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  • Ended
  • 2002-12-04T00:00:00-08:00
  • 45 mins
  • 45 mins
  • Documentary, Drama

The series begins in the reign of Hisham bin Abdul Malik (Khaled Taja) Last caliphs powerful of the Umayyads in Damascus, found Abd al-Rahman I, and the emergence of the Abbasid call, and paints a picture of the succession at the time, Valabacin claim secretly succession, and in the public Amalion Hisham, and Hisham wants disarmament mandate of the Covenant nephew of Al-Walid II (Tim Hassan) to give her son, Sid, Abu Abdul Rahman, but Khalid bin Abdullah forced indicates it in the Council not to take off his nephew because his allegiance in the necks of the people.

Sid die, and then Hisham die, and grow Abdul Rahman, who was a child, and the son of one of the Knights Albarbriaat to become the prince of a young man, and worsen matters of state in the era of Al-Walid II, with the advent of Abu Muslim Khorasani owner Abbasid call in Khorasan, ending the Umayyad dynasty to fall after the killing Last successors Marwan II, the princes becomes hunted suddenly, pushing Abd al-Rahman I to flee with his sister or Trafalgar, and his brother, and his son, and followed Badr, and followed the other Abu brave (Hassan Auata).

Termd kind Abdul Rahman, becomes his escape more difficult, so he gives up behind his sister and his son, and takes with him his brother because he has become in the age of the killings, and followed Badr, and fleeing from the draft who perusing, and eventually Aljaounam to escape pool, Fasobh Abdul Rahman and his brother, is what makes the draft give them safety If they returned, He follows Abdul Rahman swimming, fooled by his brother safe kills on the river bank.

Abdul Rahman flee to his maternal uncles Berbers, and meet his aunt that I knew him, it becomes them in the strength, and sends the disciple Badr al-Andalus to pave the way for his call, in Andalusia, Abdul Rahman becomes inside the first Umayyad caliph, and the founder of the Caliphate of Córdoba, Vistaid his son Solomon, and his nephews survivors , as his son is born of a slave Hisham sulaf, favored by the eldest brother and Idnyh him to Kamal morals.

Double sense of Abdul Rahman doubt in everyone around him, isolating subsidiaries Bader, who became a minister, and cut my head two nephews of inciting sedition, and turns in his rule in Cordoba to a single person and secluded, in reference to his attempt to convert Andalusia to other Cham.

1 season

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