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Saturday Night Live

Season 20 1994 - 1995

  • 1994-09-25T03:30:00Z on NBC
  • 90 mins
  • 14 hours, 7 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Comedy, News

Saturday Night Live aired its twentieth season during the 1994–95 television season on NBC. The twentieth season began on September 24, 1994 and ended on May 13, 1995. Much like seasons six and eleven, this season was lambasted by critics for its decline in quality. Season twenty suffered from having sketches based on very thin premises, a high number of which focused on or mentioned O. J. Simpson's 1995 murder trial.

Much like the 1980–1981 season and the 1985–1986 season, NBC worried over SNL's decline in quality and initially decided that now would be the best time to pull the plug on the show once and for all. According to the prime time special Saturday Night Live in the '90s: Pop Culture Nation, Lorne Michaels credits this season as the closest he's ever been to being fired. In the end, the cast member firings and crew turnover resulting from this season represented the biggest involvement into the show's affairs by NBC executives since the 1980–1981 season and the biggest cast overhaul since the 1985–1986 season.

This season saw the deaths of two SNL alumni: Danitra Vance and Michael O'Donoghue. The Sarah Jessica Parker/R.E.M. episode featured a special appearance by Bill Murray, who introduced a clip of "Mr. Mike's Least Favorite Bedtime Stories" in O'Donoghue's memory.

20 episodes

20x01 Steve Martin/Eric Clapton

  • Season Premiere

    1994-09-25T03:30:00Z — 51 mins

Sketches include ""Clinton Auditions,"" ""The Ron Wood Show,"" ""Baseball Cruise,"" ""Steve Martin's All-Natural Penis Beauty Creme,"" and ""Bad Ad Campaign."" ""Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial,"" ""Total Bastard Airlines,"" and ""The Better Baby."" Bathroom Monkey Commercial"", ""Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald"", ""Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey"", ""Leland-Meyers Home Headache Test Commercial"".

20x02 Marisa Tomei/Bonnie Raitt

  • 1994-10-02T03:30:00Z — 46 mins

Sketches include ""Bill Clinton,"" ""Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial,"" ""Adult Education Class,"" ""Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley,"" and ""Monsters of Monologue '94.""

20x03 John Travolta/Seal

  • 1994-10-16T03:30:00Z — 34 mins

Sketches include ""Bathroom Monkey,"" ""Coffee Talk With Linda Richman,"" ""Dracula's Not Gay,"" ""Quentin Tarantino's Welcome Back Kotter,"" ""Women's Self-Defense,"" ""Larry King Live,"" ""Small Office,"" ""Deaf Drug Dealer""

20x04 Dana Carvey/Edie Brickell

  • 1994-10-23T03:30:00Z — 33 mins

Sketches include ""George Bush,"" ""Virtual Reality Books,"" ""Johnny Carson,"" ""Ross Perot,"" ""Pepper Boy,"" ""Nobel Prize Awards,"" ""Work Excuses,"" ""Office Space""

Sketches include ""Concession Speech,"" ""Good Morning Brooklyn,"" ""Nice and Naughty Guitarists,"" ""Confucius,"" ""The Casting Couch,"" ""The Munchkins,"" and ""Tribute to Michael O'Donoghue"".

20x06 John Turturro/Tom Petty

  • 1994-11-18T04:30:00Z — 36 mins

Sketches include ""It's a Wonderful Newt,"" ""Christopher Walken's Celebrity Psychic Friends Network,"" ""Phone Hang-Ups,"" ""Taxi Driver: The Musical,"" ""Stop That,"" ""The Movie Club""

20x07 Roseanne/Green Day

  • 1994-12-04T04:30:00Z — 42 mins

Sketches include ""Jesse Helms,"" ""Roseanne Goes to Therapy,"" ""USAir,"" ""Rescue 911,"" ""Civil War Memories,"" and ""Yogurt Store.""

20x08 Alec Baldwin/Beastie Boys

  • 1994-12-11T04:30:00Z — 42 mins

Sketches include ""Joycelyn Elders,"" ""Japanese Game Show,"" ""Los Angeles Breast and Penis,"" ""Celebrity Memorial Auction,"" and ""Family Auto Trip.""

