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Road Rules

Season 7 1999

D 01
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  • 1999-01-29T06:00:00+01:00 on MTV
  • 30 mins
  • 7 hours, 30 mins (15 episodes)
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality
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"Welcome to the ride of your life
Your destination: Anywhere
Your money: Gone
Your mission: Survive
and then you'll be rewarded handsomely
Throw out your rules
These are Road Rules!"
This popular sister show of the hit MTV reality series, The Real World, Road Rules is a show where originally five people, but in later seasons six people (3 girls, 3 boys), team up and do missions to compete for money and prizes while travelling without any of their own money or credit cards. The cast travels a certain route in an RV and co-exist in the cramped quarters on their road trip. At the end, if they complete all the missions successfully, they'll be rewarded...handsomely!!! In Memory of Mary Ellis-Bunim
Creator of Real World & Road Rules
Thanks for the Memories! In Memory Of Michelle Parma
Castmate on Road Rules Europe

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15 episodes

7x01 Ai Chihuahua

  • Season Premiere

    1999-01-29T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Holly is the first Roadie to enter the Bullring in Chihauhua, Mexico. She's followed by Abe, Gladys, Brian, Joshua and finally Sarah. Piggy (RR6) pulls up in a white VW convertible and takes their cash and credit cards, then a matador arrives and tells the group that they are going to ""face their fears"". He tells them that they must get the keys to the Woodie from the neck of the beast. Everyone looks really nervous as they are shown the infimary, suit up, and are instructed in the art of bullfighting. As they wait for the bulls, Gladys prays ""please let toro be little"" while Brian crosses himself. Gladys laments ""I don't wanna die in Mexico""! But, as the bulls rage in their pens and the Roadies quake in their boots, a pack of 50 ""wild"" chihuahuas are released into the ring. As our heroes chase these vicious ankle biters, Joshua is bitten by a particularly nasty little fellow. Undeterred, Brian states, ""I'm definitely not walking out of here without that key"". The chase continues unt

7x02 Cobwebs and Margaritas

  • 1999-01-29T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Picking up where the last episode ended, the Roadies are preparing for the big race. Skip explains the Raramuri's ideals and mysticism to the group, who are ""knocked out"" by their ""intangible"" value system. They learn that they are going to be running against the oldest members of the tribe, but these people get stronger as they get older! They learn that they will earn the respect of the Raramuri by doing their best and that losing the ball will disqualify them. But, as they practice kicking it, they realize they're in serious trouble! ""Holly runs 10 miles every day, so she's pretty good to go,"" Brian says, but the rest are nervous about the distance. Sarah is ""pumped, I'm ready to do as many as we can as a group. I wanna make everybody proud of the Gringos!"" Holly, Brian and Sarah run Lap 1 without a hitch, however, Gladys says ""they're blowing us away"" and Holly notes ""there's no way we're gonna beat them at their own race!"" For Lap 2, Holly is joined by Gladys and Joshua, who says

7x03 Cinema Spaghettios

  • 1999-02-01T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

On the road from Copper Canyon to Durango, Gladys tells the group about her family's penchant for witchcraft! This intrigues Abe, who realizes that they have the most in common within the group. Gladys continues and tells them about her abortion, which she says was ""the worst experience I've ever gone through in my life."" They get a clue from the parking attendant at their motel to meet Fernando at noon the next day. Meanwhile, Abe learns that his father is very ill and he frantically tries to reach someone at home to find out about his condition. It turns out that Gladys and Abe have been hanging out quite a bit and sleeping together, in the same bed at least! The Roadies arrive at The Buffalo Bar in Villa de Oeste at high noon and see a clue in the street. It says ""ACTION"", and as they read it aloud, an old west scene begins to unfold around them, complete with a bank robbery, lots of shooting and general mayhem! The cast finds Fernando and learns that the mission is to make a 6 m

7x04 Trust

  • 1999-02-08T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

On the road again, Abe finds out his Dad is getting better and tells Holly what it was like growing up on welfare. Because he was so preoccupied by his father's illness and didn't do much during filming, Abe also designs some nice end credits. Holly feels she is beginning to understand him better and everything seems to be settling down. The Roadies still can't believe their movie is going to be shown at a film festival and think they're in big trouble. Gladys is laid up with Montezuma's Revenge when they arrive in San Miguel de Allende, an atypical and artsy pueblo, according to Peter, who gives them credentials for the festival. They meet him the next morning to help promotethe festival and get new walkie talkies. While roaming around the town, Brian meets Sylvia who owns a furniture store. He takes some time off to hang out with her, but worries about cheating on his girlfriend back home. Later they all meet with Dmitri, who will be playing the soundtrack on a piano during the sc

