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Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Season 4 1970 - 1971

  • 1970-09-15T09:00:00+09:00 on NBC
  • 60 mins
  • 22 hours, 15 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy

Comedy duo Dan Rowan and Dick Martin host this fast-moving comedy series. Characters include Lily Tomlin's Ernestine the Operator, Arte Johnson's German soldier who finds everything "verrrrrry interesting" and Ruth Buzzi's feisty little old lady. Recurring sketches include Laugh-In Looks at the News and The Mod, Mod World.

26 episodes

4x01 Episode #67

  • Season Premiere

    1970-09-15T09:00:00+09:00 — 52 mins

Dan & Dick welcomes Art Carney for the show's fourth season starter as Art plays a lobster type crimefighter, a mortian, and the cast takes a look at what's been going on during the summer. Sketches include Intro to Lily's tasteful lady and Ruth's friendly lady (hooker), Art's employment agency, Cocktail party, Tyrone F. Hornie and Gladys, Dick Martin swizzlers, Sneak a peek at stiffie, Art and the electric chair, News of the past, present, and future, and Jilly says goodnight. Featuring Art Carney, Chet Dowling, Jilly Rizzo, and Carol Ann Richards.

4x02 Episode #68

  • 1970-09-22T09:00:00+09:00 — 51 mins

This episode varied in topics. It was obvious that Don Rickles struggled to make the jokes funny, but they never came out just right. When Dan and Dick went to the ""party"", the whole scene changed. The original music wasn't playing, and the jokes were very dry. There was no political humor....just a bunch of fouled up jokes. I can't say much for this episode except that it wouldn't hurt to miss it. Sketches include Return of Ruth's friendly lady, "Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice" movie runner, Don visits the cocktail party, Maternity ward runners with Barbara, Comments from David, Ernestine the operator, Body graffiti, Recruiting sergeant runners, Arte's German weather map, and the Weird, weird world of entertainment. Featuring Don Rickles, David Frost, Jilly Rizzo, and Chet Dowling.

4x03 Episode #69

  • 1970-09-29T09:00:00+09:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Goldie's return, Fake commercial, Fake Maude's world, Gladys and Tyrone F. Hornie, Salute to the fabulous Farkle family, Diving rod, Ruth and Lily dropout, Women's liberation, Women in the army, Maude's world salutes women, Cocktail Party, and Goldie presents the news. Featuring Goldie Hawn and Jilly Rizzo.

4x04 Episode #70

  • 1970-10-06T09:00:00+09:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Lily and Ken introduce Mervin the Magnificent, Goldie returns, Tim Conway runner, Wolfgang with Jilly Rizzo, Ruth's friendly lady quickie, Priest and nun runner, Ernestine runner, Tim Conway blackouts, Dick as Hollywood Reporter, Maude's world of undertakers, The Swizzlers, and Revisiting the joke wall. Featuring Ken Berry, Tim Conway, and Chet Dowling.

4x05 Episode #71

  • 1970-10-13T09:00:00+09:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Tim meets Lily's proper lady, Quickies, Tim, Ruth, and Arte caveman runner, Cocktail party, Eskimo runner, the Farkle family, Edith Ann comments, Tim fights with a wastebasket, News of the past, present, and future, Washington update, Maude's world of alcohol, Joke wall, Goodnight Mr. President, and Hot flashes. Featuring Tim Conway, Jilly Rizzo, and Linda Redfearn.

4x06 Episode #72

  • 1970-10-20T08:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Hawaii update with Don, Dick and Lily's breakfast in bed, Dick Martin as gay ballerina, David Frost's British update, Scuba diving film, Lily and Susie's sorority comments, Dick & Ruth Swizzlers, News of the past, present, and future, Burbank searchable research center, Naughty monster, White House on the hill, and Zero Mostel Finale. Featuring David Frost and Don Ho.

4x07 Episode #73

  • 1970-10-27T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Halloween special Boo-In sketches include Things that go bump in the night song, Ruth the fortune teller, Orson and Alan's monster sketch, Spooky cocktail party, Vincent on the joke wall, Trick or treat runners, Orson goes to the dry cleaner's, and Witch burning. Featuring Orson Welles, Billy Barnes, and Vincent Price.

4x08 Episode #74

  • 1970-11-03T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Fake cigarette commercial, Rosemenko and Carol runner, Quickies with Carol, Priest quickies, Carol presents Stranger than truth, Broadway cocktail party, Salute to mothers, Adam and Eve revisited, Whistler's mother, Lily and Susie's sorority, Hollywood news of the Future, and modern mothers' song. Featuring Carol Channing, Jilly Rizzo, and Carl Reiner.