20x09 George Foreman/Hole

  • 1994-12-18T04:30:00Z — 31 mins

Sketches include ""Bill Clinton,"" ""Time Boxer,"" ""Looking Good,"" ""Matt Foley,"" ""Uncle Joe,"" ""The Incredible Hulk,"" ""Chris Elliot's Bedtime Story,"" ""Jackie Stallone's Psychic Circle""

Sketches include ""Newt Gingrich,"" ""Connie Chung and Newt Gingrich's Mom,"" ""Martin Luther King Day,"" ""Mystery Dinner Theatre,"" ""Eterna-Rest,"" ""Film Beat,"" ""Entertainment Tonight""

20x11 David Hyde Pierce/Live

  • 1995-01-22T04:30:00Z — 48 mins

Sketches include ""O.J. Simpson,"" ""Rock Poetry Class,"" ""Tales of Little Women,"" ""Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly,"" ""Robot Spy Onboard,"" ""Nervous Habits,"" ""Jersey Kids Meet the Foreigner,"" ""Perspectives,"" ""Claire Tries Internet Sex,"" ""Movie News""

20x12 Bob Newhart/Des'ree

  • 1995-02-12T04:30:00Z — 44 mins

Sketches include ""C-SPAN: Colin Ferguson,"" ""Ricki Lake,"" ""Book Buzz,"" ""Baywatch,"" ""Poster Worker Evaluation,"" ""Hi Bob,"" and ""Sports Beat."" Des'ree performed ""You Gotta Be"" and ""Feels So High.""

20x13 Deion Sanders/Bon Jovi

  • 1995-02-19T04:30:00Z — 45 mins

Sketches include: ""O.J. Simpson Tour,"" ""The 1995 ESPY Awards,"" ""Rappers With Simple Lyrics,"" ""Perspectives,"" ""Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey,"" and ""Sick Boy""

Sketches include ""Black History Month,"" ""Mandy the Whale,"" ""Tales of Fraud and Malfeasance in Railroad Hiring Practices,"" ""Taxicab Confessions,"" and ""Zagat's"".

20x15 Paul Reiser/Annie Lennox

  • 1995-03-19T04:30:00Z — 50 mins

Sketches include ""Newt Gingrich's Sister,"" ""Where's Superman?,"" ""Mad About You Aliens,"" ""Sparklebrite Toothpaste,"" and ""One Brother Cafe.""

Live from New York, it's…Dan Aykroyd! Sketches include ""This Week With David Brinkley,"" ""Superfans Return,"" ""The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder,"" ""Dog Park,"" ""Howard Stern,"" ""Self-Deluded Losers,"" ""Unsolved Mysteries,"" ""Coal Miners,"" and ""Penis-Measuring Device.""

Sketches include: ""Judge Ito,"" ""Men on Film,"" ""Spit Valves,"" ""Black Names,"" ""Christopher Walken for Skittles"", and ""Court TV: The O.J. Trial.""

Sketches include ""Matt Foley,"" ""Good Morning Brooklyn,"" ""Gapardy,"" ""Melanie Babysits,"" ""Charles Manson,"" ""Truth vs. Jokes,"" ""Replacement Baseball,"" ""His Muse Friday,"" ""Obnoxious Co-worker""

20x19 Bob Saget/TLC

  • 1995-05-07T03:30:00Z — 45 mins

Sketches include ""Tony Vallencourt,"" ""Fast,"" ""America's Funniest Hate Videos,"" ""Fashion Designer,"" ""Where In the World is San Diego, California?"", ""Boyz II Men,"" ""Karl's,"" ""Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,"" ""Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley,"" ""Pacemaker""

Live from New York, for the last time, it's…Michael McKean! Sketches include ""Beastman of Studio 8H,"" You Think You're Better Than Me?, Zagat's, ""New England General Store,"" Ricki Lake, ""Rock and Roll Realtor,"" and ""Polar Bears.""