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Saint Seiya: Season 1

1x21 (21) Catastrophe! Aurora Confrontation

  • 1987-02-27T15:00:00Z on TV Asahi
  • 24 mins
  • Japan
  • Japanese
  • Drama, Anime, Action, Adventure

In China, Roshi tells Shiryu that the previous Pope suddenly died, and Ares, his younger brother, has taken his place as the new Pope. In Siberia, the Crystal Saint continuosly attacks Hyoga, who runs away. Back to the village, Yakoff tells Hyoga that the villagers were enslavered and are being forced to build an ice piramid to symbolize the Sanctuary's power. Hyoga goes there to free the villagers, and manages to do it. However, the Crystal Saint appears, and Hyoga has to confront him. Hyoga doesn't want to fight his master, so he is an easy prey to the mind-controlled saint, who freezes Cygnus' legs and hits him mercilessly. A soldier is about to shoot Hyoga on his head, but Seiya shows up and intercepts the bullets. The Crystal Saint tries to freeze the two bronze saints, but Hyoga hits him with his Diamond Dust.
The Crystal Saint prepares himself to shoot an outstanding attack at Seiya and Hyoga, but he hits the Ice Piramid instead, destroying it, and collapses on the ground.