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Ronja the Robber's Daughter 2014

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[Updated 13/08/19]
Well, I didn't keep this list updated for two hole years. I'm sorry for that. Miyazaki's Short-film "Boro the Catapillar" and Studio Ponocs first major movie "Marry and the Witches Flower" have been released.
Still have to watch both of them, sadly missed the limited cinema release of Marry, here in Germany.

It was also confirmed that Miyazaki and his Son Goro (Earthsea, From Up on Poppy Hills, Ronia) are currently working on two separate movies that will feature 3D-Animation in some kind of form. Miyazaki's movie is called "How Do You Live?" and is based on a novel with the same name by Yoshino Genzaburō.
There are currently no informations about Goros film.

Studio Ponoc has released "Ponoc Short Films Theatre, Volume 1 - Modest Heroes" in 2018. A three part anthology film featuring 20 minute stories written and directed by former Ghibli employees.
A trailer can be found here:
From the title "Volume 1" we can expect more of these anthology-films in the future.
The collection sadly did not get a release here in Germany. :(

[Updated 10/06/17]
Studio Ponoc just released Trailer #3 for Mary and The Witch's Flower. Looks awesome:

This is a comprehensive list of Studio Ghibli related people and their work.
It contains some older work by Miyazaki and Takahata which is everything from before Studio Ghibli's formation in 1985 (Yes, Nausicaä is actually not a Studio Ghibli Movie). Including Miyazaki's and Takahata's directorial debuts Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro and The Little Norse Prince as well as some well-known World Masterpiece Theater TV Series directed by them.

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a feature film long, behind the scenes, documentary following the work at Studio Ghibli during the production of Miyazaki's and Takahata's final movies The Wind Rises and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya.

Work by Studio Ghibli staff after the announcement to restructure the company in 2014:
Ronia the Robber's Daughter is a CG animated TV Series based on the children's book by Astrid Lindgren. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki's son Gorō Miyazaki, animated by Polygon Pictures and co-produced by Studio Ghibli.

The Red Turtle is another co-production, this time between the Dutch-British animator Michaël Dudok de Wit, German distribution company Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli. The movie was nominated for 2017's Oscars in the category: Animated Feature Film.

Even though Miyazaki (once again) went into retirement 3 years ago he decided to come back and work on the animated short film Kemushi no Boro (Boro the Caterpillar) set to release in summer of 2017. Here are some clips taken during production:

After the restructuring announcement, part of the staff decided to create Studio Ponoc in 2015. The word Ponoc is Croatian for "midnight", it's meant to symbolize that a new day is starting. Here is the first trailer from their newly announced movie Mary and The Witch's Flower directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Arrietty and Marnie) set to release sometime in 2017:

Extra stuff:
A top-notch analysis about what makes Miyazaki's movies so special:
Hayao Miyazaki - The Essence of Humanity by Channel Criswell

About Miyazaki's scene composition:
How Hayao Miyazaki Maps A Setting by Digibro

A retrospective of Japanese animation:
Miyazaki, Lineage, and Depth by Pause and Select

Have fun watching


Items to be updated. Please don't like the list. It's just for use with a script as I'm still too lazy to implement the auth just for this. Thank you.


A challenge from MAL's Anime Watching Challenges group. Includes Ghibli films and other creations by the founders of Studio Ghibli.

Details & Extras:

Not on List:
[X] #09 - Choujuu Giga (CM)
[X] #48 - Nisshin Seifun Group CM
[X] #66 - Taiko no Tatsujin: 15 Shuunenkinen Short Animation (CM)

#theme #mal #release_order #complete


Animación Japonesa.
Dragon Ball, Goblin Slayer, Overlord, Danamchi, Caballeros del Zodiaco, Accel World, Naruto, Mazinger Z, Bleach, Slam Dunk, Los Supercampeones, Samurai X, Robotech, Death Note, Ataque a los Titanes, One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul, Inuyasha, Hellsing, Neon Genesis Evangelion, BTOOOM!, Gantz, Devil May Cry, Berserk, Yu yu hakusho, Zoids, Principe del Tenis, Las Guerreras Magicas, Cowboy bebop, Hajime No Ippo, Inuyasha.

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Must watch Studio Ghibli productions



Pulled from

UPDATED: 10/9/2021


Classement officiel studio Ghibli


Not fully congruent with my list "Completed Shows" because of watching sometimes the series ending without knowing the whole rest. - not finished yet - not in order yet -


All ever really completed. Adjusting the entries here in Trakt (not counting not fully played episodes but adding not counted shows), according to notes and (vague) memory:


Movie and TV shows taken from rarbg rss feed every 4 hours starting 5/20/2019. Edit: Added VTS rss feed. Edit 2: Part 2. Some of these will be duplicates from Part 1.

Not maintained anymore

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