them, cried at the unsubtle writing and acting (and lightning, and camerawork, and basically anything you'd like to pick except the parents of the actors and actresses, because you did a fine job with the DNA stuff, yo (like, there are 14 year old Youtubers who manage better CGI, and that's either sad or terrific), and was generally close to despair, as close friends can confirm.

Basically, I don't recommend this show. It fulfilled neither my Wuxia fixation, nor my love for good-bad-cheesy drama, or romance, or historicals, or even fantasy and action in general. I suppose I should have started with THE LEGEND OF THE CONDOR HEROES, and maybe that would have made me more emotionally invested, but I'm almost sure I didn't miss too much. - Obviously this is my personal opinion and if someone disagrees, that's fine. If you know when this show got better, let me know in the comments. Maybe I gave up on this too quickly and should give it another try.

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