4x09 Episode #75

  • 1970-11-10T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Carl Reiner plays a broadcaster as the Mod,Mod world scans the history of the history of the news media-past,present and present imperfect.Reiner is also Shakespeare reporting a spy mission in incomprehensible verse to the Olde English officers Dan Rowan & Dick Martin. Sketches include Carl's honeymoon runner, Shakespeare cocktail party, Spiro Agneau news, Big Al's sports desk, Underground want ads, Maude's world of the news media, Truth in news, Quickies, Carl visits the Farkle family, Dick and Ruth as the Swizzlers, Presentation of whoopee award, and Carl's Shakespeare joke wall. Featuring Carl Reiner and Jilly Rizzo.

4x10 Episode #76

  • 1970-11-17T09:00:00+08:00 — 60 mins

Bob Newhart plays an NBC prop man trying to find a partridge in a pair tree;Adam in the garden of Eden(Ruth Buzzi plays Eve);and the president,searching for relatives to visit on a global goodwill tour. Sketches include Fake commercial, Purse snatcher, Dick and Ruth Swizzlers, Dan and Dick's middle-age monologue, Bob and Ruth as Adam and Eve, Army intelligence, Football with Big Al, Liberal divorce law quickies, News of the past, present, and future, Ruth's Hollywood report, Teenage dance crazes, and Newhart presidential traveling plans. Featuring Bob Newhart, Billy Barnes, and Desi Arnaz.

4x11 Episode #77

  • 1970-11-24T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Desi Arnaz leaves his babbalu days behind and plays a airplane hijacker(no relations to 9/11 attacks), a car salesman , and a hungry bum. Sketches include Phyllis' dating tips, Jilly's language lesson, Lily visits with Edith-Ann, Desi presents news of the future, Lily and Arte Avon calling, Alan in Missing Cinderella, Ruth and Desi's Hollywood report, Fake Maude world, Alan football quickies, Hot flashes/sizzlers, Ruth sings opera, and Desi phonocello bit. Featuring Desi Arnaz, Phyllis Diller, Jilly Rizzo and Rod Sterling.

4x12 Episode #78

  • 1970-12-01T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Ernestine the telephone operator (Lily Tomlin) finally gets to meet ""Mister Veedel"" after all those phone calls. Sketches include Bill and Flip visit Dick, Ernestine comments, Shoe store visit, Missing person, Here comes the judge, Racquel Welsh visits Peter, Personality cocktails, Ernestine calls Gore, Maude's world of education, Tribute to William Buckley, How babies are born, and Lily and Ruth at computer school. Featuring Bill Cosby, Vincent Price, Peter Lawford, Gore Vidal, and Flip Wilson.

4x13 Episode #79

  • 1970-12-08T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Phil Silvers plays a psychiatrist who shares the couch with Dan & Dick, a talent agent conning a star struck kid; a titleholder in a unusual sport, and teachs Dennis Allen about prat fall comedy with a board and acturally Dennis get hit by the board phil is holding on to it. Sketches include Rod's Twilight Zone visits Laugh-In, Phil intros catch phrases, Maude's world of comics, Visual comedy, Salute to mothers-in-law, Lily does vaudeville, Eskimo weather report, Mean nurse quickies, and Tyrone F. Hornie visits Lily's proper lady. Featuring Phil Silvers, Rod Sterling, Jilly Rizzo, and Don Ho.

4x14 Episode #80

  • 1970-12-15T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Ernestine welcomes Phyllis and Rich, Debbie and Ruth fake commercial, Bill Cosby crossovers, Auto safety, Funny nuns, Dick's obscene phone call, Debbie stewardess runners, Arte and Ann on planned parenthood, Salute to late shows, and news of the past, present, and future. Featuring Phyllis DIller, Bing Crosby, Bill Cosby, Rich Little, Jack Cassidy and Debbie Reynolds.

4x15 Episode #81

  • 1970-12-29T09:00:00+08:00 — 50 mins

Sketches include Johnny opens Laugh-In, William visits Ernestine, Laugh-In looks at the 70s, Salute to Ronald Reagan, Rich salutes politicians, Test tube babies, Zero as Papa Gepetto, Ruth sings opera, and the Laugh-In cast news update. Featuring Johnny Carson, William F. Buckley, Carol Channing, Rich Little, and Phyllis Diller.

4x16 Episode #82

  • 1971-01-05T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Sammy in here comes the judge, Circus monologue, Minority report, Last wish, Mexican-American song, A look at show business, Ernestine continues her attack on the establishment, Christian scientists quickie, Rosemenko twins duet, Edith-Ann meets a ten-year-old Sammy, and Arte arranges a boxing match between Wilt and Sammy. Featuring Sammy Davis, Jr. and Wilt Chamberlain.

4x17 Episode #83

  • 1971-01-12T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

The mod,mod world says so long to cigarette comercials (now banned from U.S. TV). Sketches include Alan gives Dinah singing lessons, News of the future predicts a stock market collapse, Surviving pollution, Gore discusses political science very carefully, Return of the Swizzlers, Cameo one-liners, Ruth presents army quickies, Quickies with Sammy and Arte, and Gladys and Tyrone F. Hornie get romantic. Featuring Johnny Carson, Dinah Shore, Gore Vidal, and Phyllis Diller.