7x05 Fight the Bull

  • 1999-02-15T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

The Roadies are totally fed up with Menudo's lack of housebreaking and are about to sell him to a crazy old lady at the trailer park. But Abe loves the little guy and refuses to part with him. Menudo seems to understand and is a lot friendlier with the rest of the group after his close call. They arrive at Rancho Trueba, outside of San Miguel de Allende and are told they must learn to bullfight and compete among themselves to become real matadors. There will be no Chihuahuas in the ring this time and they are all a little nervous as they begin their training. The girls seem to be the most adept at it and Josh is by far the worst, but he tries the hardest to improve: he really wants to fight the bull! After watching some videotaped bullring action, the cast realizes how dangerous this mission is and how serious bullfighting can be The girls are bonding over their respective ex boyfriends, as Sarah says "" all of us have 'em and they're all some gruesome stories."" Back in training, the ga

7x06 Tigers and Sharks

  • 1999-02-22T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

In Veracruz, Holly says that ""the whole Abe situation is slowly getting easier"" and that the friendships they are forming should teach him a lot about women. Their next mission is a watercraft competition against the RR Australia Cast and the prize is tickets to the next MTV Video Awards! As the competition begins, RR7 beats RR6 in the first race, but the Aussie Cast takes the second event. Meanwhile, Suzie and Menudo are bonding and Abe wishes he could trade places with his little buddy! As things start to heat up between Abe and Suzie, Gladys doesn't like it at all: she worries that he'll take advantage of Suzie, but it seems more like Gladys is jealous of her. Back at the beach, the final event is the ""Pinata Bash"" and the Australia Cast wins the competition and the MTV tickets! Abe is glad that they had won the tickets, he's glad RR6 won them because now Suzie will be in LA when he gets home. Later, both casts fool around in the hotel pool and then have dinner. After margaritas

7x07 Sticks and Stones

  • 1999-03-01T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Gladys has just punched Abe in the face for insulting her after she teased him about his one-night affair with Susie from Road Rules, Australia. Abe threatens Gladys that she'll have to leave the trip because she assaulted him. The rest of the group is stunned by the fight, and they wrestle with how to deal with the situation. Road Rules Producer Clay Newbill lowers the boom: because Gladys violated the conditions of the contract prohibiting physical violence, Gladys must pack her bags and be sent home. The news devastates Holly and Sarah, who blame Abe for taking Gladys away from them. Abe spends the rest of the day alone while the other Roadies bid Gladys a tearful good-bye.

7x08 Deep Sea Therapy

  • 1999-03-08T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

It is the day after Gladys' departure, and Abe is still very much on the outs with the group, but the missions continue. The Roadies head out to sea with comedian Tom Arnold for a deep sea fishing contest: he will award prizes for the biggest fish and smallest fish. But the fish aren't biting today, and the calm water gives the cast plenty of time to reflect on Gladys and what her absence will mean to each of them. Brian finally catches a small grouper—the only catch of the day—and they head back to shore. At dinner Tom acts as the referee in a discussion about Abe's responsibility in the Gladys situation. It's pretty clear that Holly and Sarah still hold a lot of animosity towards Abe, and he's not exactly apologizing for anything. Realizing that the rest of the trip will be uncomfortable if she doesn't reconcile her feelings in this matter, Holly has a one-on-one talk with Abe. Does he finally understand the profound role he played in disrupting the group's balance? Will Holly ever a

7x09 This One's for Gladys

  • 1999-03-15T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

Brian and Josh try to steer Abe away from complete isolation as Holly and Sarah try to overcome their anger at Gladys' departure. The Roadies' next clue sends them to Mexico City, where they write and perform a song with the Mexican rock band, Molotov.
After a night of drinking, Abe confesses his regrets about how he dealt with Gladys and resolves to redeem himself by trying to get her back. Meanwhile, the show must go on, and the Road Rulers take to the stage at the Hard Rock Café in front of a thousand screaming fans. With Molotov backing them, the Roadies treat the crowd to their song, ""Strangers in a Strange Land.""
The next day, Abe finds out that his efforts were in vain: Gladys will not be rejoining them. The cast is disappointed, but they realize that they need to get past everything that happened in Veracruz and move on as a group.
from MTV.com

7x10 Strike the Gold

  • 1999-03-22T06:00:00+01:00 — 30 mins

The Roadies rise early in Mexico City and receive a clue in their room at the Hotel del Angel -- meet Helen at the Mexico City dump. The dump meets or exceeds our heroes' worst expectations, but they are quickly distracted by the appearance of a motorcycle gang wearing dust-masks -- Helen and her crew! Helen explains that the gang makes a living by recycling what the rest of Mexico City throws out, and each of the cast pairs up with a member of the group to collect materials. It's disgusting at first, but the cast learns how to turn ordinary trash into fascinating art and practical household items, and they discover that people can be happy and healthy even if they live at the dump. After they clean up, the Roadies motor south, headed for Belize. During the drive, it's clear that Holly is beginning to warm up to Abe again. That night, Abe sets up the tent for he and Holly while Sarah, Joshua, and Brian sleep in the Woodee.
from MTV.com

