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Run's House

Season 3

  • MTV (US)
  • 30 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

Run's had his hands full with his lovely wife and family. Oh, and don't forget about his comeback album. Roll with Rev Run and fam in this reality sitcom. Who's house? Run's House!

9 episodes

3x01 Give Me Strength

  • Season Premiere

    no air date — 20 mins

Season Three picks up with a very pregnant Justine and an anxious family awaiting the birth of their new child and sibling.

3x02 Hangin' With Run

  • no air date — 20 mins

Rev Run notices that Jojo isn't spending much time at home, instead, opting to hang out with his friends away from home.

3x03 Weight a Minute

  • no air date — 20 mins

Angela feels fat and actually thinks she needs to lose fifteen to twenty pounds. Vanessa thinks she's nuts for thinking she needs to lose that much weight and tells Mom and Dad.

Russy tells Run he wants to make more money by selling the toys he no longer uses.

3x05 To Catch a Thief

  • no air date — 20 mins

Vanessa and Angela are in desperate need of money to decorate their apartment. And after Jojo fails his driving test for the second time, Run takes this opportunity to make the girls work for the cash by teaching Jojo how to drive.

3x06 Home Alone

  • no air date — 20 mins

With the release of Justine's children's book fast approaching, Run suggests a quiet, peaceful weekend away, to help her prepare for an upcoming book reading.

3x07 Rev's Birthday Suit

  • no air date — 19 mins

Run's birthday is coming up and he's conflicted about how to celebrate.

3x08 Family Albums

  • no air date — 20 mins

Justine gets the performance bug and suggests laying down an R&B track in the studio.

3x09 Times Are Changin'

  • no air date — 21 mins

Rev and Justine decide that they are finally ready to move forward with adopting a baby.