4x18 Episode #84

  • 1971-01-19T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include David opens the show, Graffiti tattoos, Marathon dance stars, Shirley Temple blackouts, Joey rap quickies, Ali Baba runner, knitting runner, Maude's world of prisons, Electric chair runner, Dan and Arte's jailhouse sketch, Parole board, crowded solitary confinement, Playground update, and Ruth's Hollywood news. Featuring Joey Bishop, David Steinberg, Ralph Edwards,

4x19 Episode #85

  • 1971-01-26T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Andy escapes from Mayberry, Alan visits a confessional, Arte tries to climb Wilt, Maude's world of big cities, Lily apartment hunting in New York, Tyrone F. Hornie and Gladys almost get romantic, Dan visits with nudist weatherman, Andy's English lesson, and the Swizzlers have one for the road. Featuring Andy Griffith, Billy Barnes, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jack Cassidy.

4x20 Episode #86

  • 1971-02-02T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Marcello explains Richard Nixon stories to Gladys and Tyrone F. Hornie, Maude's world of aviation, Supersonic situations and unusual stewardesses, Edith-Ann meets Marcello, The Swizzlers get it on, Alan sword-swallower quickie, Louis explains the Laugh-In news, and Joke wall. Featuring Claudine Longet, Marcello Mastroianni, Louis Nye, Carol Ann Richards, and Jilly Rizzo.

4x21 Episode #87

  • 1971-02-09T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Dinah Shore plays a stripper in a mod salute to the working girl, and Mrs. Robinson Crusoe welcoming her long-lost husband. Sketches include Dinah opens Laugh-In, Ernestine meets Peter, Tyrone F. Hornie and Gladys get it on, Lily confuses Truman, Dinah clown production number, Lily sex education quickies, Fickle finger of fate points to Peter, Maude's world salutes working girls, Alan meets Mean nurse, Lily and Dick appear topless, and Joke wall. Featuring Dinah Shore, Truman Capote, and Peter Lawford.

4x22 Episode #88

  • 1971-02-16T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

General Bull Right(Dan Rowan)once again lashes at ""commie pinko wierdos"";Ruth Buzzi introduces the news a la Mae West;Ernestine thinks that the phone company's Mr. Stifflanger is in love with her. Sketches include Always Keep 'Em Laughin' song, Firing squad runner, Planned Parenthood explained, Laugh-In fable, Money quickie, Truman meets the Laugh-In cast, Movie cliches, Baseball quickie, Alan presents classic movie scenes, Tyrone gives the stock market report, and the Friendly lady film. Featuring Truman Capote, Wilt Chamberlain, and Sam Yorty.

4x23 Episode #89

  • 1971-02-23T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Peter Lawford plays a presidetial press secretary facing the media after a very uneventful day and joins the Laugh-In crew in a salute to George Washington. Sketches include George threatens the cast, Dick, Lily, and Dennis have breakfast in bed, Dick visits the adult bookstore, Hippie hitchhiker quickies, Alan in Cinderella runners, Baseball film, Maude's world of psychiatry, Peter visits Lily's tasteful lady, Costume party runner, and Peter presents the news. Featuring Peter Lawford, George Raft, Jilly Rizzo, Lisa Moore, and David Steinberg.

4x24 Episode #90

  • 1971-03-02T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Sketches include Animal production number, Meter maid film, Miss USA visits the show, Laugh-In fable, Fernando visits Lily's friendly lady, Laugh-In looks at Nixon's first hundred days, Nun runners, Angel blackouts, Maude's world of religion, Baptist blackout, Laugh-In News, and Sex education quickies. Featuring Marcello Mastroianni, Fernando Lamas, and Richard Crenna.

4x25 Episode #91

  • 1971-03-09T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Dan Rowan directs a love scene between an actress and a actor who haven't seen each other in 40 years;Big Al(Alan Sues)interviews the world's shortest basketball center;and Laugh-In takes a satire look at the FBI. Past guest stars visit Laugh-In cast for another bow, report the latest news and Burbank, and visit with the fabulous, friendly Farkle family, and Johnny takes one last bow. Featuring Johnny Carson, Gore Vidal, Jilly Rizzo, Rod Sterling, Jack Benny, Roger Miller, Claudine Longet, Rich Little and Bill Cosby.

4x26 Episode #92

  • 1971-03-16T09:00:00+08:00 — 51 mins

Adm. Far Right denounces the relatively leftist politics of his brother Gen. Bull Right; a Laugh-In look at the world's weird people, and Washington D.C. wins another flying fickle finger of fate award. Sketches include Laugh-In greeting from Cupid, Maude's world looks at friendly ladies, Cocktail party salutes Burbank, Wedding runners, Joke wall, Edith-Ann introduces Laugh-In news song, Susie's sorority, and News of the future. Featuring Lisa Moore, Herschel Bernardi, Chuck Connors, Tim Conway, Phyllis Diller, Fernando Lamas, Louis Nye and George Raft.