7x11 Into the Heart of Darkness

  • 1999-03-29T07:00:00+02:00 — 30 mins

The Roadies motor to the wild jungles of Belize where Abe's small campfire turns into a towering inferno during a camp out in Lamanai. The next day the group meets Dr. Steve, a zoo curator, who is doing some research on and collecting of small, cute, fuzzy things: Tarantulas. Holly and the rest of the group must overcome their fears and learn to safely handle and capture these fascinating creatures. After the brief training they head out to the Savannah to look for a new and unclassified species of spider. With the Roadies good luck, it looks like they've found not only one but two spiders that have never been seen before. As the group tags some tarantula holes for later in the evening, Abe, armed with a huge machete, heads through the forest chopping down everything in his path. Later that evening, the Roadies head out into the jungle again to find some elusive rare Tarantulas that they must capture by hand. Armed with a piece of grass and a crushed cigarette box, they lure and captur

7x12 Image Is Everything

  • 1999-04-05T06:00:00+02:00 — 30 mins

The Roadies motor out of the jungles of Belize and head for the crystal clear waters of Cancun, where an underwater mission has them ""bobbing"" for clues. At the bottom of the ocean, the group is shocked to find out that they are headed to beautiful Costa Rica. It's time for a celebration, and party boys Joshua and Brian hit the town for an evening of hair braiding, booze and bungee jumping! The next day finds Brian engulfed by an awful hangover, but his roadmates rally and get him on the plane to Costa Rica. In San Jose, the Roadies pair off and team up with local dance students to learn Swing Criollo. They show off their new skills in a dance competition at a large nightclub. When the music stops, Joshua and his partner are swinging to the tune of 200 bucks, American! The next day, as Brian begins to distance himself from the group, the Rulers plot a course for the crashing surf of Jaco Beach.
from MTV.com

7x13 The Renegades Strike

  • 1999-04-12T06:00:00+02:00 — 30 mins

The Roadies motor to North Beach for a friendly competition of sand castle building. Upset that they are not at the beach to surf, Abe loses his cool and sculpts ""this mission sucks"" into the sand and sits and sulks. Josh and Sarah decide to team up and build a pierced nose as homage to their piercings. But in the end, Brian's ""Mayan Ruins"" gets him the prize. The rest of the day is devoted to surf kayaking, battle of the sexes style. Simple rules: whoever can catch the best four waves will win the prize. Abe, finally in his element, is pitted against Sarah in the final round. Sarah rides the biggest wave of the day but Abe walks away with the big prize. An elated Abe feels sorry for the way he acted earlier. The next day, while the Roadies are out looking for clues to their next mission, a renegade sneaks in and dognaps Menudo. Abe takes this as a personal attack, and the Roadies regroup to decide their next move.
from MTV.com

7x14 Sleepless on Snake Island

  • 1999-04-19T06:00:00+02:00 — 30 mins

As their Latin America tour comes to the end, there is no time for slacking! Not only have the revengeful Renegades seized the gang's handsome reward, but they've also kidnapped their dog, Menudo. The note left behind claims that the dog is just the first to go, and the rest will go down soon. Poor Abe is taking all of this personally. First, he's accused of ""hacking"" and then his barking buddy is dognapped? He considers this an act of war! Just as the Road Rulers are about to give up, two mystery men named Hawk and Mike arrive to save the day. They are going to turn our Road Rulers into fearless mercenaries so they can recover their reward and Menudo.
Nervous but excited, the group is blindfolded, bringing back memories of how their journey began. They are then loaded into the back of a truck and transported to a remote jungle location. Removing their blindfolds, the Road Rulers silently trek through the snake filled jungle to an old thatched hut where they get a crash course in how t

7x15 Handsome Reward

  • 1999-04-26T06:00:00+02:00 — 30 mins

When we last saw Josh, Holly, and Sarah at the top of Snake Island waiting for the helicopter, a Renegade was running towards them. Will they get caught and say ""buh-bye"" to everything they've worked for? What is the handsome reward? Where have the Renegades taken the captured Abe and Brian and the dognapped Menudo? Can this really be their last mission? It's time to find out in the exciting conclusion of Road Rules Latin America!!! As the Renegade makes a grab for Holly, she's worked too hard to give up now. She holds on to her red flag while Sarah banishes him with an ""I see you!"" Finally the chopper arrives and Josh, Sarah, and Holly jump on board as a band of Renegades make a final run for them. But it's too late -- our triumphant threesome is safe in the air and on the way to their handsome reward.
Once they land, they run to their captured comrades sitting next to a large camouflaged mound and free Abe, Brian, and little Menudo from their blindfolds and bindings. Wasting no time,

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