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Reun Sanae Ha 2013

  • Ended
  • 2013-04-21T17:00:00-07:00
  • 90 mins
  • Drama

AD 2448 in the reign of King Chulalongkorn . Slavery to be abolished . Men especially popular pretensions polygamy . While men fought and scrimmage position and social functions . Women 's struggle for power in the house, your family, royal conquest Thamrong Nakara (sacred gold bars ) too, your royal wife Donna is Chommanade ( show us your attention by leaving ) girl of noble and Auangkham (printed . Ramada Bori Vipavasuphakorn) daughter of merchants Mai .

      They both struggle to make your favorite Royal Bread is EE ( Saranya Arts drug ) servants whom keep your eyes and ears to the Auangkham E. pouting (as Heart Honey ) . Bao Bao Mai is a track from the display. And to act as Bread and orchids usually have the word often. Orchid because it has spoiled everything. I think the resentment It would not come down to Chommanade wife , Donna . Bread is the Appear to be mentally ill , but hide the ruthless humanize it. But Auangkham and E. pouting look through the attitude of those. So do not trust in Chommanade

      Wife groom named Ruff ( U Sri Sri Narong ) became pregnant on birth . Bread is secretly a killer deal to lose by lowering the suspension . Then I put the blame Auangkham . Between Auangkham was pregnant . I have to wait for your child to complete. Then fuck Auangkham and E. pouting away. Auangkham resentful that no one believes him. So with resentment Auangkham sneak into the house to kill Chommanade . But you have to fall down the stairs miscarriage. Make Auangkham nothing more. Wait just a day to go out of the house only.

      Appeared that on getting out of the house. Auangkham the breakdown for the chorus . I put you in the house to feed the poor . Even Auangkham to slump down. Bread is not complacent I left Jasmine ( Napa Junction Sopit Pani ) I will buy your royal wedding is another thorn . Moreover, jasmine and LL Fleming ( R Nat Arron Sirichumsang) was born slaves to an accomplice broke into a scowl . Bread made ​​with jasmine I must eliminate roaming . By putting the two liaison . I was very angry when you see it . Convicted and expelled from the house .

      I cherished aunt jasmine and stare (print competition Koonchorn Na Ayudhya) I cherished aunt fled to the main temple . Which is not far from your home Luang much less enough ( Sorapong warrior) the aid . All the measurements showed that the Jasmine cottage is attached to the royal ball, you come up with. Also set out to make everyone else is not settled . Be here before Bread was the custom became pregnant as well.

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