what the fuck is going on

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  • Well, if someone had actually called out the goddamn conversion camp from last season then MAYBE Betty wouldn't be in this situation now. But at least she gets some other stuff done and the voice-over was really nice (though the story itself was crazy and I don't even know what to say)
  • "Maybe my Dad's not so bad." You deserve to be slapped for this comment, Veronica. Archie's stupidity must have really rubbed off on her. I can't take any of her scenes seriously anymore. Also, she's still 16 (!) years old. She can't own a casino or even walk into one, she can't take out a second or even first mortgage.
  • Archie is still the stupidest character by far - Making out with a girl he just met and telling her his whole story. I don't even have a comment for this because all I can do is groan loudly.
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The writers of this should go write porn lol. Of course the random farm house Archie and Jughead. Wind up at has a hot girl who’s all ready to jump Archie’s bones as soon they meet.
While Jughead just happens to bump into kids playing the game he is obsessed with. The writing was always not the strong point.
The killer is probably even someone’s dad again. The writers are more off the wall than ever this season as well. The story is just kooky.
Especially of Veronica owning a Speak Easy/Casino/Diner and gambling when she’s in High School.
It’s hard to believe the creators also do Sabrina. It’s so much better.

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Someone save Betty! She was being much too obvious. Her priority should be to survive that awful place, not go on another sleuthing mission.

I like hearing a narration of people's thoughts, but in this case, the delivery came across as too staged.

So the drug incapacitates her will, making it impossible to lie, but why would it make her a believer of the gargoyle kings practices too?

The stories being separated into three worked surprisingly well. My heart especially broke for Veronica, always having to be on guard and at war with her own parents, regretting any time she lets them in or they wrestle through. Makes it tough to know how open or closed to be with everyone else when you have no sane vulnerability barometer for your home life.

The girl Archie kissed was Christine, the escort from starz The Girlfriend Experience.

That sucks that the escape panel was bricked over.

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