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  • 2014-06-06T18:00:00-06:00 on TLC
  • 22 mins
  • 6 hours, 17 mins
  • United States
  • English
  • Reality

This weekly half hour series takes viewers inside Bridals by Lori - Atlanta's biggest and best bridal boutique. Owner Lori Allen is considered one of the country's leading experts on bridal wear. Designers often call on her as they are putting their lines together to get her input on what brides are looking for. Lori spends much of her time out on the floor working with the brides. She also prides herself on having the most informed sales consultants in the business.

18 episodes

7x01 The Bridal Countdown!

  • Season Premiere

    2014-06-06T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

In the Season 7 premiere, a bride arrives on her wedding day needing a dress for her courthouse ceremony before her fiancé's deployment to Afghanistan, but clashes with her mother over the style. Meanwhile, a former beauty queen wants to leave her pageant past behind now that she's in the Army, though differing opinions from her entourage don't make her choice any easier.

7x02 Out of Bridal Bounds

  • 2014-06-06T18:00:00-06:00 — 20 mins

A bodybuilder wants a gown that shows off her muscular physique; a coach's entourage urge her to go for something glamorous; a bride hopes the dress she's already bought still fits.

7x03 First Dresses and Second Guesses

  • 2014-06-13T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride's big gown may come with even bigger problems; a bride won't let her budget get in the way of her dream dress; a bride from a humble background who grew up sharing clothes shops for her first formal dress.

7x04 Bringing Bridal Back

  • 2014-06-13T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride who wants to dance searches for a dress that will let her move; a bride who battled cancer is ready to plan her wedding, but her mother-in-law wants to have her say too; a bride hopes her gown will amaze her fiancé.

7x05 Battle of the Curves

  • 2014-06-20T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride clashes with her dad over how much skin her dress should show; a bride wants to show off her curves, but her conservative mother disagrees; a bride faces a special challenge at her fitting.

7x06 Once Upon a Bride

  • 2014-06-20T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride wants a princess gown, but her aunt prefers a more grown-up look; a woman searches for a dress for her vow-renewal ceremony; a bride seeks her aunt's approval at her fitting.

7x07 The Big Picture

  • 2014-06-27T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride buys two dresses to satisfy her fiancé's wishes, but she isn't happy with either of them, so she keeps looking for one that will match her vision. Meanwhile, a bride's pushy mom could ruin her quest for her dream dress.

7x08 Blush-ing Brides

  • 2014-06-27T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride wants a colored gown, but her family won't hear of it; a bride looks for a princess dress to honor her late mother's wishes; a bride makes a special request at her fitting that comes from the heart.

7x09 Dare to Be Different

  • 2014-07-11T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride who lost weight has a hard time fitting into her gown; a bride wants a fitted black dress, but her mother would prefer a traditional white gown; a new mom lowers her expectations when she can't find the trendy dress of her dreams.

7x10 Bridal Baggage Blues

  • 2014-07-11T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A second-time bride hopes she can make a last-minute alteration to her gown; a bride clashes with her opinionated sister-in-law; a widow is overcome with emotion while she's trying on dresses.

7x11 Eye of the Bridal Storm

  • 2014-07-18T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride who is legally blind clashes with her mother over a dress's appropriateness for her age; a bride is overshadowed by her pro-wrestler fiancé; a bride is worn out after shopping with her 13 bridesmaids.

7x12 Gold Medal Gown

  • 2014-07-18T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

Olympic bobsledder Elana Meyers argues with her mother over the length of her reception dress; a bride worries what her grandmother will think of her dress; a bride has second thoughts about her ball gown.

7x13 A Dress With a Fighting Chance

  • 2014-07-25T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride in the military doesn't share the opinions of her mother or her friends; sorority sisters and siblings clash over a bride's choice of a princess gown; a bride wants to honor her godfather at her wedding.

7x14 Worth the Weight

  • 2014-07-25T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride vows to lose weight so she can fit into the dress of her dreams; a bride falls in love with a gown that she definitely can't afford, but pleads with Lori to try it on anyway.

7x15 The Ties That Bind

  • 2014-08-01T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride has second thoughts about her gown at her fitting; a bride has a low budget that could ruin her vision; a bride getting married for the second time shops with her mother in hopes of convincing her to come to the wedding.

7x16 Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

  • 2014-08-01T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride who's been indecisive is under pressure to find a dress immediately; a selfless bride is eager for her moment in the spotlight; a bride seeks her dad's approval at her fitting.

7x17 Curves and Curveballs

  • 2014-08-08T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A bride who lost 50 pounds wonders if she can shed more weight and buy an even smaller gown; a bride tells her family she got engaged over the phone and hasn't seen her fiancé in 12 years.

7x18 Times Are A'Changing

  • 2014-08-08T18:00:00-06:00 — 21 mins

A former pageant queen hopes to leave her extravagant looks in the past; a bride leans on her entourage for emotional support; a bride getting married for the second time wants to be the center of attention.